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  1. This 1927 Dodge 4Screen was originally a US Army inventory vehicle. At the end of WWI it remained in the Army Inventory until WWII, at which time it was assigned to a POW Camp along the California Coastline, at the Dos Pueblos POW Camp, in Santa Barbara County (just north of Santa Barbara-Goleta. It remained at that Camp until the end of WWII and the Camp was closed. The Wagon was sold as Surplus property and purchased by a Goleta Rancher in the area just south of the Camp, in the area of the Ellwood Canyon. There it stayed, as a Ranch work truck. Eventually, as most ranch vehicles end up, it broke down and ended up abandon on the ranch, a dilapidated , rusted truck. It was Brough to the City of Goleta where there was hope of restoration, but it never happened and after a few years was again abandon in the city. The truck was eventually Abaded by the Santa Barbara County and was on it was to the local wrecking yard as junk. This was when I found it, a old rusted hulk sitting the the County Yard waiting for the Wrecker to pick it up. I was a working Deputy Sheriff assigned to the Crime Prevention Department and saw a whole new life for the Wagon. I had visions of it being restored and used for Crime Prevention Education, for displays, Parades and for the DARE program, which I had just acquired the duties of. I immediately went to the Sheriff, John Carpenter, and discussed my idea and after a long conversation of doing the restoration with donations and it not costing the tax payers a dime, he went along with my idea. I did the research and found that the SBSD had used this type of truck on the department. It had been a Prisoner Transportation vehicle, used to transport Sentenced Prisoners that had been Sentenced to State Prison. These trucks became the "Buses" and were used to take prisoners from County Jail to State Prison, transporting them from downtown SB to the State Prisons. The project was finally completed after donations were obtained from the Community at large, all over the USA. The Horseless Carriage Club of America was our first donation. Eventually the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo took on the project, using their Vocational Education Department Students (Prisoners) to do the actual restoration work through their Automotive Department. They took the project in late 1987 and after 3,000+ man-hours they competed the Ground Up restoration. The Paddy Wagon has been in service since the end of 1989 and continues to be used for Crime Prevention, Displays, Parades and anywhere it is requested. Car Shows all over the State of California have seen the Wagon. I am the Caretaker-Curator for the Wagon and continue to show the Wagon in my retirement.
  2. juanatejeda

    1959 Ford Thunderbird Coupe

    My 1959 Thunderbird, restoration completed in early 2000. Its not a Concourse, done to the style of a 1960's restoration. Motor has been upgraded to a 64 390HD, 4 bolt main. It has a .030 ob with upper and lower Edelbrock and twin Holly 750 pumpers and a Shelby Styled Carb Cover. Interior is a very short Velvet material, in dark and greens, in a Thunderbird early pattern. Light green short carpet. Gold trim everywhere. Light Chrome everywhere and a set of Kelsey Hayes Spoke Wheels. A 60's era ARC 45 RPM Record Player under the dash.
  3. Thanks, both of you for your input. I think it is a broken spring, just haven't had the time too take it apart, but will be doing that real soon. Any idea if the springs are available?
  4. Hello all... I haven't posted much for awhile, hope you all have been well. We finally got our Paddy Wagon, the 1927 Dodge Brothers Four Screen, back from the County Garage. The fixed it again. Took awhile, but finally found a mechanic that was willing to work on it. Most of our Mechanics just don't know or remember how to work on these old ones. If they can't plug it into a computer, they just don't know what to do. Anyway, I took it to a local show and while I was there, the Driver's side door, Door Handle took a dive. The latch won't come out and secure the door (I've got a Bungee cord holding the door closed. Can any one refer me to someone that might have a replacement for the assembly. I'm not sure if I have to replace the whole thing or just the internals. I hoping that, maybe it's just a spring that need to be replaced, but I'm not sure how it works, as of yet. Just thought I would do a little research before I take it all apart. I may just wait for the off season, before I actually try to do the repair. I have too many shows/displays on my calendar. Anyway, any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks, in advance. Juan
  5. This is our 1927 Dodge Brother Four Screen Express / Paddy Wagon
  6. Hello, Watched your video and found it very interesting. We are in the process of having to overhaul our 1927 Dodge Brother 4Screen Express. We must replace a leaky block with a new block. We have a used bock and appears to be in good shape, have pistons and rods and the crank. I need to put together a budget for our funding. The truck is a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, in California. We have had it, restored back in 1987. It is used only for displays and parades and for crime prevention programs. I need an approximate budget to get the funding for the overhaul. Can you tell me, or give me a good (high) estimate on the cost to rebuild this block. I would really be appreciative. Thank you. You can message me at juantejeda@yahoo.com.
  7. Hello, Did not mean to upset anyone. This truck does in fact belong to the County of Santa Barbara, it is part of the fleet of police vehicles, but it was a project that, from it's conception, funded with 100% donations from the public sector back in 1987-88. The vehicle was an abandon vehicle destined for the wrecking yard when I found it and it was a compete rust bucket. I saw a future in it as a vehicle to be used for Crime Prevention programs within the county. I approached our then Sheriff with my idea and after doing a little research I found that the county actually used these vehicles in the 20's as a Jail / Paddy Wagon. With the Sheriff on board we approached the County Board of Supervisors and they approved the project, with the understanding that it would be done, but no budget would be approved and would have to be done with donations. I too on the project and collected sufficient funds and with the help of the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo's, Vocational Education Department the restoration was done and competed. The county supports the program by maintaining the vehicle as a fleet vehicle, but only with routine maintenance and has done so over the last 29 years. If you read my entry, I am not asking for donations, I was just explaining what we are doing and what my needs are, and I will reiterate, I need to put a budget together to submit for funding of this new project to keep the Paddy Wagon alive. Just need some input on what the costs will be so that I can submit a budget for funding. I happen to agree with you, and have always felt that the County and the Sheriff's Department should fund the program, but with governmental budgets the way they are, these programs are all but gone and without assistance from the outside they will be lost. Again, I'm not asking for donations, I will take what ever I can muster up, but I'm not asking anyone here to donate money. I will tell you that my very first donation came from the Horseless Carriage Club of America, back in 1987. I hope you understand where we are. Just trying to hold on to this wonderful vehicle that has brought so much good will to our law enforcement agency over the last 29 years. Thank you. Juan
  8. Hello all, it's been a while since my last entry and I need some help with our 1927 Dodge Brothers 4 Screen Express (Paddy Wagon). I have a crak that has come back to haunt us and we need to rebuild an existing block that I invested in years ago (in 1989 or so), during the restoration of our truck. The block came with some misc parts, like pistons, crank and others, but we have never had to really see if it was serviceable. I purchased the block from a, then reliable Dodge Brother Parts distributor out here in California, some of you may remember him, Roy Belcher. Roy passed away years back. Anyway, he looked the block over and assured me that the block was in good shape. Well it's time for us to find out and we want to rebuild that block. Here is my problem. I need to come up with a budget for our Sheriff, so he can try and get funding for it. I have started a Go Fund Me account with the hope that I can raise the money to rebuild this block. The Sheriff has a possible source, but I need to find out what it's going to cost and I have no one out here that I can get that info from. Our truck was restored in back in the 80's, bet 1987 and 1990, buy the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo. It was done by the inmates in their Vocational Education Department, but that program no longer exists, because of funding. The whole project has been funded, over the years with 100% donations from the community. The truck is a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department fleet vehicle, registered to Santa Barbara County. The County Garage maintains it for the routine service needs, but there is no budget for major type repairs and over the years I have had to continue to get donations when something comes up. I have been involved with this program from day one, as it was my project. We are in ur 29th year and I continue to take care of the Paddy Wagon, in my retirement. Anyway. what I need is to put together a good budget to restore/overhaul the existing block that I purchased. A complete list of parts and costs will be need for my presentation. The Sheriff has agreed to get the funding and has said that the "Wagon will ride again." If anyone can help me with putting this budget together, I would really be grateful. The engine is the standard 1927 4 cal, not the Fast Four. I have attached a few pictures and there should be more pictures of the Paddy Wagon in the Picture File of the Forum.
  9. I'm looking for a, good. replacement distributor for our 1927 Dodge Brothers 4Screen, 6v system, 4 cal (not the fast four). Or a repair kit, we seem to have a bushing problem and need to either replace and or repair the existing distributor, or if anyone has knowledge of a MSD system that could replace our distributor, points and condenser. Please get back to me.
  10. Can't help, but I'm looking for info on a MSD for our 1927 Dodge Brothers 4Screen, has a 4 cal, 6v system. Does anyone know if they make one?
  11. Thats good. I bought the MC and not to worry, it's not going to be a rider. My plan is to make it strictly a show Motor. I will drive from the trailer to where the display will be and thats about it. Maybe around the block once in a while just to keep it running, but not on any big rides. A parade once in awhile but that's it. Seems it may be an LAPD Motor, that will be my first goal. I'm doing some research now. Picked it up tonight, runs kinda rough, but esthetically it looks good. All I need is all the equipment that was removed. Front Red and Blue lights, flashing/rotating lights, blues lights rear, siren, and radio box and antenna. City seal and POLICE decal. Going to take it to a mechanic and have it all checked out. First I need to buy a new battery, hopefully thats all. lights are kinda dim, don't know if thats the battery or maybe the generator. Well, you take it easy and keep in touch!
  12. OK, EXBCMC, when do we see you car(s)? So, how you doing Craig> Glad to see that you finally made it on here. Think you will really learn to like these guys, they have a lot of knowledge and don't mind sharing. They laugh with you, not at you. So don't be afraid to ask as question. By the way, I'm may be starting a new project. No for sure yet as I haven't worked out the details on the project itself, but here is a picture of what I'm trying to get. Well I tried to upload the picture, but as luck would have it I can't get it to load.....anyway, it's a 94 Kawasaki 1000P, former Police Motor, think it was LAPD's. I am looking into that. Want to restore it to LAPD Motor. We will see what happens. Have fun!
  13. And the "Tax by the mile" will spread..... to all of "Amerika".
  14. I have a dozen or so alternators, new and re-built, some still in boxes. Alternators are original equipment and are for 60's and 70's era vehicles. I'm not in the business for car parts, but a retired friend of mine used to be a dealer of some car parts, such as era Air Cleaners for carburetors (some still in boxes) and oil filters (some still in boxes). Just want to offer to anyone that might need an alternator for their classic GM, Ford or MoPar a chance to get one of these alternators. Don't have them for all models, but if you send me the part number of what you need I can try and match them to what I have. I'm setting the price at whatever you feel you want to donate to our cause, plus the delivery costs. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, California and am the caretaker of our 1927 Dodge Brothers Paddy Wagon. The wagon restoration was completed back in 1988 and has been with us since that time. It was restored on 100% donations and continues to be kept running with donations as the county will not provide a budget. So any purchase will go to that cause. I have attached some pictures of some of the alternators and a picture of our Paddy Wagon. Any questions or requests, please email me at juantejeda@yahoo.com or here at AACA. I will try to get back to you ASAP. Juan
  15. You still looking for parts? Try Restoration Supply Company in California. If they don't have it they will usually find it for you. Prices seem to be so so. Check them out. they have a web page. Their email address for info is, info@restorationstuff.com
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