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  1. Smoking issue on startup is valve seals. Varnish from the regular oil on the valve stems was removed with the synthetic which is high detergent, and it  wiped away the varnish, the seals leak oil down the stem after shut down, thus the smoke on start up. Common issue. The wet to dry reading seems normal to me. What weight oil are you running 0, 5, or 10? With that mileage and a Texas address, you can go to 20-50 without any issues. Synthetic will protect it on the start up. It’s probably possible to change out most of not all th seals for a rather significant labor charge without pulling the heads. Ed

  2. I knew the Chauffeur for the family that owned four Pierce Arrow dealerships, three in Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island. He had a great deal, as the wife of the dealership owner was estranged from him, and since they didn’t want to divorce, she bled her old man for money, so he stayed in the same hotels as she did. He really liked his job, and it lasted seven years, till the dealerships closed down. In 1930, he was driving a Pierce Series A Brunn Limo, then he picked up from the factory in Buffalo, to take delivery. 

  3. 8 hours ago, alsancle said:

    Mark,  this is a great question.   Ed,  where do you stay these days?


    Walt,  I remember reading the drivers account of bringing Herbert Fanklin to NY.  Maybe you wrote it in the CCCA magazine?


    I stay on Chappaquiddick ,  I prefer the quiet to the downtown, only down side is the short ferry ride.........from Edgartown, the ferry from Woods Hole is an hour.........and LOTS of money.



  4. 2 hours ago, West Peterson said:


    This one. It was restored in a gorgeous dark blue. However, the mix between 1930 body and 1934 styling didn't work (in my opinion). Its square back didn't quite work with the V-shaped front, especially when shown with the top up. It has been "shown" only once, that I'm aware of, at least on this side of the MIssissippi.



    West, I believe the car was put back to it's original build configuration, a bit different than the photo shown above. In my humble opinion, I think its one of the top five Packards in the world...........

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  5. 3 hours ago, alsancle said:


    Ed will bring you around to PA eventually.   Let me help.  The Pierce 12 will run rings around the Packard 12.   And don't forget the ball bearings on the spring shackles.   Did I forget anything?


    Well AJ, to own a Pierce twelve, you need charming good looks, an above average personality, and the good taste to make the purchase............so I guess you'll never own one!

  6. 10 hours ago, alsancle said:


    Nothing was more expensive in the U.S.A then a Springfield RR.


    In 1933 when the Pierce Silver Arrow was 10 grand, and the Car of the Dome was 8500, the Duesenberg Twenty Grand was 20K, A full custom Rolls with Brewster coachwork sold at the 1933 New York Auto Show for 28,300 dollars.......and without the fanfare and glitz of the press looking on..............but then again, the guy who dumped the 28k on the RR also bought another for himself, as the sedan was for the wife......so his total check was 54,000 for two cars in the early new year. Now that's spending money....when almost no one had any. Here is what 28,300 bought you back in the day.


  7. 6 minutes ago, 8E45E said:

    Here's 12 possible 'missing' Lincolns:  




    It's almost a shame they were found..........virtually every car there would have been better served if they were used as parts cars back in the day when people were doing total restorations on cars like these. It would have saved another twenty or so cars that probably never got done. I think the most interesting thing is the seller actually thinks he will sell them as a lot. Let's do the math, and say you live three hundred miles from him. That's 15 thousand miles of towing cars if you move them one at a time on a single car trailer........fuel,tolls,milage on the equipment, hotels, food,and TIME alone means a cost of say 25k to move all the stuff if you do it as a one guy/one truck project. Any way you slice it, you need a place to store them when done, add in time for parting out 8 or 9 of them, and even if they were all given to you for free, it's gonna cost you money. Prediction.....he will end up selling one or two of them to dreamers, the rest languish for a long time, then the entire remaining pile gets given away or worse yet.......sent to the scrapper because of the bad attitude the seller will have by the time it's all over.

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  8. Back in the day there were two common options. High end places had another local building on site or near by, where the "staff" of "help" would stay. This was also very common in tourist areas with limited rooms along the beach/water. Example would be the Harbourview Hotel in Edgartown Massachusetts on Martha"s Vinyard had a special area in the attic, like a dorm, for the "help". In this particular place, I have stayed in the "dorm area" back as a young kid during college. They also used it for "off island" help when they needed extra people on hand for service. In the upper left hand portion of the photo, you can see the dorm area that was converted from attic space to sleeping area. I had a lot of fun there back in the early 80's!


  9. 6 hours ago, alsancle said:

    What a great car ruined by the poor taste of the original owner.


    The original owner was a young lady given the car for a school graduation present, and soon went and bought a 1929 Pierce 133 Roadster......it was easier for here to drive. Believe it or not, she dated Prestley Blake, well known Rolls Royce collector from Massachusetts and still alive and kicking at 103 years old...........Prestley is a charter member of the CCCA


    ans as for the factory price for the yellow Rolls.......it must have been around twenty grand!

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