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  1. Hello, I need a passenger side rocker molding for my 1953 Buick super 2 door. Mine is pretty shabby condition. thanks , Rick
  2. Have had some problems in the past with dealers who do not take an interest in warranting their tools because you didn't directly purchase from them, NOT that it should matter. contact Snap-on directly, they will be more inclined to help you cheers, Rick
  3. thanks for the info guys! beerczar1976 I think I will give RI a call. Is RI Wiring and Narragansett related? They did seem curiously close when I looked them up.
  4. Thanks Paul, These repairs concern my 53 Buick Riviera. Right now I'm working on the front end so that would be the marker lamps/turn signals. I will later be doing the brake lamps and rear turn lamps. I am trying to get the wiring squared away. I already replaced the front main harness up to the head lamp and running light harnesses. I was hoping to replace/ rebuild my lamp harnesses myself and was looking for some insight from any one with some prior experience.
  5. Hey, any one have any experience restoring the light sockets on these old Buicks? Information on replacement parts you used or the processes would be great. Help a fellow Buick guy see the light!
  6. matching paint is a PITA for sure. Fade and deterioration make it all the more difficult. You are right to try to find a area that is not sun bleached to match to. Some PPG jobbers and/or shops that spray PPG have a color scanner camera (forget what its called) that may get you out of the "Doctor Pepper" range and closer to your actual color. Many times the actual toners for out dated paint codes are no longer available. Metallics change, materials change, what was once single stage lacquer is now only available in base coat/ clear coat and water base paint. Try to find one of the old color chip books for your year car to give you a actual paint chip , I see them on eBay or at car shows a lot. Good luck, Rick
  7. Thanks gentlemen, I will pull the switch and try cleaning it. I will keep you posted
  8. thanks for the reply. Dash lights were inconsistent , now they are non-existent. Switch feels and sounds gritty, dirty.
  9. Any one have any insight into the workings of the head lamp switch on these Buicks? I either need one or need to remove and service mine, if this is an option. Can they be cleaned? Any input would be appreciated
  10. generally speaking when you replace welded body panels you want the car sitting on the suspension. You could use stacks of 2x10 or similar lumber fastened together to make blocks or cribbing to put under wheels. Car ramps could also be an option. Welding panels on the body of a twisted car could cause some headaches.
  11. man this sure stirred up a lot of interest and discussion
  12. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I never got a notification. Thanks for interest though.
  13. Hello, I have a buddy who Is looking for the outside window crank assembly for the tail gate of a 1964 Mercury comet statiion wagon. I believe it would cross over to a Falcon wagon and possibly up to 1965. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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