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  1. Interesting -, Yes, it comes with a long cord, but no red lens in the box. I do have this 8.890 #981303 Handy Spot. In the 1953 Master chassis book listed for 1953 50-70 (12V). Here is the 8.890 #980986 listed as a Handy Spot, so I think it is the same style but 6V. nothing about a multi-purpose lite. Tom Pettersen
  2. I am not able to find these part number in any catalog. Is it 6V or 12V?
  3. When did Buick offer this sealed beam unit as an option, what year? Tom
  4. Need help finding an antenna lead in cable for 1953 Skylark. What does it look like, length, ground strap?, straight or 90 degree end on radio side. Tom Pettersen Norway BCA#8163
  5. Do you have a picture of the tissue dispenser bracket? I believe 1955 is a one year only.
  6. Different part numbers for series 40, series 50/70 and Skylark. My guess is that door from 50/70 will fit, but need holes drilled for molding. will be easier to locate a door then. I have some used moldings extra. TomP
  7. Nice pictures. Did you not change the lower hood latch? I have considered changing to the longer bolt, but then I will have to drill a hole in the panel where the hood latch is mounted. Tom
  8. Trying to understand the Trico part numbers. My 1956 Buick parts catalog are listing the 10.159-4573900: Trico 86120-C (RH) to fit 1950 all, 1951-53 series 50/70 . According to the listing this part also fits 2-4 (Oldsmobile -Cadillac). In the 1956 Cadillac catalog, however, the 1950-53 the RH transmission is listed with part number 4617112: Trico 86120-1C. What are the difference between 86120-C and 86120-1C? Will they interchange? Tom BCA#8163
  9. My mystery rocker arms will take 3/8" bolts only, not 7/16" as Cadillac - if that helps sorting out.
  10. The box were marked 55 Cadillac, but no. Original 55 Cad used rocker arm to the left. Any idea what they will fit? it is a pair. Rocker arm bracket marked "4507" and rocker arm "68" Appreciate any help, Tom Pettersen
  11. Hi, front pipes makes an easy job so fun
  12. Thanks, but the owner had them made in stainless now, and they work fine. Tom
  13. Only sticker I can find is the one marked with 6496-1 up in left corner - made for 1957 Chevrolet. Not identical to the Buick style TomP
  14. Thanks Mark, yes that one is close to the Buick style. TomP
  15. Looking for a decal for 1953 (1954) vacuum pump
  16. Need help: A 53 Skylark in Norway needs convertible top parts: the 3 casted links on each side. Consists of two and two brackets with solid rivets; Slat iron and link + link folding top side roof rail. These parts will fit all 1950-52 series 56C and 76C, and 1953 56C-76C-76X. According to parts catalog same parts also used on Cadillac and Oldsmobile top frames. Appreciate any information to locate these parts. Tom Pettersen BCA#8163
  17. Thanks a lot - great forum! all the parts needed on its way to Germany TomP
  18. Jim, thanks, then we have a part number. TomP
  19. Hi, I will ask for the length of the push rod. Anyone out there with an old parts catalog, that can tell if roller lifter is 1923 only? TomP
  20. Helping a friend in Germany who is looking for parts for 1923 six cyl 242 cid, model 45 needs: 1 x Rocker arm EXHAUST 1x mechanical roller lifter 1 x push rod Tom Pettersen BCA#8163
  21. Cannister with a drain plug, blue, is that for 1957-58 Brougham? Tom Pettersen BCA#8163
  22. Al, I am not able to take new pictures to prove this, sold the spare 54 mount. Here is a picture of the NOS 54 bracket that is mounted on my 53, don't want to pull it for picture. Did not have to bend the exhaust pipe in any direction to make it fit the hanger. But I am looking for a correct 53 hanger with a better clamp that I have shown in first picture, just because I know it is not correct. TomP
  23. I know the parts are different - and have different part numbers. Not so easy to see in my picture, but if I had lined them up better you will se the DF-bracket is taller/higher in 53 and takes a longer strap to come down to fit the exhaust pipe. 1954-55 works for 1953, but is not correct.
  24. Yes, the 53 hanger is 1953 50-70 only, but the 54-55 will work also.
  25. You will need another antenna to fender adapter, different angle, but I think the threads are the same.
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