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  1. Pretty solid mostly complete. Interior complete but toast. Hasn’t run for years and I don’t know condition of motor as it was left from an estate. Located in ND. $5250.00 obo. Thanks
  2. Pretty solid. Mostly complete. Located in ND. Interior complete but toast. Hard to find complete or at all Cad. $5250.00 obo thanks
  3. I like that show Garage Squad......submit the story to them about your grandpa and how you would like to see it back together in his memory etc..Maybe they will come and do it for the show.......
  4. May have to check with those......My brother bought a 1917 Case car years ago at an auction and these were in the back seat of it ,but definitely didn't go to it...so has been a decades long mystery. may be the model 70 or G70 or maybe the super rare Excaliber Ritz 3A of which only 5 were built and only one exists complete, except for rear doors. LOL....Thanks
  5. I seem to have a short door on height compared to others
  6. Hi; I have measurements.....yes the 1 inch you have for top door strip is correct. A=. 2 1/2” B =3” C=3 1/8” D=3 1/16” inner most edge. 3 1/4” At door skin. So little angle E =3 5/8” F=4 3/8” H= 15 1/2” at curve bottom below handle, 15 5/8” dead center of door and 15 3/4” at hinges so varies. K= 1 1/2” J= 2 1/4” M= 9 3/8” The bead (belt line)is 5/8” wide. all measurements taken with solid metal yardstick so no flex tape measure metal tab miscorrections.
  7. Thanks for pics
  8. Thanks 28 Chrysler.....so yours are larger in all aspects than my 2 doors. except across bottom. My doors have a nice leather look with a pattern hard to see from poor pictures. What do your handles/interior look like?
  9. Thanks Keiser31 I knew there was a name for it but my memory is going. nice stuff.....suppose hard to reproduce cheaply in today's practice?
  10. Thanks for the info. The outside handles on these doors have some kind of black inlaid material..don't think it's a heavy paint and the piece between the handle and door skin is the the same material kinda looks like a black porcelain...not sure though. I can't find a Chrysler of that year with that bead and interior flap design......wonder if it they are something else?
  11. These are rock solid. Very nice restoration items. Do you know model? I can’t believe the numerous models offered by Chrysler late 20’s earl 30’s. Imperial as well. Thanks.if you need interior measurements additional pics would be no problem
  12. 21 1/2 “ wide across top. 15. “ wide across bottom. 18 3/4” tall and top of door stripe is an inch wide. Thanks for the help so far hope we can narrow year....these are outside skin measurements.
  13. Trying to id these rear touring doors. Dark green original paint and solid wood. Dark heavy leather inside with flaps.Thanks.
  14. Thanks hope I can find them. May be a naive question but what does a mixing valve look like? Jo Bo
  15. Wanted....help in restoring a Kiblinger Highwheel. Wish to use tiller steering so need parts or help in construction of necessary components . Also engine parts including correct Kingston carb and various rods/levers etc....Anyone with a parts book if one exists would be a huge step forward. Thanks Jo Bo
  16. Picture this car with a spindle seat like an early Stanley Steamer or Locomobile has. The original seat has been replaced so discount the current one. Has an 8hp. Brennan motor and gear furnished by Brennan Motor Company in 1902. Unique Traverse front spring set up. never saw this on any car before. This car came from CT in 1977 if that helps any. 71 inch wheelbase.
  17. If anyone has opinions about this car please respond. It came from CT in 1977 and I believe was misidentified as another make. Any help would be grateful. It is hard to own a mystery car....drives you insane not knowing for sure. Thanks Jo Bo
  18. Here are some pictures of my Special 8hp Brennan motor with gear offered by Brennan in 1902. The car is in question on whether it is a Brennan built or a customer built. With the quality of workmanship and areas where special machining would be needed I am leaning toward Brennan built. The car originally had a spindle seat much like an early Stanley Steamer or Locomobile. I am looking for one to replace it with. very unique way to adjust chain tension. Also has a traverse front spring set up. never saw this on any other car .
  19. I wonder if this is one of their drawings or an actual company built car design?
  20. Research I found says Brennan expanded their building space in1903 due to the vast profits from motor sales in connection with completed car drawings (design )plans. From that statement I believe so....it was probably an effort to boost sales of motors so those who wished to build their own car would have a blueprint to work off. Jo Bo Ps. Wikipedia. Brennan. Motor Manufacturing Company. Phrase found under subtitle. “Automobile engines”. That may also be a reason I was told there were various autos built by the company itself from 1902 -1908 and hard to find tw
  21. Brennan supplied motors for cars to both large manufacturers and to individuals. Ads say completed car design drawings were also available......to go along with motor/gear. By some miracle would someone have any of those? Thanks Jo Bo
  22. In researching the Brennan auto, I read that along with supplying motors to large manufacturers as well as individuals, drawings of projected car Designs were also offered. I know it’s a long shot but would anyone have said drawings offered? Thanks Jo Bo
  23. Thanks.....common piece then. Nice picture of one in use.
  24. Looking for applications for this thanks
  25. Hi, may we see some pictures of your car? Sounds interesting. Thanks Jo Bo
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