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Removed the guard

Jay Wolf

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Blackwalls and no stone guard is the only way to go i my personal opinion.

Does anyone on this forum have a photo of a new car (in the low price field), as delivered with the accessory stone guard and whit walls (include also Chev, Pontiac, Essex, Plymouth).

PS I am not trying to offend those who have and like the accessories. It is really neat to see some of the low priced three or four all dressed up for a party.

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Well I removed the tire cover, I was taking it off the clean the well and under the cover and after being on for years it took 30 minutes to get it off and one of the seems is starting to give way so I don't think I will put it back on.

For turn signals I used some cheap Motorcycle lights I got off Ebay all 4 for $7.99.

Only problem I has when removing the 12 volt bulb, one of the cheap china bulbs busting and cut my thumb.


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