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Regal Model N Carburetor Info needed

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I recently picked up this Regal model N carburetor. The guy told me it was from a 1913 Regal "underslung". I have tried researching Regal model N carburetors to no avail.  My questions are, who made this carburetor, what models and or years would it have been used on, and were they any good? Do they hold any value?

Any info would be appreciated. 




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In the "for what its worth" category:


In my database, I have a record of a single Regal carburetor used by Regal in 1913 on the model H 35 HP 255 CID 4 cylinder.


I have no pictures, no advertisements, nothing in documentation.


These pictures are the first I have seen.


Whether or not this is the same carburetor is not something I can answer.


Quality??? - No clue


Value??? - How many owners of 1913 model H cars have been posting looking for a carburetor recently? ;) 


Regal used Scheblers early, and then upgraded to Stewarts on the later cars, including a 2-barrel updraft Stewart.



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You piqued my interest ;)


I found the site you listed; I also found 2 other "incredibly correct" restored Regals:


(1) 1911 Regal with an Eagle carb (my references show Schebler)

(2) 1913 Regal model N with a Stromberg model B carb (again, my references show Schebler)


The 1913 Stromberg AFTERMARKET applications show a Stromberg type B-4 as being an aftermarket carb for the 1913 Regal N, but NO original equipment applications for Regal.


The K & D Carburetor Company became the Eagle Carburetor Company no earlier than 1919; I show Eagle applications in 1921 and 1922 only.


The above should demonstrate my distrust of stuff posted on the internet.


And why ORIGINAL manufacturers literature is (or should be) so valuable to researchers.



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Vince - thanks for the offer, but don't think so.


Without documentation, we are guessing at the exact application, and Regal literature is pretty scarce. I searched a long time for information on the Detroit Lubricator two-barrel used on later Regals. And I really don't like guessing.



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Vincent, I have one of these for my Regal Model N Underslung. I also have a cross section view of this caburettor in one of my Regal instruction manuals that I can scan for you.


The screen grab you have looks like a 1913 or 1914 Model N. 


The 1911 Regal Model N used a Schebler Model L. The 1911 was also called a Model 20.



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