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Offer of parts from London


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I posted an add in Buy/Sell for a porthole top from a 1957 Thunderbird and

got the following response. I wouldn't go to London for a Top and if you

need specifics, you don't have it. Just some spam

Your advert i saw on the internet specifies that you are in need of

some items,i currently live in London,I'd appreciate it if you could

get back to me with a specific list of what you might need and i'll

double-check to see if i have them all because i have lots of stuff to

part with at

very affordable and negotiable prices. I'll be waiting to hear from


Name: Peter Moore

Residential address: 18 Hampstead Rd, London NW1 3, UK

E-mail: freegaragesales1@gmail.com

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I got the same response for a add I posted looking for a 292 Y block,I knew it was a scam but responded saying why would I spend big money to get a motor shipped from England when I can find one in the states. The scammer tried to tell me that it could be shipped inexpensively.

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Guest Gary Hearn
I received the same response yesterday on my Headlight wanted add. Is this guy legit or a scammer.

The only way to find out is to send him some money! :D Since I have none to spare, could you test the waters? ;)

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I got the same thing for a wanted ad for a Crosley hood ornament that I had posted 2 weeks ago. About 1 week later I was ready to send him a couple pics of the item I needed and then I got another email from London with the same message exactly with a different name and address in the email. SCAM!!!!!!!

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