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  1. It looks to me like a 1906 - 1907 Winton.
  2. The last picture is an American Underslung of about 1912.
  3. Possibly a Wills St. Claire?
  4. The hood looks to have flutes, so it could be a Willys Knight. The parking lights on the cowl are consistent with a WK. Dan
  5. I have not been able to determine the make of this vehicle. It may be an assembled car of low production. It looks to be about a 1912 - 13 vintage based on the styling of the body. I'm pretty certain it is not a Cadillac, Maxwell, EMF, Overland, Oakland, Hupmobile, Chalmers, etc. Any ideas?? Thanks, Dan
  6. Attached is a picture of a 1904 National. Dan
  7. The pictures of Locomobiles I found on the internet did not have "round" radiators. Here is a picture of a 1904. Dan
  8. National would be my guess based on the circular radiator. Dan
  9. The radiator looks like a Warren Detroit.
  10. I think it may be a 1912 Maxwell Mascotte. Dan Woolf
  11. Obviously, when I used the word "cheapest" to describe brass T prices, I was being facetious. There are no cheap brass cars anymore!! I'm almost 50 and have wanted a brass car for years. My wife and I were able to buy an older restoration 1913 T a little over a year ago. It is great fun! We just completed the HCCA / AACA Reliability Tour in Chattanooga in it last month. In fact, it has been driven about 1,200 miles already this year. Keep looking and hopefully you'll find one at a reasonable price. Dan
  12. I will have to disagree with the comment that 1940's and earlier car prices are going down. In some cases, that may be true. However, have you seen the prices for brass cars lately? Even brass Model T's which tend to be the "cheapest" brass cars are up significantly from recent years. Also, Model A prices have risen quite a bit in the last 2-3 years. (And that is just 2 examples). It remains to be seen what impact the current financial situation will have on pre-40's car prices, but based on what I see, they have not all been going down in recent years. It is true that the older generation that collected pre-1940 vehicles is passing on, however, there is a strong contingent of younger brass car enthusiasts like myself (50 & under) that will continue to keep that part of the hobby alive. Dan
  13. I'm looking for a particular issue of the AACA Magazine from I believe, the 60's. It features the restoration of a 1911 Palmer Singer. Can anyone tell me the year and month? Thanks, Dan
  14. Yes, you have a 1928-29 Model A left front fender.
  15. It is a 1928 or 1929 Dodge Victory Six Sedan like the one my parents own. They are well made vehicles and are great for touring! They came from the factory with hydraulic brakes, oil filter, a seven main bearing engine, centrifigal spark advance, etc. They are fairly rare cars with only about 86,000 produced. I can't really tell the exact condition it's in, but it looks like there is enough there to restore. I would hate to see it rodded or customized given their scarcity. Dan
  16. I'm not able to view the picture. Dan
  17. I think it might be an Interstate automobile of about 1908-1909 vintage. They were built in Muncie, Indiana from 1908 - 1919. Dan
  18. The weird thing is the front right hand door appears to be a full, operating door. It has the door handle plus it looks like the body is cut out for the door opening. If true, you sure couldn't enter on that side with the spare tire in the way. Dan
  19. http://photos.aaca.org/showphoto.php?photo=7646 I had previously posted this photo and no one was able to identify it. Someone suggested it was a Cadillac, but I don't think so. Any ideas? Thanks, Dan
  20. Thanks for your response. I don't think it is a Cadillac, however the radiator and fenders do look similar to that era Cadillac. I looked at some pictures of 1911 - 12 Cadillacs and they had the emergency brake lever outside of the body and the car in my picture has it on the inside of the body. In addition, the doors, lights and hood on Cadillacs appear different from the mystery car. Thanks, Dan
  21. Can anyone identify this car? It looks to be about 1912 vintage. Thanks, Dan web page
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