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  1. I have those kind of Jaxson clamps. I think those are model TN30? Any idea whitch car those are for? Thanks!
  2. Yes I noticed that topic of "Swedish" engine, but they talking about 8-cylinder models and newer (30's) cars.
  3. I'm asking, if someone have any information about this engine. It's inline 6 and it looks like 1927 Reo Flying Cloud. What is that casting number "B26"? Thank you a lot!
  4. I Hope, that this pic will explane what I mean. The dimension what I need is inside widith of C-pillars. And dimension point is where are those restrictors. Thanks A lot!!
  5. Hello! Could someone help me? I'd like to start welding my '37 Zephyr back to shape and I need (at first) one dimension. Could someone take one measurement from backdoor hinge beam. There's one pic from that place. I need inside widenes of hinge beam level of restrictor. Thanks A LOT!!!
  6. Thanks A MILLION John_Mc!!! One (small) step closer!
  7. I need WERY rough wire brush. My last hope is cut place of the number off and take x-ray pic of it (yes - welding inspection x-ray will show hiding numbers inside metal) That's why I need as exact place as possible.
  8. How about that rearside number? Is it above-, side- or below that rail? Where I can find it?
  9. Thanks Ray! Do you have some pic that location? Mine frame is so rusty, that those numbers are rusted away. If I get exactly location, I might see some shadow of that number. Thank you!
  10. Hello! I have 1936 Lincoln Zephyr and I have to identify it. I can only find the body number - frame number is rusted away. Is it possible to identify it with only body number? Tuomo
  11. I'm looking hubcaps to Reo wire wheels! Please, if you can send me pics of them? tuomo.parikka(a)gmail.com. Thanks!
  12. Hello! I have one ´36 Zephyr and one ´37 Zephyr. Both of them are very bad shape (in many pieces). So could someone be so kind, that can measure exact inner dimension of the front spring beam and the rear spring beam? That would be very helpful information for me! Thank you! tuomo.parikka@gmail.com
  13. Today I got mail from user "dd.sh11" and his email is davdshelly491@gmail.com. He wrote he have parts to my REO. I just asked some pics. Still waiting. Thanks to user nhmikel that you warned!
  14. And all other (small) parts to my REO Flying Cloud are wanted. tuomo.parikka@gmail.com
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