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  1. It would be a little difficult to disconnect the driveshaft as the DB's are closed drivelines until 1928. Do remove the rear cover and inspect inside and also look for metal in the gear oil. Pinion bearings do go bad and can bind up like that. Not so easy to inspect without pulling the rearend and tearing down.
  2. Those bullet headlights are correct on the Sport Roadster and the Deluxe Sedan in late 1926 and early 1927.
  3. 1923 shells are not the same at all, they only appear that way. The mounting studs on the bottom are in a different location and the "shoulders" are more rounded than '24-'27. Upper radiator mounting tabs are closer to the center in '23 and the lower outlet is different/lower.
  4. Front, rear, right, left, upper, lower, what?
  5. In short the answer is "No". The tube has to be able to twist somewhat in the front of the engine so any gasket or sealer will not work. That is a pivot point when the frame flexes and twists. There is a plug that threads into the front of the tube as well to keep oil from leaking out. It has a copper ring type gasket.
  6. Your engine is a 3 main bearing 6 volt engine that came out mid 1926. Early '26 still had the 12 volt engine. I would certainly call your car a 1926. Now, is it a Type A or Type B? Type B is a Business Sedan with tilt forward front seat assembly and easily removable rear seat and side panels. Leather or fabric upholstery?
  7. In my early '22 screenside the seat was 5 or 5 1/2" higher than a touring seat and square cornered instead of round.
  8. I just can't identify that piece. I don't see where the seat back pivots would mount but that may be different on a '23 than it is on my '22 or '24's. Maybe later this week our snow will have melted down or maybe I can get to Bend and look at Dave J's '23 screenside and see if it matches.
  9. Al, I just saw your post. I have so much snow here I can't get the shed door open to look at my early '22 screenside but I did kinda look at one of my '24 screensides but it is for sure different than that one. I don't have any rear sections from a '23 screenside, just a cowl. I can't find the one on ebay, got a current number or a link to it? That was you I sold that '23 rear cab quarter to a few years ago wasn't it?
  10. I want one! LOL! I would love to have any one of the 1930-34 straight 8 DB's
  11. It's not a sedan, it is a touring car. Water pump leak is nothing unusual, they pretty much all leak. They have packing glands that need tightened now and then and once in a while they need the packing replaced. Myers or Romars has that. All the packing nuts turn the same direction the shaft turns which makes half of them left hand thread and the others right. Unscrew the pack nut, if tightening doesn't help at all, then take a pic or tiny screwdriver and slide the gland back. Clean out the old packing, inspect the shaft to see if badly worn and if okay, replace the packing, push the gland in some and start the pack nut. Sometimes you need to do this twice to get a double packing in there. Don't over tighten the pack nuts, just snug. There are special wrenches to aid in this as well. Replacement shafts are also available. Welcome to the wonderful world of DB's!
  12. I was wrong! I looked at my 23 screenside cowl and it does indeed have the later wide hinges and will be able to use 20-23 touring car doors. To be correct they would have outside handles. I also talked to my friend that has a '23 screenside complete and running for many years and his has the same later hinges and doors. So, I stand corrected!