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  1. I'm pretty sure that the "Heave" photo is a 1909 or 1910 Model 36 Pierce Arrow.
  2. The most obvious difference to me is in the paint scheme and color. The two "reds" look different, but it could just be lighting. Also, the car in Reno does not have the edges of the fenders painted black as the Pebble Beach car does.
  3. Jim, Tell us the manufacturer of the sonic pest repellent you are using. Thanks!
  4. I think it is a KisselKar. The radiator is very distinctive with the rounded shape at the top and the angled lines at the lower corners. I don't think the radiator or hubcaps are consistent with an Oldsmobile.
  5. The shape of the hood and radiator look a lot like an Overland. The shape of the radiator cap also looks oval, so I definitely think it is an Overland.
  6. I agree that the second picture is of a Buick, most likely a 1910 Model 17. Dan
  7. I agree with Varun on the identification. Here is another picture of a 1911 Marion Model 30-A (also identified by Varun). It looks like the picture in the OP above.
  8. George Schuster was a driver / mechanic and the only one of the American team who went the entire distance in the Thomas. "The Longest Auto Race", is the book he wrote about his experience. On page 18, on the morning of the race (Feb. 12, 1908), he went to the Harry S. Houpt Agency (Thomas dealer) and states, "in the garage I found a shining new gray Thomas Flyer". Based on his book, the racer was a new 1907 Roadster (with some modifications), not one previously raced by Monty Roberts.
  9. Car # 4 is a 1905 or 1906 Winton and Car #5 is a 1911 Pierce Arrow. Dan
  10. I don't think it is a Model A Taxi either. That particular car looks to be larger than a Model A Ford.
  11. I believe the second picture is a 1914 or 1915 Chevrolet Baby Grand. The radiator emblem looks to be the well known Chevrolet "Bow Tie". Dan
  12. Regarding the second group of photos: the second and third ones are of the same car and look to be a Panhard Levassor. Photo 5 shows a Chalmers and a Maxwell. I'm not sure what photo 7 is, but it is not a Model K Ford. The engine, hood, steering wheel and column to name a few are not similar to early Fords.
  13. I think it is definitely an Overland. The radiator shape, the distinctive oval radiator filler, the cross bar between the frame horns and the shape of the fenders all lead me to believe it is an Overland, around 1910.
  14. That last picture looks like about a 1911 or 1912 American Underslung.
  15. Has it been determined when and where the 2020 Reliability Tour will be? Thanks, Dan
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