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  1. Jay, don't give up on me! I have been having a lot of pain and problems with my neck and back. Had steroid shots and nerve ablation tests that failed so they stopped those. Don't even get to talk to the doctor's PA until next Wednesday the 27th. Some days are better than others. Today is not a good one. Wouldn't take long to drill out the rivet and get it off. I'll try and get it between rain showers. Sorry to take so long.
  2. I always set mine UNDER a car when I inflate them just to be safe.
  3. On that one I cheated and used a bolt and nylock nut instead of rivet.
  4. Does your deck lid have the upper bracket? Those are welded on I believe. Actually I have straighten props that looked way worse than yours! Soak them in a feed molasses solution or similar. I will look into my props after weather shapes up a bit. Dave
  5. Jay, I went digging around in my junk (gold) and I found I have 2 sets of props on deck lids so one set will go on my RHD '24 and then I checked the '23 Roadster and it has a set except for the lower angle brackets, so I don't need them on it except maybe the lower angle bracket. I have another 20's roadster that I don't have a lid for and don't know if I will do anything with it. So... I MAY part with at least one deck lid prop. Look at the pics I sent and see which side you need. Here is my '25 Roadster props again from the outside. You can see the screws that attach them. Yes I know they shouldn't be phillips!
  6. You can buy modern Zerks at auto parts stores locally.
  7. Jay, here are the ones on my '25 roadster. I need a pair for my '24 RHD roadster too. Hope this helps. I'll post outside pics in next post.
  8. I know it is not stock or correct but I have used the BLACK plastic group 27 battery box in a couple early DB's. Bolted to the original frame brackets from rusted battery boxes with 5/16 bolts with fender washers. I drilled four 1/4" holes in the bottom for drainage. Works great and never rusts. Perfect for a driver, not so perfect for a AACA show car. I used a brown plastic box I had on hand first and it cracked apart! Black ones never a problem. I know this isn't what you asked but just throwing it out there.
  9. Battleship gray linoleum. Contact Meyers or Romar. Lino on front floor boards as well.
  10. '26 should be the stamped steel brackets. Those are easy! Drill out the rivets, flip the upright bracket around, keep or lose the license plate bracket, rivet back together.
  11. It would be a little difficult to disconnect the driveshaft as the DB's are closed drivelines until 1928. Do remove the rear cover and inspect inside and also look for metal in the gear oil. Pinion bearings do go bad and can bind up like that. Not so easy to inspect without pulling the rearend and tearing down.