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  1. I am parting out a 1955 Studebaker Commander Coupe 6V V8. I still have many good parts available including many NOS parts I acquired to complete the project. Many of these parts fit 53-55 Loewy coupes and 56-62 Hawks. Here is a partial list, please ask if you need something specifically: front hood release structural panel..some rust replated door handles pair trunk latch hook 6v v8 generator rear bumper (rusted) rear bumper brackets steering wheel w/ horn ring and suicide knob very good used condition dash board sheet metal gauges gauge bezel rechromed NOS cluch and brake pedals accelerator pedal excellent used Right Door Left Door Roof (excellent) Floor Replacement Panels right and left 259 V8 engine complete NOS starter solenoid used Horn Relay (good) Aluminum door scuff sills decent..minor corrosion Vent door screen dash bezel mounting brackets cigarette lighter seat heater core rechromed Hood Ornament (1955) gas filler neck body plug (master cylinder) (4) used bumper bolts NOS Clock Bezel Reconditioned High and Low Horns 6V Sparton High Horn 6V President steering column panels seat trim pieces oil fill cap original radiator cap turn signal arm working wiper motor 6V Working fan and parts interior rear window trim interior windshield trim seat heter floor panel fan heater core door strikes set of headliner bows/brackets used wiper blades shifter boot complete front seat
  2. I have several parts to a 1953 buick roadmaster many will also fit a buick skylark, I have two hoods, two trunk, two pairs of fenders, doors, bumpers, entire dash board including instrument clusters. Hood ornaments are sold seperately from hoods, multiple trim pieces, all are used not NOS but in very good shape slight surface rust no rot or pit on pieces. Also have many parts for a 1938 buick coupe special 40, contact me for more information on coupe
  3. 1953 Lincoln Capri – won the Mexican road race and setting records The engine an all-new 205HP, 317.5CI OHV, V-8, and new dual-range Hydra-Matic transmission. In the October, 1952 issue of Popular Mechanics, a Lincoln Capri was tested. 0-60 mph time was 14.8 seconds, while the quarter-mile was 21.3 seconds. At 40 mph, fuel economy was recorded at 21mpg.
  4. Now that we've had the first decent day without any rain or cold and I've finally gotten the brakes done over the winter, I'm wanting to take her around the block. The 'ol girl starts right up without any problem. However she'll idle for a few seconds and then die. When I manage to shift her into Low gear to drive her, she seems to have no power. When I give her gas, there's some pops and hesitations. There seems to be no difference in her sluggishness when I put the pedal closer to the floor. I'm terrified that I'm doing damage to her. I realize this could be a lot of things, but I'd appreciate any advice on where to begin my troubleshooting. Professionally rebuilt engine, rebuilt carburetor, new plugs/wires, new exhaust, Pertronix electronic ignition, new fuel tank and lines. Lamar, wanna come over sometime? I can get some Fat Tire for ya!
  5. I received this information below, in blue, through the WPC Club Email. If anyone is interested please contact the party directly by phone or through the email link. Do not contact me or reply to this posting. Looking at her photos in the link below, it appears that some of the parts are 1957-1959 Imperial parts, as well as some for 1953. Thanks, Ian " Hi Ian, I contacted you regarding trim metal for a '53 Chrysler. Please see the link below to view the photos of everything I have. If you would be so kind and post on your site I would greatly appreciate it. I will accept a reasonable offer on any part however I would prefer to sell the lot. I can be reached at 734-558-9729 and/or email. I reside in Vegas. Thank you for your assistance. Shari Pratt Email: sharipratt@gmail.com https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gbruc8ufrxspwxo/AAAR8cE-Pb1XQ-C-HxPJXIQYa
  6. I received the following through the WPC Club web site Email. If anyone is interested please reply directly to the party through the phone #. Do not reply to this post. thank you, Ian 1953 Chrysler 2 dr. hardtop --- Parts for Sale -Deck lid -Three piece rear window -Power steering gear and column -Radiator -Rear axle with brakes -Front control arms with brakes -Front coil springs -Four barrel manifold - Casting No. 1534501-2,SB Please contact Bob Ludwig 734-302-3335
  7. Im looking to purchase 1953 Buick Skylark Kelsey wire wheels. Any help would be very appreciated!
  8. Ground up restoration to original color. Good condition. Runs great! Solid car. Always popular at the car shows. 2 door. White top and Aqua color on the bottom. Will email pictures or see at link below. Located in Boise, Idaho http://classiccars.com/listings/view/418069/1953-buick-special-for-sale-in-meridian-idaho-83642
  9. Looking for a complete dash in decent condition
  10. Hi, I have a 1953 Buick super, vin inside door is 17192251, although the third and last 1 look like I's mod 53-52 style 53-4519 body g34448 trim 51 paint 59 bd acc p How can I find out if the engine number is the original, Also, it is green, but the paint number says blue? thanks if someone can decode
  11. 1-29-14 I am writing an illustrated history of the evolution of factory air conditioning and am currently seeking 1953-1960 Oldsmobile press releases, owner's manuals, fact book information and other pertinent ephemera which includes the initial road testing, introduction and updating of the air conditioning systems. With this exercise, the legacy of the air conditioning literature will be utilized and recorded. In a much larger context, I have collected multi-make AC literature and am in the process of writing about AC evolution through illustrations not only of Oldsmobile, but of all car makes, 1953-1960, plus the 1940-1942 time period. I will appreciate your response and I will ensure that your contributions will be credited in the publication. Thank you, Archiveman2977 Allen B. Simons
  12. 11-23-13 Please provide the turning radius for the 1953 Buick Roadmaster vs. 1953 Chrysler New Yorker. Thanks, Archiveman2977
  13. Hey My 53 Riviera has a set of aftermarket Skylark wire spoke rims on it. I just got my new Diamond back tires and was in the process of cleaning up the wheels and resealing the spokes. Here is my problem, I have one wheel with two broken spokes and one with six broken spokes, argh!! Seems to me from my limited research that spoke rims are a constant maintenance concern, needing tightening and trueing every so often. I would like to get some information on repair and re trueing them. So does any one have any suggestions on who'd they use for this? If this turns out to be over the top expensive I may just take it back to the original look of the steel wheels and wire Buick caps. This brings up another question, what kind of steel wheels would I use? Will the Buick caps mount to any 15", 5 on 5? I am assuming I would just need to match it to the same offset and bolt pattern? Seeking knowledge and enlightenment Rick
  14. Looking for a frame for my 53 super Riviera 56R two door hard top. I posted this before but got no serious responses. Any help would be appreciated. Rick
  15. I have a 1953 Buick Super that has power brakes. I am having a difficult time finding a rebuild kit for the master cylinder as well as the booster. does anyone have any ideas? The unit is a Delco-Moraine and I think it was also used on the 1954 model. Any help would be appreciated. :eek:
  16. Wanted 1953 buick bombsight hood ornament. Please see photos for the specific hood ornament I am looking for. If you have one, please email me with an image and asking price. Thank you. aimeedare@yahoo.com
  17. What position should the hinges be in for installation of the hood? The hood is the alligator style. Should they be in the closed or open position? Also does anybody have any tips on this process? The '53 manual doesn't seem to cover this. Thanks!
  18. Howdy ya'll! It's been a while, but I've been working so hard and I'm finally finished painting. I'm starting to install trim and such back on. However I've run into a snag. The original moulding clip retainers for the rocker panel trim and the reveal moulding around the back glass (located near the rear quarter windows) was so badly rusted that parts of the pieces practically crumbled in my hand or was ripped off and still attatched to said moulding when trying to remove it (I was gentle, I promise!) So I'm wondering if anybody happens to know of a supplier or any alternatives to obtain this seemingly obscure part. I searched here on the forums and through the standard Buick supplier website but came up empty handed. It seems that they might be fairly simple to fabricate, but metal forging is not my forte. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This being said, looks like spring is gonna be the official maiden voyage!
  19. Guest

    HyDrive linkage help

    I bought a semi restored 1953 Cranbrook, the linkage was in the trunk and I cant get them to line up. The rod that goes to the back selector (towards the driveshaft ) is there but my problem is the front one. It goes to an elbow that then goes up to the column. Could someone post a picture of theirs or describe how the rods run and connect to the transmission ? Thanks for any help or guidance !! :confused:
  20. Hello, Found a 1953 Buick Roadmaster in a boneyard. It has a lot of nice stainless,decent grille and more. E-mail me with parts you need and I will check on it. Can deliver parts to Hershey or mail order.My e-mail is acarcollector@gmail.com thanks, Bill AACA#821389
  21. great shape. $60 shipped to lower 48 states see pic for sample UPS shipping from Virginia 23112
  22. Hello! I have LOTS of 1953 corvette parts! Just to name a few: - Hubcaps - Trunk Lid - Doors - Spare Tire Holders For The Trunk - Radiator Frames - Dash - Black Cloth Top W/ A Plastic Back Window This doesn't even cover the minimum! Just tell me what you need or want, and I'll see if I have it. (Which I probably do! ) I can give you plenty of pictures! Just name what you want or need! I will name the price and, if necessary, you pay for shipping. I am located near Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  23. I'm trying to sell my 1953 GMC tow truck. Thing is in amazing condition, always garaged, taken well care of and tastefully restored! The interior is great on this truck and hasn't had animals or anything like that in it, no smokers. The exhaust has been turned into custom dual exhaust, which gives it that nice burly sound. It has 86,XXX original miles on it, has a 270 engine in it and a manual 4 speed transmission. Everything on the truck works. The pics don't lie this truck is very clean and well taken care of and never abused! I'm asking 23,000 for it but of course O.B.O. I just want this truck to go to a good home and to be well taken care of, it used to be shown in California and won 1st or 2nd in it's class, was recently this summer at the local classic truck show in Donald. Sadly, tough times and not enough time causes me to sell. Please e-mail me for any questions, info, more photos anything!
  24. Hello I am in need of a 53' Buick windsheild, preferably nos. I am also in need of the trim and sealing. If anyone has one or can provide me with a lead it would be much appreciated. Thank you
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