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  1. Anxiously awaiting the "more later", sounds interesting, Paul
  2. I don't have my issue of Car Collector yet, where is it ? Hope it gets here soon, I want to see my truck. Paul
  3. I got bored the other nite, watched an old movie on Turner Classic Movies, 'Mr. Brandings Builds His Dream House', and he drove a '41 Buick Convertible during the complete movie, all except during the close ups, when the steering wheel was definitely not a Buick. Paul
  4. I just learned today that Ralph Crisp, Mr. Dynaflow, of Omaha, Ne. passed away, yesterday, Friday, May 11th. I believe he had been in bad health lately. He will be sadly missed, as he was a whole warehouse of information, and, was always eager to help those in need. He was 86 years old, so, he lived a long and helpful life. I last saw him in Rochester, Mn, at the National show, and as always, was very talkative, had his wife and grandson waiting impatiently for him to go home. Again, he will be sadly missed, Paul Meyer, President, BCA
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