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Black Beauty's image stolen, used in Taiwan!


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Hi Y'all !

I've been over-active everywhere else lately, and inactive here, as Willow Pond Farm is for sale. Been gettin' things, (10 Reattae, 8 trucks, 12 cars, etc., etc.), ready for the big move.

While browzing thru the Reatta listings on ebay this AM, I found one for a trunk lid spoiler, selling from Taiwan. So, I picked it to see what this spoiler looked like. To my utter, (dairyland reference!), amazement, I was greeted by a photo of MY 1991 Reatta Convertible, "Black Beauty", which I had taken in 2005 at the Cream City BCA spring show in Milwaukee. I was both pleased and offended - Pleased the poster had been so impressed with Beauty to use her image, without permission, in his listing - and offended the poster had stolen my photo, and Beauty's image to enhance the notariety of his product, tagging on the heels of her (limited) fame in the greater world of Reatta enthusiasts.

Though I don't mind the sharing, or distribution of Beauty's image between the Reatta enthusiasts within our community, I forbid the use of my photos, and her image being used for commercial purposes, or advertising without my written consent.

I filed a report thru ebay, we'll see what happens. Here is the listing number -


See if you can find the listing, with the unauthorized use of photos from this show -


There is only ONE Black/Flame red 1991 Buick Reatta on the road, of only 7 built, and her name is Black Beauty. You can see more of her pix at Photobucket, in settings from locations all over our great nation, but NONE from foriegn lands, (especially Taiwan!), for she has NEVER left the USA.

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Looks like the poster has 4 listings, one of which has a photo of what appears to be George Madsen's firemist blue Reatta coupe, taken at Michigan Int'l Speedway, during our "Reatta Rallye" there, hosted by April & Ron Gill.

Here is the listing number -


Check it out, George!

Is'nt that your Reatta coupe?


I took this photo at the 1st stop on our road trip to MIS.

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Note: the last time I looked, Taiwan did not recognize US copyright laws. In fact they had a whole industry reprinting (badly) US and UK books that were illegal to import here.

Cannot conceive of why anyone would want a spoiler that small, is not even a good trunk handle.

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Good point, Padgett!

Yet, Thier listing does need to follow ebay policy, (based upon US copyright law), or be cancelled.

I'm sure they'll re-list, with yet another member's Reatta photo, since they obviously do not own one.

I don't believe there are any "open license" photos of a Reatta, so they'll have to buy a couple Reattae, (or something with photos of Reattae), to post in their listings.

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Guest Richard D

I have seen some ads with the sellers name superimposed over the item. The letters are almost transparent, like the station you are watching on the botton right corner of the screen. Anybody know how that is done? It should keep most criminals,:rolleyes: I mean people from stealing images.


PS anybody want to buy a bolex oyster watch or rare bruen digital watch? ;)

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It is called watermarking. Photos in the classified ads on my website are automatically watermarked with ReattaOwner.com when someone lists a car or part and uploads a photo. (see example below.) It deters someone from using the photo on eBay or another website. However, anyone with a graphics program on their computer can remove the watermark easily.

If you post a photo on the Internet it is nearly impossible to keep it from being used by someone else. You can ask the to have the photo removed and yes, you can sue to have the photo removed but the question is: is it worth it.

I agree that eBay should be notified when photos are misused for financial gain. It will be interesting to see if eBay will take any action.


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Guest Richard D
Much ado about nothing IMO.

I suppose you are correct Roger, unless you are the uninformed person looking to buy the item and what you receive (if anything) is not what you were looking at.

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I pretty much agree with Roger too. Really, if you don't want an image you produced used [misappropriated?], don't post it online, or at least watermark it in the "meat" of the image (not at the margin where it can be cropped off).

Just ask anyone who has put compromising photos of themselves on a social networking site, or let a video of their bedroom exploits into the wild (Paris Hilton etc.). This stuff gets commandeered, and is replicated from here to eternity for mindless idiots to burn out their retinas.

I appreciate the sentiment that it is bottom-feeding to steal someone's photographic efforts for one's own use, especially when it is for profit. Unfortunately, the world of digital information makes this all to easy and there is usually little or no recourse to compel someone to pull an image that is not theirs to use. This is even more true in an international context, as was the issue here.


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As of 9am this morning, ebay has failed to act upon thier own policy.

The poster is'nt trying to sell Beauty, yet!

I'm not gonna sue anyone over this trivial matter, since I have'nt copyrighted my photo, nor beauty's image - though maybe I should, considering her extreme rarity, and limited notariety. I would'nt want any other Reatta owners to think I promote or endorse this product, nor the seller. Just as the late Billy Mays, (Mr. Oxy-Clean & Super-Shammy), would not authorize his image for use endorsing Sham-Wow, without fair compensation.

I concede, this post seems to be "much ado about nothing" - but that statement applies to much of the user-content on the internet, i.e. Twitter, etc.

I take no offense to that statement, as this is'nt a productive conversation, merely a cordial rant.;)

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"Merely a cordial rant"

Well put Randy, I fear we will all eventually fall victim to a new class of lawlessness where the internet purveyors don't recognize "property" - intellectual or otherwise.

And yet we all believe in the greater good, that is why guys like Ronnie compile info for all Reatta owners, Barney shares his extensive knowledge, Jim offers parts and experience and this is just the tip of the iceberg. So many others continue to contribute what they have learned, sometimes the hard (read expensive) way.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all that participate in this forum! (and for allowing my rant!!!)

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There is the problem that it is often impossible to trace the origin of an image on the Internet. This is why I have at the bottom of my web page "Note: some images received anonymously. If any are in violation of copyright, please contact Padgett ".

Usually people will grant permission to use their pictures with proper credit. However even the DMCA has requirements for notification before a charge of infringement can be brought (see the YouTube home page).

I am in another forum that requires paid up membership for access and as a result I post links to postings on my (open) web site. My belief is that forums should be open for reading and membership required for posting (unless the subject matter is potentially dangerous such as some computer security sites that provide backchannels for SMEs to discuss things).

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There is the problem that it is often impossible to trace the origin of an image on the Internet.
I agree with that. I have tried to get permission for what I use on my website when I can. I have permission (by email from the webmaster) to use what is posted here on the forum on my website. It would be almost impossible for me to get permission from everyone who posts a photo here. I have also asked for permission from many of the members here to use what they post here on my website. I will gladly remove any photo or article that I use from this forum on my website if requested by the copyright holder.

I hope no one here thinks I am stealing photos and information and posting it on my website. That is not the case. I do the best I can to only post information and photos that I believe the copyright holder would want posted on my website for the benefit of other Reatta enthusiast.

Below is what I have posted on my website concerning copyrights.


This web site contains copyrighted material, the use of which has not been authorized by the copyright owners. We believe that this not-for-profit, educational use on the Web constitutes a fair use of the copyrighted material. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to this website . If you wish to use this copyrighted material for purposes that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Fair Use notwithstanding we will immediately comply with any copyright owner who wants their material removed or modified or wants us to link to their web site.

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