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1958 Limited Four Door Riviera


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Guest morje58


The 1958 Cadillac 4 door fit W/S togheter with the 1958 Buick Serie 50 70 750 4 door.

The diffirent from the 4 door and two door are also the angel on the side down.

The vent. window are also not the same for the 4 and 2 door

I do know for sure because my 1958 Super 4 door have a W/s thats was bought for a 1958 Cadillac 4 door


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I got my rear door panels back today...they look awesome! Sorry, no photos.

Nothing going on right now, except some cleanup of the rear window in the basement.

I worked a doozie of a week this last week with over 90 hours on the clock. Most of it was spent trying to get a POS 92 Corsica running right. Today, I figured out it has a blown head gasket, and a possible burned valve or two.

I got some time to work on the Centurion, too. It had an intermittent miss at all RPM's...turns out it was the distributor shaft bushing that was worn to the point where the Crane XR-i unit wasn't reading the cam lobes half the time.

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Congrats on the back window find!

My Dad always says `Good things come to those who can wait` (of course I was a teenager when I first heard it and certainly no patience, right!)

Now for that front windshield.........

Adam, when you get to that fellows car to cut it up could you check out the front inner panels (under the head lights) for me. I have a set for the Special but would really like to replace the Limited`s as they will need more patching than I think they are worth.

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Guest 53Nailhead

Adam, just read your post from start to the last post. Your making some great progress...slow & steady wins the race! Love those 50's Wide Glides. What mig welder did you buy, how do you like it & how steep was the learning curve? I've done some welding with other peoples equipment but I'm in the market for my own.


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It took me about 8 hours of welding to get used to it. I don't have any problems anymore. I was having trouble in the beginning with burning through the metal, but I found the "touch". I am also using flux core, which apparently is more difficult to make look "right." I am told that using .023 wire with gas is much easier.

The welder is a Clarke 130

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Using argon gas and #23 wire works well for most all body welding. Just keep in mind that flux core welding wire has acid in it therefore it will corrode and rust thru a paint job. I'm not sure how many years this takes to do. I use flux core wire but at my age my cars will out live me. I have to do a lot of grinding and sanding but I don't mind that either. Beats body work shop prices.

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After what seems like forever, I was able to get in the garage today. I rejetted the carburetor for the Centurion and tuned it before I did any work on the 58. I'm close to being happy with that car now:D

I started pulling a few random parts off the engine and cleaned/painted them before I stored them in the basement.

I made some decent progress, although looking at the car as it sits, I've only scratched the "complete" surface.



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Guest imported_Thriller

I'd forgotten this car has the air suspension...it's neat to see a compressor that runs off the engine.

You're still making far more progress than I am on any of my cars Adam. I'm spending money, but not the time, so nothing winds up getting done.

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I worked on restoring the speedometer yesterday. Unfortunately, the water temp tube broke when I attempted to remove it from the engine. I think I have a lead on another one, though.

There are a couple stress cracks in the plastic lens, but are not seen at certain angles. Unless I can find a good one, I guess I'll leave it that way. You can see them a bit in the photo, in the center of the lens there are several white spots that look like they're scratched into the black background.

I had to repaint the needles on the gauges since they had turned completely white after 50 years.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted an update. I've been working some insane hours lately.

I'm trying to get the body ready to come off the frame, so I've been cutting an welding today. I got the rear passenger side rocker panel repaired, but the front is going to be another fun job. I also need to get the passenger side floors repaired. Then I'll be ready to pull it off the frame.




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I needed to get away from the rust, so I went for the greasy part!

I pulled the A/C compressor (all 400 lbs of it) and took it apart to detail and paint it. I also cleaned up the generator.

I've been working on the air cleaner lid for a couple days due to the pitting that was present...quite a bit of "body work" to do on such a small part...but it turned out smooth. I'm a little disappointed in the level of gloss on the air cleaner itself. I think the humidity messed with the paint today.

The other parts look nice, as I actually used a semigloss on them.

Here's a shot of the compressor after I knocked off all the heavy chunks of grease and dirt:


These 3 parts took me about 6 hours to complete (not counting the air cleaner lid!)


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I bought that pool table 5 years ago...and I have played pool about 15 times on it. This is the only way it gets any use anymore!

My guest bed doesn't hold all the parts for the 58, like it did for the 60 laugh.gif I had to find somewhere else to dump the finished parts..

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  • 2 weeks later...

This was an interesting little part I pulled off the car this evening. It looks to be some sort of proportioning valve for the air poise setup. There was a cable connected to it at one point, but I can't imagine what it would hook to. I was thinking it might've gone to a spot on the suspension that would move the cable back and forth depending on load condition.

I dunno....but it's clean now. I'm going to install it like it was, I think. Either that, or completely hook up the air poise suspension to look like it's actually there. I like the idea of leaving it the way I found it (pinched off cable and hoses) to preserve the fact that the factory system was abandoned, but they left the majority of the mechanical parts on the car.



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Hey Adam,

Glad to see you keeping at this old girl. You are right about this part being a proportioning valve. As I have been told, it sends more air to the back bags which raises the height, most likely to compensate for heavier loads. What the cable was attached to was like a choke cable with a black round knob. Mine is located just under the dash about the area of the heater box for easy reach by the driver. Have also heard that because of design problems, if you hit a bad bump the air would take some time to pump back up to a good height otherwise the frame rested on the axle or would hit hard if there were more bumps. Guess that's why most of these cars had been converted back to coil springs. You might try the guys in the Cadillac Club that have 58's for more info as I have seen more Cad's with working air bag systems than Buick's.

The fact that 58 was a bad economic year, the air bag issues and the critics really disliking the massive amounts of chrome sure didn't bode well for Buick. To me and my father the chrome on our black Limiteds in fact was what had us hooked! Good luck with the progress, Doug.

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Guest pfloro

Hello Adam:

I've been following your progress with the Limited since you got her... What a great automobile to restore! Attached is a link which provides great information about a '58 Eldorado Brougham. What a car... The information about the Air Ride system is most interesting as is this fellow's web site.

1958 Eldorado Brougham

I just love Buick's chosen name for the system; it sounds so cool even though it was plagued with problems.

I would certainly keep all the Air Poise hardware which was not removed when the system was converted to conventional springs.

Continued Good Luck,


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Boy Adam, You sure do have the touch.

I'm amazed you're doing all that welding work with flux-core.

I just bought myself a lincoln 120 welder that is currently set up for flux-core, but can use gas as well. I haven't had a chance to use it much, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

I'm amazed at how well your parts look after you've cleaned and painted them. What kind of media do you use for blasting? Any other tricks you can provide to us amateurs to achieve those concourse results that you do?

Keep up the hard work and keep us all posted with your progress. You are certainly an inspiration to us all!

6 hours to clean and paint those 3 parts......I've spent that long removing a bolt. smile.gif

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I actually haven't blasted any parts on this car yet. I have just been using either elbow grease or my trusty wire wheel/bench grinder. That thing is an asset to me, even if I have to pull pieces of wire out of my forehead every time I use it!

I will be getting a blasting cabinet very soon, so I will be able to take care of all my small parts. I have located a blasting company locally, and they also happen to be one of my irrigation customers! Soooo, I MIGHT be getting the body blasted there. I will be blasting the frame for sure, and probably the majority of the chassis parts. He wants $150 for a bare frame...and $5-10 for each additional part.

It's been 95* here for the last few days, and doesn't look like it'll be getting any cooler until next week, so I will be hibernating in the house. I'm sure I'll have to work on Saturday, so that's out the window. I have a big car show on Sunday. Then I get to play Electrician at my sister's house after the show.


Where does the time go?? It's been almost a year since I bought this thing. wow!

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  • 2 months later...

Nothing in particular. It has been a busy summer with work, and pretty much everything else. I will get started back up when it cools down a bit. When I am welding, I have to cover up, and it gets very hot in the garage in the Summer. I'm just waiting on that, and then I can lift the car off the frame. I've been saying that for what, 6 months?....a year!? It's only time...and money, right? Both are pretty scarce right now.

I actually have thought about bailing on this project...but I have kept my mind on target, and I will do my best to keep it going.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finished the passenger front floor yesterday. I was going to work on finishing the rocker today, but my 99 Tahoe needed some help. I changed the oil, transmission fluid and filter, distributor cap and rotor, fuel filter, serpentine belt, and tensioner pulley. That pretty much took all day, so no real progress on the 58. But now my Tahoe runs right again!

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I finished the rocker and the front cowl where the fender gets bolted to...


That's a lot of dead metal that came out of the front corner of this car...


One last thing that I want to do before liftoff: The car had been in an accident sometime in the las 51 years, and the right quarter panel was replaced, but they did a crummy job of repairing the inner wheel house, so it rusted out in a couple spots. The other side is spotless in this area.


As soon as I get the body off the frame, I will button up any welds that need to be done from the underside. I have a couple spots on the inner rockers and some of the body braces that need to be touched up.

Then I'll really have to figure out what the heck I'm going to do about space in the garage!

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I've been in the garage for the last 4 hours.

..and I only have this to show for it...


I did finish patching the last big hole in the rear passenger wheelhouse, though. I also removed all cables and lines that are attached to the body, so I can finally pull the body off. I hope to get this accomplished tomorrow!!!!!

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so close..

I couldn't round up enough people today to get liftoff. Most of the morning was spent cleaning the garage and vacuuming the 58 shell out so I have a clean work area. I have to do this once every couple months, or I will drown in dirt and rust. I had to quit at 2pm today so I could go work at my parents' house for the afternoon.

I got up early and went to Home Depot to get materials to build the posts and cross braces to hold the body. I'll have the body lifted 40" off the ground so the chassis will be able to roll underneath it while I'm not working on it. That will cure my space issue for a while. In about a month, I will have access to an empty garage where I'll store the 71. It should make work on the chassis much easier over the Winter. I just hope my "extra" garage storage doesn't get sold before I get most of the chassis restoration done.

I have a goal of this coming Spring to have the chassis done. We'll see how that actually goes, considering the fact that I'm 6 months behind on getting the body and frame separated!

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Hey Kevin, I think about emailing you every once in a while with an update, but I also know you check this out from time to time. Thanks for the good words!

Well, the body lift wasn't too bad. The shell is much lighter than I originally thought.

Calm before the storm...


People showing up to help...I did some seriouss recruiting.


We were going to try a test lift, just to see if we needed additional help, but the test ended up being the real deal...so no in-action shots of the initial lift.


Once the body was up on the posts, we rolled the chassis out into the driveway. I only broke one linkage bracket when we lifted it off. I forgot to remove it from the firewall. OOPS.


The obligatory goofball shot..


We had to shift the body over to the wall so I could fit the 71 back in the garage. But we had to maintain the wide stance of the posts to allow the chassis to roll back under the body.



Back in the garage it goes!


It's difficult to steer a car when there's nothing to steer with!!


Mission complete!


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