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  1. I have all 4 shocks from my '30 model 44. Where are you located ? Are you going to the National in South Bend, I could bring them. Thanks, Paul
  2. The fan does run backwards, because it runs off the camshaft which runs counterclockwise, and therefore, also runs half as fast as if it ran off the crankshaft. Paul
  3. I stripped my '30 wheels by beadblasting, which is no small chore, trying to turn them inside a blasting cabinet. They turned out beautifully. The toughest part, as you will probably agree with, is taping off the wood when you spray the drum. It's extremely tough trying to put masking tape on compound curves, and getting it underneath the wood by the drum. Yours look great, good job. Very time consuming. Oh, by the way, the bead blasting did not hurt the wood, just be careful and keep the pressure low, and the media not too aggressive. Paul
  4. I have a complete set-up from a 320. It has the air cleaner, linkage, carbs, intake and exhaust manifolds etc. I'll take a picture or 3 tomorrow, but I need your email address to send them. I haven't yet mastered the art of posting pictures on here. PM me, thanks, Paul
  5. I can remember things like, "what door handle goes to which car", but, can't remember why I came into a room to get what. But, I'm still alive.
  6. For Sale, front and rear bumpers, each 3 piece, newly plated, for '47 Buick Super or Roadmaster. I believe may fit '46 and '48 also. $1200.00 plus shipping. Thanks, Paul
  7. I have a '53 Super 4 door frame, if it will fit. Where are you located ? It's in South east Missouri. The body is still on it, no motor, trans or rear end. Let me know if you would be interested in coming to get it, and helping to remove the body. Thanks, Paul
  8. Again, you must be dreaming, but, it never hurts to dream. Paul
  9. Have the running board as well, you are dreaming of course. ha ha I sold them years ago when I found a pair of stream boards, sorry. Just send a check to Paul Meyer, 11694 Mark Twain Lane,Bridgeton, Mo. 63044 I get it ready. I always ship long pieces in a heavy plastic pipe, not in aluminum downspouts as I once received, folded in half, and no recourse, the guy said he always shipped that way, hmmmm?????? Glad I could help, thanks, Paul
  10. The rocker trim is for the drivers side, has one screw hold near the rear, and a couple of small dents, no creases etc. As I said before, it came from my '39 model 61A. Let me know if you are interested, $50 plus shipping, which should be about $30. Shipping seems ridiculous, but since it's so long, they charge a lot. I just shipped some trim about 70 inches long, and shipping was over $27 Paul
  11. I have one, can't remember which side, but it's from my '39 Century, has one screw hole in it, and a couple small dents. I'll check in the morning and get back to you. Paul
  12. Pete, great find. And, a very rare color, never seen one that color. Is all the plastic, or whatever you call it, ivory colored ? Is the engine a side mount or front mount ? '47 was the last front motor mount car. Paul
  13. Don't know about a CB, but I used my XM radio in 6 volt vehicles, and it worked just fine. The radio specs. stated that the input was something like 8 to 15 volts, so, I tried it in Mimi, the pickup, and it worked just fine. Paul
  14. Seems that putting '31 caps on '30 Buick radiators, there are 2 '30 Buicks in the St. Louis Buick club, and, both of them HAD '31 caps. But, mine is now gone, don't know about the other one, but, I think his may be gone now as I sold him an extra '30 cap. I guess putting an '8' cap on a 6 cylinder was a big thing way back then, and, the '31 was more decorative than the plain jane '30.
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