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  1. Ross made several different series boxes......basically the heavier the car, the bigger the box. They were all similar in design. Great box. To properly set up the box, it should be removed from the car. It's much easier to clean and adjust the box on the bench. Adjusting it while its totally clean and empty allows to get everything at it's optimum spot of adjustment. You probably don't have to take it all apart to clean it, and I would NOT adjust it just for the sake of it. As Spinnyhill said, you need to look at each individual component. Take your time and go through the entire front end, its worth the effort so the car steers well. Many people think their car steers "good" then they try one that is properly sorted and are amazed how well cars could steer back in the day. Ed

  2.  Stromberg-Zenith 1930’s and 1940’s units were sold and distributed out of France. Yours is marked Brittish which I have not seen before. Looks like an EX-32 or EX-22 of some type. It’s unusual and may be military. S-Z units were used on many cars and trucks, and they are “good” carbs to use as the perform and tune easily. What ever it’s application, they tend to only be in demand if the vehicle is missing its carb, or a heavy handed mechanic breaks off the bowl from leaning on it too hard. After looking it over again it may be early post war.

  3. 17 hours ago, John_Mereness said:

    By the way, an "L" Lincoln is a fine fine automobile.  Most people I know with 28's-30's tear their hair out a little via the updraft carburetor sitting down in the engine valley running off a vacuum tank, but a couple others have a kit someone made in 1970's to go downdaft (and others have figured out how to adapt to get downdraft) and they tour regularly without issue. 


    Lincoln's are ALL great cars. Very misunderstood. They offer some of the best dollar value purchases in the hobby..........some day people will figure them out. Same for Pierce Arrow......Fact is certain early cars are harder to sort and make run, but once dialed in, they are fine. You can actually make a Lincoln, Cadillac, or LaSalle run with the junk carbs they were sold with, it just takes time and experience, two very rare and exclusive items that are difficult to find anymore. 

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  4. It's a Kelsey-Hayes drop center rim........no snap ring, first year for drop center is 1932 unless I am mistaken. No idea as far as application goes. Did Chevy use a drop center or non snap ring rim in 30 or 31?


    Quick check on line looks like Chevrolet used a drop center rim very early..........interesting what you can learn here!

  5. Jake, I don’t have any horse in this race.........but buying a spot in the  car corral at Hershey is hardly an endorsement of anything but payment for the space. Fact is, there is no significant provenance on the car.......conjecture........some payroll recorded of an accountant .....at seven figure numbers you better have a lot more. Usually anything such as the car in question is part of automotive lore, legend, and numerous articles over decades, starting from the beginning of time the manufacture begun. The car is an interesting exercise in metal fabrication, parts location, tenacity, and skill.......yes, it is interesting to some. The object of desire to others. Honestly, I have never been a fan of any Tucker, due to poor workmanship and lousy styling. That being said, it is the dream car and shining diamond of many collections. Fact of the matter is, if the car was as good as some represent it to be it would have changed hands a long time ago.......appearently some people think it’s value is 900 to 1.3 if the auction bids were real...........anyway, I’m sure the skilled people who built it are justifiablely proud of their accomplishment. The valadation of what the car truly is will be the selling price.

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  6. New or replica coachwork in NOT accepted on the 1930’s cars.........Pebble, Amelia, ect do not allow replica bodies on the field.



    FYI- a replica bodied car is worth 15 to 20 cents on the dollar  of the real one, the Tucker Conv guy wants 200 percent more than a correct car. The THC available over the counter for recreational users must be better than I realized!

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  7. Parts cars......he’ll no......they are much too rough to be parts cars. Lincoln’s are GREAT car, and I will own a KB in the future, that being said, even if I were a Lincoln guy, I wouldn’t be in any hurry for those automobiles. If I owned those car, I would cut them up, scrap 70 percent of what’s there including the tin, and then sell the parts. There is no way to move that stuff unless you have good tires, assuming the hubs arn’t locked up. I added up the value of everything there and got twenty grand IF you are local, got to haul the stuff any mileage........forget it. And yes, I have cut up MUCH better cars that were complete, and recently. 


    Define parts car........I purchased a car, removed three items, and then resold the car right away “as is”. The car was a 90 point running and driving closed car(CCCA), the items then went on a very rare and valuable open car, it was the least expensive way to get what was needed right away. Virtually any closed car pre war can become a parts car. Many 100 point sedans have been purchased as a foundation for a very rough open car, you get all the goodies, and still come out ahead, and can often times sell the body to someone with a closed car project. Happens more often than you think.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, Bhigdog said:


    A clone by definition is identical. The reproductions are merely imitations. What's the difference? Going out with a beautiful women or a blow up doll may yield the same conclusion but there will certainly be a difference..............Bob


    And just like the automobile...........the real woman is a lot more expensive and higher  maintenance than the “lesser” substitute!

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  9. Ask trimacar on here........send him a PM. There are only three known 32 V-12 cars, no V-8’s that I know of, and there is probably one or two V-16’s so it’s a question not too many people can answer or look at an existing car for you, also, Fleetwood made at least three diffrent windshields for town cars then, so that may also come into play. I would also post on the Cadillac LaSalle Club site. How about a photo of the car?

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