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  1. Larry B you do not have a fast four engine. From what I see your carb mounts to the block on the left side of the engine. Distributor on the right driven by a shaft along with water pump? Not a fast four. Fast four has an intake and exhaust manifold and carb on the right side of engine and the distributor goes down through the head like a Model A Ford. Minibago's pic is of a fast four.
  2. Those are for closed cars or trucks, not roadsters. Roadster frames are round tube.
  3. Biggest problem with the 3 main engine is the starter/generator drive chain. That's what lets go at high speed and destroys engines. That's the big advantage of the 1926 B 3 main 6 volt separate starter and generator and then of course the C and D engines with 5 mains and the so called fast four engines (also D).
  4. I took .125 off the head and block combined, mostly off the head, on my 1922 DB Screenside. That doesn't really raise the compression much but every little bit helps. Kinda like trimming an 1/8" off the top of a 5 gallon bucket! I did in fact have it going 62.7 mph by GPS so it doesn't run too bad. Everything else is stock.
  5. I have Egge pistons, stainless valves, and new valve springs in my '22 DB Screenside. .125 shaved off the head and block, everything else stock. 62.7 mph by GPS!
  6. I had a terrible worn out '24 or '25 roadster that the engine had worn out .100 over pistons in it. The back half of the body was about the only thing I could salvage off that one and I am not very pick at all! The block had multiple welds on it over an inch wide.
  7. Your early '27 would have threads in the crank hole. They are just worn away. That is actually the front engine mount. Get another from any of the previous years that has good threads and replace it. It will also need a proper threaded plug, available from any DB vendor.
  8. Yes, tubeless. No special tricks.
  9. Mount the tires. I have 16" Radials tubeless on '40 Plymouth wheels, '36 DB pickup wheels, '35 Ford wire wheels, '51 Ford wheels, etc etc. No issues.
  10. His c/l listing has expired.
  11. Late '22 and '23 had steel running boards as did '24 etc. By sills, I think he is talking about the bottom frame work that the floors sit on and rest of body is attached to. They are steel on regular Budd bodied DB's
  12. I also have the remains of a rear roadster half. It got cannibalized to patch another. For you Al, you can have it if you can use it. When you coming to Central Oregon? I think I still have a pair of roadster doors and a deck lid too. Sorry but doors and lid you'd have to buy.
  13. If that is the rusty one(s) I personally would sand blast them and paint them and the inside of the frame and put them back in.
  14. Can you post pics? '25 is a single bolt vertical through the frame and the 1 piece engine/trans mount. Sounds like you maybe have a '24 which has bolts horizontal with a piece riveted into the frame on each side. Many of the '24's mounts are broke, which is why I assume DB went back to the earlier style again in '25.
  15. Doug, I gotta correct you on that '24 guess. Headlight bars appeared in '21. Late '22 and '23 were taller hood and radiator and curved cowl at windshield. Cab was a little longer too. I would say it is a '21 or an early '22 like my screenside. '24 was the 1st year for the square bottom doors and the longer 116" w/b.
  16. Merry Christmas From Madras Oregon. And I fit the Dodgy bit perfectly huh Doug?
  17. Can't really tell but it looks to me like the front fender skirts extend forward to the end of the frame horns which didn't happen until during the 1917 model if I remember correctly.
  18. Doug, if ya did, I'm sure they wouldn't keep ya!!
  19. '23 and earlier after 1916, driveshaft is 2" shorter. '27 got a splined driveshaft and there are 2 different lengths for '27. '27 also has some odd "flats" on both housing tubes that I have no idea what they were intended for. '24 and earlier had the arm that sticks out the back pretty much straight back. Somewhere around '25 they dropped those down at an angle like yours. I would say it is '25-'26 and not '27.
  20. BTW, '37 Coupes had a 3.91 rear gear. That would help get ya more speed.
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