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  1. 2 minutes ago, alsancle said:

    West knows but I think all the runabouts exist.


    You need to start a thread called "Cool cars that still exist".  No Pierce Arrows allowed. 😁


    Im not as knowledgeable as many of you guys here on non Pierce Arrow stuff........I lived in a very small world for many years with a narrow focus. Sorry if I post cars that still exist........but many of them haven’t been seen for years.......

  2. Al Ferrara was a nice gentleman And I got to know him over the years mostly at CCCA and Pierce Arrow Society events. He always had a smile and a kind word. I know the several Pierce Arrow cars in his collection were sold privately, as they were offered to people who were known collectors who were actively acquiring cars at the time. I also knew a few others were sold off, but never asked which ones as privacy is important to many people in the hobby. While I knew Al had the “shorty” because several major collectors were asking him to sell it in front of me, I didn’t know he had that many Model J’s in his garage. Al was very low key, so it doesn’t surprise me. I can still see him standing at the receptions with the dark brown jacket he wore so often, a drink in his hand, a smile across his face. He was a joy to spend time with........rest in peace my friend......we still speak of you often......most recently in September on the Duesenberg tour.....


  3.  I didn’t say they weren’t  treated with respect.  I said they work harder than people realize and hours are longer and more difficult than many people would imagine.  I have been interacted  with many, many pilots and they’re all very decent hard-working people.  Life away from home is difficult.  Takes a toll on the family life.  I’ve gotten to know a bunch of pilots on a personal level over the last 20 years.  They are hard-working professionals.  Many are ex military.  I found them to have great humor and generally fun to spend time with.  Recently over the last five or 10 years there are many more female pilots.  The last several times I’ve flowen private both of the pilots were women. Interestingly the cabin steward was male.  There are no more “set” rules in the professional work place today. 


    Weather flying in in a small Falcon or a GS550 none of the flight crew I have flowen with stayed at the same lodgings as the charter guests/passengers. While at Amelia I counted 27 jets parked on the runway (who knows if they were all their for the car event.)for the weekend but didn’t see any of the crew members at the Ritz. Many were staying about five blocks away in condos rented for the week/weekend. I think the charter and fractional ownership pilots tend to stay at the Hilton/Marriott type of accommodations. The two corporate pilots I am friendly with seemed to tend to stay at the local places they were most comfortable with as many of their destinations are visited often. I also do understand many of the crews are treated like the valued team players that they are, and would be in the same accommodations as the rest of the team. Let’s face it, by the time your using private aircraft to operate a business, your generally not pinching pennies!

  4. 3 minutes ago, West Peterson said:

    Did this 1932 Packard Individual Custom convertible victoria turned fire truck survive?

    Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.09.38 PM.png


    If it did it’s a car again! See the above post! (I have no idea and have never seen this great photo before.)


    I would gladly light my house on fire if this truck showed up to put out the fire.......

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  5. Erimac.......to be open and honest many people on this thread can’t comment on cars for many diffrent reasons, liability, competition, reputation, and a bunch of other things............thus it’s common for several people to know a car has an “issue” but won’t even mention what it is.......they will just issue a “do your homework” comment and leave it at that......which is a huge red flag that says, don’t walk away, run. There are a few great cars that have been showen and reported on a “pure as newly fallen snow” when in reality they came out of the back side of a........how shal we put it delicately.......... a garage with the same reputation as “a house of I’ll reput!”

  6. 2 hours ago, 1937hd45 said:

    I'm really enjoying this thread, not to take it sideways but are the cars that make the lawn at Pebble Beach all researched and documented before they are accepted or have a few "undocumented"' cars made it? Bob 


    No-one will touch this one with a ten foot pole.........


    Pebble attempts to screen EVERY car to the best of their ability, and trust me, they are very good at it. A car listed on this actual thread was thought to be a later made up car, and they wouldn't even consider it. When we had multiple pages of documentation and photos of the car back to new, it was gladly and cheerfully accepted for display....if we ever get the dam thing finished. So yes, you need to be on your game and have your ducks in a row.........or you're gonna park at the in and out burger, not the 18th green!


    And by the way, now that this thread is this long and a few days old, I can confirm that two of the so called missing/disappeared cars on here are still here in the US, with a very few people looking to get them out of their long term ownership. There is a saying on the field at Pebble, to buy a fantastic car you need one of three events to make the sale happen..........death, divorce, and taxes. Otherwise the really great stuff usually doesn't move around too much.

  7. 16 minutes ago, West Peterson said:

    I think the same question could be asked today: Where does the private yet crew stay?


    Where does the jet crew stay? I can answer that. At contract hotels very close to the airport. The crews are usually from a pool, so they fly a lot more than most people realise. They go "on the road" for five or six days, then have 10 to 12 days off. No Hollidays or Sundays off.............its a 24/7 type of thing depending on FAA rules, which are crazy complicated. The small jet pilots make very good money......its not as easy or as glamorous as you think. 

  8. 34 minutes ago, John_Mereness said:

     https://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1934-packard-twelve-1108-sport-sedan/ - very well documented in auction brochure text at time of sale, including the who, what, where, when, & how, and why  it was converted to sidemounts in Restoration, as well as its original photos and full history (and David does not get these things wrong to my knowledge). 


    That information is not correct, and can be confirmed by several people, including myself. I have worked on and driven the car that was in the Gooding auction extensively, many times. 

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  9. 27 minutes ago, West Peterson said:


    I'd argue that the car you showed at Pebble this year is even better.


    I’ll admit that’s a fantastic car...........it was great that it was appreciated and made it to the finals. Quite an accomplishment for a four door American car. Were fortunate to have a few good closed cars. The fit and finish of the closed custom coachwork is too often overlooked, although recently I think people are appreciating them more and more. It was also interesting that all three finalists were closed cars, not sure if that has ever happened in the past. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, SC38DLS said:

    I couldn’t afford a lugnut on any of these cars but thank goodness it doesn’t cost to look at them. Great thread. Keep them coming. 

    Dave S 


    Its interesting to see the crazy value fluctuations from a standard production car to the one off full blown custom. Both offer the same driving experience, but the price can be twenty to thirty times more for the special. Funny part of it is, 99 percent of the general population can’t tell a standard eight from a custom twelve. It’s like the Pebble Beach paint job versus a nice run of the mill paint job. Almost no non collectors can tell the difference from a twenty five thousand dollar job or the two hundred fifty thousand dollar job. It sure costs a lot of money to impress the one percent of the people!

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