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  1. JO BO

    Kingston Carb

    Thanks for quick responses. Literature I have found states a Kingston carb was used. Kiblingers were built 1907-1909. I assume some surviving Kiblingers May have other then original etc. do you have model list available for years 1907-1909? Thanks
  2. JO BO

    Kingston Carb

    Hi, I need a Kingston carb that was used on a Kiblinger high wheeler. Anyone who has knowledge of what model was used or who has one would both be appreciated. Thanks Jo Bo
  3. Thanks for the info. Hopefully a good used or rebuilt one in useable shape will show up via this post. Have to be sure on getting the car first though I guess. One of those cart before the horse things.
  4. Hello, I may purchase a 1934 Ford and wish to install an original engine in it. It currently has a newer flat head. Novice here on this year Ford. How difficult is it to find a good original engine? What is a fair price if I do find one? I have a rough 1937 with transmission ...will parts from that interchange somewhat if needed? With all the hot rods around I would think there would be some around....Appreciate any help.
  5. thanks for the Buick info....I will do the search to find the ad...I am sorta clinging to pre 1910 though as I have always had a thing for that era for some reason...But the right car close to that era would change my mind. Thanks again. Jo Bo
  6. Thanks I have sent you an email. Jo Bo
  7. Thanks I am looking for something out of the main stream so T’s aren’t too exciting to me. I love the early stuff but most of what is available is already finished which stands to reason this late in the game. Thanks for your input, hopefully something will surface. Jo Bo
  8. Hi, yes I have looked at the site from time to time. I need to go check current offerings. Any other good sites you know of would be appreciated as well thanks
  9. Hi, I am looking for a retirement project. What do you have? Thanks Jo Bo
  10. Hi, I would like to find a nice pre 1910 car to work on in my retirement. I have 2 1928 Franklins I would like to trade for interesting project. Added dollars for right car of course. Please let me know what you have that may be of interest for both of us. Thanks Jo BO
  11. Make an offer if you are interested
  12. Thank you the advice.....I really appreciate it as I hope to do the best thing possible. Jo Bo
  13. thank you for the insight into possible coolant issues. I will take your advice and drain it dry for now. I think I would feel better that way. Thanks again Jo Bo
  14. Wow! No wonder I could never find a car with them. Wish I had the rest of the engine. Thank you so much for your quick identification... guess I need to find an old airplane forum to put these on in case someone needs them. Probably 1916-1918 or so? Thanks again, Jo Bo
  15. I was told these were early Cadillac but after searching them I doubt it. Anyone identify them as to what they would be from? They are very light aluminum Thanks Jo Bo