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  1. Let's see, it needs fluids changed, a tune up, brakes adjusted, and a rear axle seal replaced. I should also probably clean the engine so I can figure out which gaskets are leaking. Those are the things that are at or near the top of the list now. I'm guessing the brakes will need more than adjusting, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  2. That drivetrain should move the Buick quite well. I have the same drivetrain in my truck and I have no complaints.
  3. I got my '62 running and washed up in time to take it to the car show our church hosted on Saturday. It was a good time, and we had about 65 cars and trucks of all ages and types. I got placed in a high visibility spot, right next to the registration table.
  4. Good news!!! It runs!!! All it needed was new rubber fuel lines, a new fuel pump, and some fresh gas. Plenty of work yet to do (thanks to the mice that got in ☹️), but it can be driven now.
  5. IT RUNS!!!!!! 😎 A little recap... Started out by pulling the gas pickup out of the tank and checking the filter. It was fine, so it went back in. We then replaced the rubber fuel line that connects the metal fuel line (that runs most of the length of the car) to the fuel pump. That needed to be done, but didn't help. Then we replace the rubber fuel line that connects the gas tank to the metal fuel line. That also needed to be done, but didn't fix it either. Nowhere around here had a fuel pump in stock, and because I wanted to get it running before this weekend I ordered one online. My son and I replaced it tonight, and after a little bit of cranking to get fuel up to the carburetor, it started. BTW...if anybody is in or around Northeastern WI, Zion Lutheran Church in Peshtigo, WI is hosting a car show this Saturday. There is no registration fee, and it is open to all. (That's why I wanted to get it running before this weekend.)
  6. It is something I wish I could have done more with my dad. Dad knew a lot, grew up working at his dad's gas station/garage.
  7. A little update...don't have it running yet. A little shot of starting fluid and it fired, but wouldn't run because it isn't getting fuel. Cleaned out the nest the mice made up by the spare tire, filled a Walmart bag. Yuck, I hate mice. Pulled the fuel level sender out of the tank, the filter on the end of the pickup was clean, so I put it back. Replaced the rubber fuel lines, that didn't fix it, but the lines were pretty stiff and crumbled a bit when we took them off. That was a good thing to get done. So, it looks like the fuel pump. Hopefully that comes soon. I've been working on the car with my son, it has been a good time even if it is taking longer than we had hoped.
  8. Great....on the bright side, I'm experienced in electrical work. Hopefully they didn't eat too much. I guess we'll see. I hope they didn't get into too much. I'm not looking to do a full-on restoration, I'd prefer to get it running and enjoy driving it. Thanks for the ideas. It's pretty awesome to see familiar names still on the forum. I haven't posted much in the years that I've been a member of the forum, but I've read a lot on the forums over that time.
  9. Uggh...found a mouse nest in the trunk up on the shelf by the spare tire. 🤮 Guess my attempts and my brother-in-law's attempts to keep them out failed. Looks like they got into the seat padding, I wonder what else they got into.
  10. Thanks John. I'll give that a try. I wouldn't be surprised if the rubber items in the fuel system are shot. I've tried over the years to use non-ethanol fuel, but it hasn't always been possible. The rubber fuel lines don't look original, but I also don't remember replacing them, and I've had the car for 24 years.
  11. Bringing back an old thread. It has been a long time. To make a long story short, a three year tour in Okinawa turned into four years and retiring from the Marine Corps. Retiring from the military from overseas can be challenging, and it took a while after we got back to the U.S. to get a job, find a place to live, and get settled a bit. Thankfully my brother-in-law is really cool and had no problem storing the Buick for me for almost six years. He had intended to start it up and drive it around to keep everything working, but two years in he had a problem getting it started, and so it sat for the last four years. With the help of a friend who let me borrow his trailer, I was able to bring the Buick home finally. Now to see if I can get it running again.
  12. Don't know if this counts. I didn't quite drive my old Buick, but I did drive, and my old Buick and I went to the same place. Does feel good to have the Buick home again.
  13. Hi all! It has been a long time since I have posted anything. After four year of being stationed in Okinawa and two years of getting settled into civilian life, I am finally able to give my '62 Electra some attention again. I'm not the most mechanically experienced, but can manage with some instruction. Tried starting it today after getting the battery charged up, with no luck. It cranked good, but didn't fire up. The glass bowl fuel filter looks pretty empty, so I'm thinking it isn't getting fuel. Any tips on where to start?
  14. It will be nice to get back to the States and drive my Buick again. Until then my little Nissan will have to suffice. It is a seriously small car (would make a new Verano look big), and even with only a 1.0 L engine makes for a zippy little car. It is the perfect car for narrow Okinawa roads and cramped parking lots.
  15. I haven't seen a Buick (new or old) in 9 months...been driving a Nissan that would probably fit in the trunk of my Electra.
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