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  1. Can anyone tell me if the 1952 DeSoto has a 2 piece driveshaft? Or is it one piece? Vincent
  2. Did you find the vent frame? I have one if you are still looking. I also have a complete windshield frame. Send your email address if interested. I can send pics. I'm in the Albany NY area. Vincent
  3. Great! Thank You. Do you think they are NOS? Or Repop? They do not look used.
  4. I have picked up 3 of these speedometer drives and I can't seem to nail down their application. They came with a Johns-Manville Star model Speedometer so I figured I would start there(here). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Vincent Yes, once I have Identified them I will be selling them.
  5. This light has been sold. It is no longer available. Sorry for not posting this sooner.
  6. I have confirmed that it is for a 1930 Dodge DC 8. Thanks for the input, Vincent
  7. Is anyone interested in it before I list is for sale on that other site?
  8. Is that DC 8? or DG 8? I think that is the correct application. Thank You.
  9. Anybody recognize this headlight? It's approx. 10 1/4" in total diameter. The lens says C.M. Hall part 12152 8 31/32 x 9 7/8. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Is this a Chrysler Headlight? 1930? Imperial? Does anybody recognize it?
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