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  1. The lever switch that mounts on the column? If so, I will look this weekend.
  2. Sorry Gary, that was meant for the seller! I was asking a question with my Galaxy S4 while doing 70 MPH. Please forgive......
  3. Does the column have the distributor and throttle levers and linkage? Some photos would be nice. Thanks!
  4. I just might do that Danny after I change my avatar! I might stroll down to the Buick Pre-War and do an introduction newbe thread. Thanks Guys!
  5. Great Info Here! Thanks Sean & Glassguy. There is a total of 8 digits the last one being the "I". All I have to do is print out this topic so the nice police officer will understand it is a "1" not an "I" on the vehicle ID form. As you can see I am a MOPAR guy and this GM stuff is new to me so please forgive my ignorance.
  6. I know this is an old thread but I am new proud owner of a 1939 Buick Special Model 41. My frame tag numbers are 7 numbers and ends with an I. Can anyone tell me why it ends with an I? Thanks everyone!
  7. My money is it being a 1926. 3 door hinges gives it away. I believe in 1925 they only had 2. Nice car! Machinist Bill
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