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  1. Hi, Yes I found it is regarded as the first "production" V-8 in America, wherein was first to build in quantity considered production run. Yes I do have numerous pictures. I could send them to you via email when I get a chance.
  2. Hi, was wondering about your input regarding Cadillac being dubbed as the first to use the V-8 engine. I have one of them with a very low serial number (in the first 35 made) and heard of a couple of other companies that also put out a V-8 some years prior to Cadillac in 1915. so was wondering how the "honor" of having the first V-8 fell upon the Cadillac. thanks..looking forward to interesting reads on this.
  3. Nice find. I believe this is very early. I saw one on a 1905 Maxwell Model H a long time ago that if I remember right was like this one. I know people have parts books out there that could verify that but my guess would be 1905 and 1906 Model HA touring car. I know they used step plates for several years after that maybe up until 1911 but don't think they had Maxwell embossed on them after initial years of production.
  4. Those are nice trunks. Thanks everyone for searching for the one I have. The post on the 33 Studebaker seems to have it pretty close. It is for sale if anyone wants to make an offer. Thanks again JO BO
  5. I will sell mine as is and you can pretty it up. Looks like there a few of them or close to it but not many. Make an offer. Would be nice to find actual maker, but I really appreciate the comments and pics you guys have provided.Thanks JO BO
  6. Hi Carl and members, This one opens on either at a time or both at once. The lock on top says Eagle Lock Co. It looked interesting so I picked it up. It is a little tough for condition, but someone could pretty it up. Looks like it has all the mounting hardware to attach to the car as well, along with the spare tire carrier. Pretty neat. Has a heavy frame attachment on the bottom to rest on and attach to car. Thanks to all who can date it and perhaps give manufacturer history etc. JO BO
  7. Has anyone ever seen an old car luggage trunk that opened sideways to either side? It comes together at the top and closes with a latch and has a small key slot. Any ideas of age or maker? i can email pics if you like. thanks JO BO
  8. Is a model 85 similar? I have an old frame etc for one.
  9. Hello; I am working on a project where I need to know the height of the top of the front bumper from the ground. Please anyone who may own or have access to a 1937 Nash Ambassador ,would you please take this measurement for me? Needs to be stock 1937 with appropriate air pressure in tires you would have found on the street in 1937. As close as possible please and thanks in advance. JO BO
  10. Hi; If you go to HCCA classifieds you will see some pics and a contact number for Margaret Vitale (very nice lady). Also if you go to Hemmings Motor News you will see additional pictures along with pricing information. Hope this helps. JO BO
  11. Hi; I have a fairly decent shell with emblem for what I have been told is a 1928 Chrysler model 52. Is it the same as yours? Will part with it. Thanks JO BO
  12. Hi; I am looking for a pre 1909 project. Any make considered. Please send pics and price to I would prefer wood bodied auto but all are desired. Please no parts or very incomplete vehicles. Thanks JO BO
  13. Hi; I believe you have a 1907 model based on body features. 1905 models had a rear door that was curved on top. Also 1907 was first year for slant entry.
  14. Hi; Someone told me there are about 20 differences between a 1899 and the 1900 Locomobile steamer. Does anyone know any of them? Also what is the difference between the Style 1 and 2 models? Thanks in advance. JO BO
  15. Hi John; Yes the iron man came for all the scrap we had, but for some reason failed to pick this old girl up so we still have her. THey sure made fenders heavy back then although they still got dented. Thanks