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  1. It will be nice to get back to the States and drive my Buick again. Until then my little Nissan will have to suffice. It is a seriously small car (would make a new Verano look big), and even with only a 1.0 L engine makes for a zippy little car. It is the perfect car for narrow Okinawa roads and cramped parking lots.
  2. I haven't seen a Buick (new or old) in 9 months...been driving a Nissan that would probably fit in the trunk of my Electra.
  3. sure has been a while since I have posted anything, let alone anything here. Anyway, to catch up a little bit, when I left off I had the brakes working but wasn't completely happy with them. Through the spring I drove the car occasionally and after some time and some more brake adjustments I got the brakes working to the point where I was confident driving it more. Then in May I received orders to Okinawa, so I started driving the Buick more frequently to make sure it was roadworthy in case I needed to drive it to Minnesota to be put in storage at my father-in-law's house. In July I sold my truck (my daily driver) in preparation for our move, so I was left with driving the Buick to work (unless my wife didn't need her car that day). Driving the Buick to work was mostly fun. It drew lots of attention and started lots of conversations, but July in SW Georgia is not a fun time to be driving a car with no A/C. In August we left Georgia and visited family prior to our departure for Okinawa. We ended up towing the Buick to Wisconsin (my mom's house was our first family visit stop) and then I drove it the rest of the way to my brother-in-law's (about an 8 hour drive). So, now, the Buick is in storage and I am in Okinawa for three years with my wife and kids. Obviously any work on the Buick is on hold until we get back to the states, but this will also give me a chance to save up some money for working on it when we get back.
  4. Can't wait to see some pictures...fastback 48's are so cool!
  5. Glad I didn't go then...would have been disappointing to drive three hours for that. However, with a forecast like that I probably wouldn't have gone anyway.
  6. That would have been a nice one to go to. Unfortunately we had a yard sale to go to...decluttering and cleaning out the house getting ready to move to Okinawa.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try adjusting the anchor pin.
  8. Looking back, I wish I had done the disc brake conversion. My reasoning for sticking with the drums was that I wanted to get it back on the road quickly. But, as you can see by looking at the dates of my posts, this has been anything but quick, and in the time I spent putzing around with this I probably could have done the disc conversion.
  9. Got the brakes back together today. Took the car for a spin and the brakes are OK, the shuddering is gone (which is awesome), but the brakes could probably use some more adjusting. As it is, though, it is safely driveable, and it was a real treat to step on the brakes and not have the car shake.
  10. Excuse my ignorance, but how do you adjust the anchor pins?
  11. Like this PCV Valves & Grommets |. This is the one Russel Martin sells for Nailheads up to '62. Thinking about it eventually for my '62.
  12. Ken, No, I haven't tried cranking the adjuster all the way out tight. With it all the way in it was hitting when I put the drum on. I pumped the brakes a few times to try to seat the shoes, but maybe I need to crank the adjuster out to get the rest of the shoe to make contact with the drum when I pump the brakes. It looks like the shoe is seated on the anchor pin, but maybe I should take the drum back off again and check to make sure.
  13. That's the problem. I can do that on the passenger side, but I am getting significant drag on the driver side with the adjuster in as far as it will go. It looks like it is just rubbing on one small spot near the top of the front shoe.
  14. Put the brakes back together on my 62. Driver side has a lot more drag than passenger side. I was able to adjust so they are the same, but I am wondering how much drag is too much?
  15. Finally had time to work on the Buick again today. Got the brakes back together. A lot of drag on the driver's side drum, very little on the passenger side. I can adjust the passenger side so it has the same amount of drag as the driver side, but it feels to me like too much drag. Adjuster on the driver side is in all of the way. How much drag is too much?