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Vacuum tanks

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I believe 1929 and later Stutz would have used a Kingston model 39F C-10 28.

1926 - 1928 used the large style Stewart Warner.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Old Car Fan,

Just ran across your 2008 post on SW pumps.

I am trying to put together a complete SW vacuum pump for my 1925 693 Stutz 6.

When I purchased the car the vacuum tank had been removed and replaced with an electric pump on the fire wall.

I purchased a SW pump on Ebay but it had no fittings.

I sent the SW unit of to be rebuilt thinking the guy would but fittings on it but found out after he sent it back that fitting were not part of the deal.

Anyway, I have a tank that is to be functional with no fitting.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio and would like to see your Stutz.

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Thirty-odd years ago the Vintage Drivers Club in Melbourne ahd a batch of replacement brss parts for Stewart vac tanks. I bought a couple of sets of what they had, with the intention of running off a batch of duplicates for myself and needs of others. I will still do this , but don't hold your breathe. One item that will probably need to be re-cast today will be the die-cast top. this would nee to be an investment casting, ie lost wax technique. Ivan Saxton

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Bob's Antique Buick parts has the kits for about $20. They have the gasket, machine screws for the tank top, and new brass springs for the air/vacuum valve levers. My tank was quite rusty inside, so I gave it the POR-15 tank treatment with a foam brush. Use some good gasket compound when sealing it up, and don't over tighten the bolts, or you can crack the casting of the tank top. Check the float for pin holes too. Just clean 'em, seal em' up and they work like a champ.

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