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  1. Hi guys. Pluging my auction for a fairly decent owner's manual for a 56 Chevy Truck. It's in pretty decent shape, as it came from the estate of a longtime collector that I've known for most of my life. He was a pretty serious collector. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301810753597?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I hope it finds a good home. Kevin
  2. "Red's Used Cars (formerly Honest Red's Used Cars)" I think he was in southern MO, or maybe IL...
  3. Hi all, I recently saw the most amazing Buick clock I've ever seen.... It was at a Museum in Boston; the Larz Anderson Collection. (An amazing collection if I've ever seen one, especially if you like the early stuff...) Anyway, they had a temporary display of motorcycles, which I must admit I don't know much about, but behind them was this extremely ornate clock with fine carvings of old cars. The closer I looked, the more detail I could see. It is quite a piece... So, although I seldom post here, I really felt this would be something the Buick guys would like. (I've been a Buick g
  4. It's definitely not a Series 62 windshield. The top corners are much more square... Any ideas? Thanks, Kevin
  5. I have no idea how many of you have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful museum in Dayton, but I went there recently a couple of times, and enjoyed it immensely.... What a wonderful place. It's an old Packard dealership, and they have about 45 or so cars on display, but that's not the only reason to love this place. They also have the Robert Turnquist library, artwork, artifacts (some in concrete), and many other things that any Packard lover will be able to appreciate. And, they have some really wonderful docents working there on weekends. Say hi to Al, Dick, and Jim if you get the
  6. I like this one a lot more than the Eldorado Brougham he did.... Have you seen that one? (I absolutely prefer those stock...) The Riviera seems like less of an offense, just because they made a bunch of them. This is a neat car, in my eyes. I'm sure there are others out there who would not agree. I actually love Darryl Starbird's stuff, and this Riviera looks good all around, although I must admit your choice of forums isn't likely to win you much praise, or many new friends. You might want to start looking at the HAMB (it's geared toward Hot Rods/Customs)... I love that forum, but then a
  7. Yes, as for the guitar, by its appearance, I'm pretty sure this was a very early Les Paul. It had discolorations around the binding that you would only see on early models. The guitar itself was really just awesome, but I doubt there were all that many guys looking at the guitar. I love vintage guitars, and this one was spectacular. But, even having said that, it seemed almost a little out of place sitting there in front of this car. I only say that because not everyone is into old guitars.... I'm guessing it was sort of like his inspiration for the color on the Buick. That would make s
  8. Wow, verde green... tonight you made me laugh. That's a 1940 color. (Maybe other years as well, dunno) Our buddy Willard had a 1940 Buick in Verde Green when I was growing up. Thank you for that!
  9. Well, it was actually better than that. There may have been only two high profile Rivs there, but there were plenty of other less notable Rivieras on display, and they were all wonderful, as you'll see in these other photos. It was really nice to see these Buicks getting the respect they deserve. This seemed to be a big year at the GNRS for Rivieras. Enjoy!
  10. It was... I took only one photo. This car is so well documented there was no reason to take more... I like it. But, not as much as the fastback. That's just me. Color is everything, isn't it? Can you imagine how ridiculous the silver car would look in that yellow? The yellow car wouldn't be quite as exciting in silver, either, would it? Kevin
  11. Well, they actually did specifically call out Bill Mitchell in the "Special Thanks" section of their display.... In fact, they did that quite prominently as the final name, as the one we would most likely notice. That has to count for something. I can respect that. The other names are most likely lost to history. Kevin
  12. And, if you want to see the build/progress photos, go HERE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/River-City-Speed-Custom/622670661151286?sk=photos_stream&ref=page_internal
  13. Yes, after looking at some Torino photos, I think you may be right. It certainly has a big back window, which Ford was known for. I did a little more research, and I found the builder's facebook page. Here are some BEFORE and AFTER photos of the car: https://www.facebook.com/622670661151286/photos/pb.622670661151286.-2207520000.1422504261./768142383270779/?type=3&theater Kevin
  14. Hi all, I was a little reluctant to post this, but I think there may be at least a few of you who haven't seen this... I attended the Grand National Roadster Show this weekend, and was pleasantly surprised by this wild custom/concept recreation that showed up. I actually liked the presentation as much as the car itself. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing these photos.... Enjoy! Kevin
  15. I would be interested in some of the trim, if you still have the car. Please contact me directly. Thanks, Kevin
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