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  1. Nittany

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Ronnie - That's a neat background for a beautiful Buick!! Also, seems like a great time to acknowledge your contribution (from someone that has been here 1500 days longer than you); I think darn near everyone who has ever searched the Internet for help on their cool little two seater from Buick has run into one of your posts, your Reatta Owners Journal or this forum. From the bottom of my heart and I think I speak for a majority of the other members, THANK YOU for the TIME you have put into all things Reatta related, THANK YOU for the TALENT you have demonstrated in combining all the collective solutions into one resource for us Reattaphiles, and THANK YOU for you generous contribution of TREASURE which is a funny way of saying that you have taken money out of your own pocket to build and maintain the ROJ. So Ronnie, thank you for all the Time Talent and Treasure you have contributed to the cause, it is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Nittany

    90 convertible $ 3900 - SOLD!

    Congrats to Jim and the new owner ... well bought and sold!
  3. Bob, i like your Reatta, very pretty color combo!! Regarding your instrument panel or IPC, I agree with Harry - odds are it's letting you know that it's on the way out. Your Reatta is very low miles but unfortunately the electronics are 28 years old . . . If you check at the top of the forum there is a sticky entitled Reatta Resources which lists information on who will rebuild your IPC or who will sell you a rebuilt unit. You will also find a link to which is a compilation of DIY fixes and you will learn how to remove the IPC. You will also learn how to clear your codes (the "h" following each code indicates history) and then how to read any current codes "c".
  4. Nittany

    Spark Plugs

    Nic, Do you recall an effort on this forum a couple years back where we were encouraged to post using our real names instead of our self-chosen usernames? I'm thinking thats when you created the "Nic Walker" account . . . I do recall that you were in the thousands of posts!! I've been Nittany for so long that I sometimes forget my real name, at least online; of course I'm only at 220ish posts in well over 10 years of membership, so I tend to read a lot more than post ?
  5. Nittany

    Cargirl update & question

    Cargirl, You know I am biased, but when your car was optioned with "pinstripe delete" the black moldings provide the necessary contrast. Congratulations again on your purchase, you have one of the nicest and rarest Reatta in all the land!!
  6. Nittany

    modified cartoon

    Ronnie: The Reatta hood ornament is located to the left of the "preacher!" haha
  7. Nittany


    Sounds like a fun project! I look forward to seeing what you create!!
  8. Nittany

    Does anyone know anything about this car?

    I have used the kit from Northstar Performance and my son drove the car (1999 Cadillac STS) for three more years, including from Rhode Island to the state of Washington before trading the car in for a 2005 Cadillac CTS-V!! That car turned out to be even more fun as it came with 400 HP V-8 and 6-speed manual transmission that he drove from Washington back to the East Coast. The Northstar engine was improved in 2004-05 such that head gasket issues are no longer a concern. Can they still occur? Yes and they do but no more than any other engine unlike earlier model years. They were found in front wheel drive Cadillac DTS and higher end Buick Lucerne's, specifically those with the CXS and Super designations. Cadillac also used the Northstar engines with some rear wheel drive applications such as the STS and XLR, including the V Series with Supercharged Northstars!!
  9. Nittany

    Original Document??

    Wow!!! That is a neat find!! We can interpret the meaning in different ways; personally, I choose to believe that the designer wanted the supercharged engine to be a part of the project from day one. Seems like when I save enough money to swap in the upgraded powertrain that rather than feeling guilty for changing the original, I can claim that I am simply converting to the designers' preferred engine. Haha Kudos to all those who have already swapped in a supercharged engine!! And yes, I am intentionally ignoring the rear wheel drive reference for now!
  10. Nittany

    Reatta Ranch

    Congrats on your first home Marck!! Enjoy the projects that will naturally come your way!! Jim
  11. Nittany

    Buick Reatta - Meets, Tours & Car Shows

    I like the new topic Ronnie! You're doing a great job as do all the moderators!! I hope to catch a show this year in the Mid-Atlantic . . . Keep up the good work Ronnie!!
  12. Nittany

    Please welcome your new Moderator

    Thank you Ronnie!! Can't think of a better person for promoting a positive experience for all Reattaphiles!!
  13. Nittany

    ISO Buick Reatta convertible project

    Welcome TerboSpagetti!! I am curious to hear about your plans with an upgraded power train . . . maybe I can volunteer my car for the project!! Haha if you plan on keeping and enjoying a Reatta Convertible, I think the above advice to look for a 1990 is correct. We have seen some higher mileage verts go for between $2500 to $5000. Folks that owned convertibles tended to drive them less in bad weather. I think it's pretty much the same as looking for any older vehicle - buy they best one you can afford and try to find a one or two owner Buick as you're more likely to have found a car that was maintained and repaired properly throughout the car's 26 or 27 year history. There is a gentleman named Ryan Gick who owns Sinister Performance ( - he recently completed an engine swap for a 1990 Reatta convertible owner where he planted a 3800 Series 3 Supercharged engine with undisclosed performance upgrades. From his home page, click on customer cars and scroll to the bottom of the page where you see a white Reatta. Definitely a worthwhile read and this is the direction I plan to take with my Reatta, unless I decide on an electric motor instead!! I look forward to following your project and I hope you take lots of photos and share them here!! Good Luck!!
  14. Nittany

    Thanks very much to the Reatta Division!

    Congratulations Bob!! Well deserved!!
  15. Nittany

    440T4 tranny 2nd clutch MIA..... Drtidmore, i have been following your thread on transmission work, and I commend your willingness to DIY an automatic transmission. There is a vendor that goes by the name of GMTuner who has performed chip updates for some of our forum. He also has a shop in Indiana that specializes in engine swaps for Fiero's and has done a number of Reatta's check out this one ( ) as well. Among his list of Links is his automatic transmission guy who is Tripleedgeperformance, see link at the top of this comment. In addition to offering rebuilt transmissions, he sells manuals and parts and one part in particular that I thought may interest you: . Actually there may be a number of parts and accessories that may be of interest to you if you look in his online store. Best of luck to you and your project! By the way, I am not employed nor do I have any financial interest in Triple Edge Performance. I am planning an engine and transmission swap in the next couple of years and I intend to use these two vendors because I don't have the skills necessary but I can afford to pay to have it done.