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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Tammy! I know you really loved your S/60, shame to see her go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~RANDY
  2. I just searched the aforementioned post. The title starts with the words "Safety issue". Please take time to view this thread, and immediately inspect your Reatta, or perspective Reatta purchase. I love my Reattae, they are truly an American Exotic, and well worthy of ownership. As with ANY used car, close inspection of ANY rust is warranted, especially for an "investment vehicle".
  3. Hi Thriller! I'd have to agree with juddev' up-thread posting, "Rust underneath the car tells a lot about it's future ", as I just went thru an "investigation" with GM on my '88 coupe - "Bambi-Killer". Search posts here, older than 1 year, for titles including the words "Catastrophic Failure" for a detailed explanation of the #1 item to inspect when considering purchase of a Reatta of any year, especially from/in a region where corrosives,(SALT), are used to remove snow from the roads. All other possible issues will seem minor, in comparison. BTW GM says they prefer to do nothing about this pa
  4. Hi John! I found an ebay seller yesterday who has lots of K-M tools, stumbled on him while looking at his auction for a 55-57 buick manual. Just look thru the listings for the manual, and you'll find his store. Sorry, but I don't remember his handle.
  5. I'm glad to hear you're making the trip, Vinnie! I'll be attending my patriarchial family reunion in KY, and can't go to the BCA Nats this year.
  6. I said it before, here's the thread, with pix, and the whole story. There are probably a few good ones out back, 'ya gotta R&R the control arm as an assembly - to replace the brake reaction rod. I've done this, (on Bambi-Killer), and it's not that bad. I can't find the other pix right now, Thanx for posting that one, Vinnie! ...and while you're down there, check those vibration isolators for any signs of wear, or corrosion. Randy's Isolator post Bambi-Killer rests out back, waitin' for me to replace her isolators.
  7. If your rear frame area is that bad, you better inspect the front sub-frame, (drivetrain carrier), vibration isolators, (4 rubber sub-frame to body mounts), for corrosion. <span style="font-weight: bold">Failure of these components can cause separation of the sub-frame while driving, as happened to Notamekanik 2 winters ago. When this happens, the steering column knucle disconnects from the steering rack-disabling steering functions!</span>
  8. I have 3 headliner shells, 1-new black cover, 1-OEM gray, and 1-bare. PM if interested.
  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">a union can be voted OUT, if the membership is generally unhappy with their representation. </div></div> Ironically, our govrenment can also be voted out, as our constitution provides for the citizens to abolish it. So, shall we fire them all, and start over with representatives who understand, and represent the needs and desires of the citizens, instead of thier party and contributors? When Chrysler recieved a gov't. LOAN in the 80's, the our President did'nt requ
  10. manikmekanik


    Goodyear Viva Touring!!!! I replaced all my Reatta tires with these, they are BCA show approved, if same size as original. They grip tight, sing at speed, and look great. Wal-Mart is discontinuing them, on sale at $50-$75 each, limited availability. NOT Viva-II, only Viva Touring!
  11. TelNet came 1st, I remember playing chess with a professor at Stanford ....while in Memphis @ UT, using a KIM-1 hexidecimal keypad.... IN 1973!!!!
  12. Congrats on your recent acquisition, Dave! You should've dropped by on your trip home, I have a couple new headliners, and just got a TECH-I scantool. We can now diagnose ANY Reatta quirk! How 'bout postin' sum pix?!?
  13. check the body fuse(s), they're the most likely candidate, since none of the switches, nor the remote work.
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