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  1. Thank you the advice.....I really appreciate it as I hope to do the best thing possible. Jo Bo
  2. thank you for the insight into possible coolant issues. I will take your advice and drain it dry for now. I think I would feel better that way. Thanks again Jo Bo
  3. Wow! No wonder I could never find a car with them. Wish I had the rest of the engine. Thank you so much for your quick identification... guess I need to find an old airplane forum to put these on in case someone needs them. Probably 1916-1918 or so? Thanks again, Jo Bo
  4. I was told these were early Cadillac but after searching them I doubt it. Anyone identify them as to what they would be from? They are very light aluminum Thanks Jo Bo
  5. Thanks, I found the answer I was looking for in an online article. 5.25 gallons is the coolant capacity if anyone else was searching. 1.5 gallons of oil for the crankcase Jo Bo
  6. Hi, I know this post is old, but any idea of what an original is valued at? Thanks Jo Bo
  7. Hi, I don't know how to post pictures on this site..sorry. I will give interested people a personal email with pictures. I was going to ask for offers so don't have a set price. a lot of info I can share in an email. Located in North Dakota. I wish not to be vague and hope it doesn't come across that way. Thanks Jo Bo
  8. I have a 1928 Franklin convertible coupe project car that may be for sale. I will send pictures to any interested party. Series 12A Thanks Jo Bo
  9. Hi, What was the correct vacuum tank for a 1928 Franklin Victoria brougham? Series 12B Does anyone have a useable one for sale? Thanks JO BO
  10. Hello, My 15' sedan has the year 1915 along with Cadillac script on the front of the radiator. I know years ago I saw old car ads with this set up, but can't find a thing now. All restored or other 15' cars I have found are missing the year (1915). Was it available only on select models or was it an accessory option? I always thought it was neat to place the year so no one would have to guess what year it was. But I suppose as the car aged some didn't like the fact everyone knew they were driving an older car. What are your findings/thoughts on this? Jo BO
  11. Hi, I am in the process of draining and refreshing the coolant in a 1915 Cadillac center door sedan and was wondering if anyone out there knows the coolant capacity it would have? I plan on making the antifreeze mixture strong ...60-70%. Is this a good idea in your opinion? I live in an extremely cold climate and occasionally have power outages so don't want to take a chance at any freeze ups. Will taking the plugs from the bottom of the water pumps (2) of them totally drain the system? I appreciate any knowledge you would like to share. Thanks Jo Bo
  12. Jeff, really is a special of those do you restore or keep as is. I favor keep as is. I may have to sell it unfortunately though to settle an estate. would be hard to see her go. Jo Bo
  13. Jeff, Thanks for the information. I found a 1912 DM with one of the V-8 engines in it online. Nice look to an early engine. Jo Bo
  14. Thanks for posting for me. I have been told it is only one of two surviving 1915 center door sedans. Also has very low serial number so may be oldest Cadillac V-8 production engine in America. I love the original interior even though it needs a little cleaning and spot repair. Jo Bo
  15. Hi, May I have your email to forward pictures to? Thanks