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1926 Dodge Brothers Sedan

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HI Dodge Guys!

I was wondering if I could get some help. I do not know anything about DB cars as I'm a Studebaker guy and need some help.

Today I was asked if I was interested in buying this Dodge Brothers Sedan. The owner claims it is a "1926 Formal Sedan".

I have been on numerous web pages. Is this a 1926 as the motor does not match other pictures I found.

Need to know what it is worth and is anyone interested in it.

The owner is flexible as far as the price.

I have attached numerous pictures.

He claims he drove it to this spot in 2002,


What is it?

What is it really worth?

Anyone interested?

Thanks for the help!

It's in Los Angeles, California.

The Commander







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Guest John1918

Looks to be 1925 or 1926. There should be an aluminium plate tacked to the floor-boards under the pedals with the serial no stamped there-on. That would confirm the year. John

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Guest koolratrods

hello Commander ,i found an old car and the guy thinks its a rare pontiac ,but i know better

he sent me the body tag info and it says

52 E 2


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