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  1. Lex371, I am another satisfied customer of Jim Finn and I recommend him highly, his prices are more than fair, and he is helpful with instructions on removal and replacement of parts he sells! The best way to communicate with him is via email which is listed under vendors in the stickie above or Reattas60@gmail.com
  2. Pic’s always help those of us who have to ‘see’ it!! Thanks in advance!
  3. I’ll tell ya, that @Cargirl she’s all right!! 👍❤️
  4. I’ve found 3 items on the floor of my garage in the last month or so and I am without a clue as to what they are for and more importantly, which vehicle do they come from? Reatta, Chrysler minivan or cub cadet garden tractor? Thanks in advance! If these came from a Reatta convertible, somebody here will know the answer I’m sure!
  5. This past week, we took the Reatta for an 800 mile trip to attend a wedding in North Carolina ...
  6. Congratulations - very nice looking Allante!! +1 on the 17"s!!
  7. Brenda, I do see the family genetics of the Select 60 - gorgeous car, thanks for sharing!! 😍
  8. Oscardt, You are very welcome. I recently purchased 2 clips for my car and am very happy with them!
  9. Oscardt, Jim is one of our finest parts suppliers and the best way to reach him is reattas60@gmail.com
  10. Tom Parker, Have you had a chance to drive a Reatta yet? I live approximately an hour and 20 minutes from Berryville and I would be happy to show you my '91 Reatta and let you spend some time behind the wheel. If interested, send me a private message with your phone number and we can get together this week, maybe halfway between your home and mine. No, my Reatta is not for sale, I'm simply offering you the chance to spend some time with one plus the chance to pick my brain for what it's worth. Jim Ifert/ Nittany
  11. Congratulations Brenda!! Very happy for you!!
  12. Jon, could you you post a photo of the item(s)? This is always a good idea when you are trying to sell items over the Internet!
  13. Cargirl/Brenda, Buicknutty is 100% correct - your Reatta is beautiful and the Jag is really nice too!! A very difficult position to be in, and yet the good news is your very special Olds is coming home to your garage. Have no fear, the solution will present itself when the time is right . . . or when the right Select 60 worms its way into your heart!! Haha Happy new year and keep driving them till the tires fall off!! 😂
  14. It's always like X-mas when a box from Jim Finn comes to the house! 😄 Thanks Jim!!!!!
  15. Philbo, As mentioned on the other site, replacing 30 year old struts, shocks, ball joints, etc and verifying the condition of the tires and alignment are key to Buick's wonderful ride. Of course, correcting issues with brakes and drivability are also extremely important when you first purchase a used Reatta or any used car. I'm sure next summer you'll be enjoying some topless driving!!
  16. Brenda, I don't think you will agree with my recommendation, but I do have an ulterior motive: if you sell the Jaguar and keep the Reatta, then we will be sure to have you here in the forum! You are a valuable member of our little community and we'd like to keep you as long as possible! 😜 I might also also try to persuade you that the Reatta has a better upside than the Jag, unfortunately that may only be true because the Reatta currently has such low demand. Your car is such a high quality example with very low miles that it should be in demand now!! Sadly, I will not be ready to purchase another '91 Reatta Convertible until mine is worn out and they last a long time with simple maintenance. I have enjoyed my high mile (over 100,000 miles when I bought it) Reatta but I do wish to buy a low mile version in the next few years for my retirement; sadly, I realize this does not help you now!! You are asking a very reasonable amount of money for one of the finest Reatta left . . . I encourage anybody who is "thinking about it" to act NOW!!! This fine car will not be there very long as it only takes one buyer to recognize what a nice Reatta her car is!!
  17. Congrats Brenda!! Please post more more pics when you can!! Re: your '91 Reatta Convertible I know you looked long and hard for this low mile beauty, it's a gorgeous car that any serious buyer should not hesitate to purchase!!!
  18. We're curious ... will it be a Hurst Olds or something else going into the garage?!
  19. Best of Luck with the back surgery! Hopefully your 3rd surgery will put you in the best position to enjoy the rest of your life!
  20. Thanks Barney! Mr McIntosh has mentioned over on the Facebook Reatta page that he anticipated a more aggressive rear wheel drive second generation Reatta ... As an example, he recently mentioned the front hood emblem should have been located more on the nose of the Reatta but once it left the design studio the bean counters forced a number of changes including the more traditional location of the emblem on the hood. He does currently own a Reatta coupe. I am not advocating or promoting the Facebook site, just reporting what I have seen from occasional visits ...
  21. Interesting ...Thanks for sharing!
  22. This looks like a sweet Reatta with a Series II engine should be good for 240 hp!!
  23. Thanks for being an active member of this community!! I hope you'll stop in from time to time as you've acquired a wealth of information that I hope you share with future Reatta owners!,
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