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  1. John Thanks so much really hope to find the wheels with those little triangle shaped hubs if they are out there so it matches. I am trying to help an older gal who loves the car and would like to see it complete. Jo Bo
  2. No just a thin plate of aluminum in the middle attached to aluminum body. Thanks Thanks so much for the detailed information . May I have a source for the axle/wheels please? What do you think value would be even though it isn’t a for sale item? Thanks again
  3. Thanks . That is interesting to know about the hp relationship to mph. This one has a very early patent date.
  4. JO BO

    Jones Speedo

    Thanks so much...guess that is why the bracket is made that way. Thanks
  5. Nice little car all aluminum. Need rear axle and wheels if anyone has them thanks
  6. Aluminum I need a rear axle and tires if anyone has them. Thanks
  7. What vehicles used this Speedo? May sell after identification. Thanks
  8. JO BO

    Jones Speedo

    What was this speedo used on? Very early patent date
  9. Hi, buckets seem to be flawless. One has a ring with issues though...scuffing/dings etc. no cracks anywhere. Reflectors look very nice to me. Stems both have plating loss. Thanks
  10. Yes still have them..getting pretty good interest. Found the one doesn’t have a very good ring...some scuffing/dings etc. I was fishing for value. Stems both have plating loss Thanks
  11. Have a very nice pair of Franklin headlights....large 12 inch it appears. Para Beam on lens little finish loss on stems but buckets are very nice. Says Series 12A on the box so probably 1928. Make an offer... thanks
  12. Not sure about these....says series 12A on the box....pretty nice pair as I have a set. Little finish loss on the stems but buckets are very nice. Has Para beam on lens what’s their value? Thanks
  13. Touring car with lots of good parts left. Only $500.00 takes it home. Located in SW North Dakota thanks
  14. Lots of good parts left ....just $500.00 and make it yours.....part it out and use or sell. Located in SW North Dakota. Thanks
  15. Lots of nice body pieces....both transmissions/rear ends / motors have some good pieces garnish etc.
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