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  1. nearchoclatetown is correct. So far I have photos of 3. The National 955 looks to have had painted trim, smaller lettering, and the logo is not "White Filled". Then the stainless or nickle 955-G & 955-N that Surf City 38 just posted. Notice that the logo is "White Filled" on both.
  2. Now you can't say that anymore...............
  3. Working on 93 year old vehicles I found that this is the most helpful tool......
  4. If it's a 1926 you probably need this very elusive cap........ They show up on EBAY now & then but you have to be quick. An alternative would be to change the neck on the tank to fit a plentiful cap. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Thanks Jack but I already purchased an NOS regulator $$$$$$ so I want the generator to match. It's for a 1947 Dodge WC. I figure with everyone building street rods, or converting to 12 volts, the original parts should be available. I am a rare individual as I prefer 6volts. Bill
  6. Thanks for looking. I need an Auto-lite GEB-4801A. The search continues......
  7. Can you give me the Auto-lite numbers off the generator please? Thanks! Bill
  8. Just trying to be a "Purist" Ray! It would be time period correct. The setup I'm looking at has some parts missing and I don't know if I have the expertise to fabricate the missing parts. This setup was way ahead of it's time! (And it's used today) I joined the AACA so I could be pure...... Bill
  9. As a lover of old speed equipment there is always this option for the DB 4 cylinder guys! I have a chance to purchase one of these. Very cool!
  10. From what I remember you had 2 coupes? Glad to see you back! I have NEVER cried about my cars! (I kept all of them........)
  11. Matthew, These will answer some of your questions. It also should settle the engine color debate.