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  1. I have been hoping to find a nice set of original Ford/Mercury rubber floor mats for my 61 Mercury Comet, but alas all that seems available are either Falcon emblem rubber mats or aftermarket carpet mats. Recently, I did come across and retrieve an original mat from a junked 63 Comet largely intact. Some of the edges frayed, a few tears, and a worn helmeted-Mercury emblem on the driver side - but the Passenger side was excellent as was the middle (hump) emblem. Does anyone know of a company who can take this old mat and use it to make a new mold, using the passenger logo for the driver side, etc.???? I've reached out to a few Mercury part specialist retailers hoping they'd be interested in taking up the project too, but have heard nothing back. Jim 1961 Mercury Comet
  2. PM, Ill message you. Im in Romulus too! Had a 37 Zephyr a few years back, don't know how we never crossed paths! Jim
  3. http://forums.aaca.org/f119/1937-lincoln-zephyr-3w-coupe-sale-352748.html#post1177349 Not to be confused with the other 3w coupe from Mt. pleasant recently offered here and on ebay. This one is all original but still requires some body restoration work. Jim
  4. Considering offering for sale my 37 Lincoln Zephyr 3w coupe that still requires restoration. Still has the V12 a 3spd trans. Needs main and trunk floor pans. The main pans are reproduced by a guy in NC. A lot of spare and extra parts. Some NOS parts including headlamps and tail lenses. Extra fenders, some spare sedan doors, extra hood, just a lot of stuff. Held on to car for many years without much progress. Not sure I want to wait for retirement to start work on it. Should go to someone who will finish her right - so I'm listing it here again first before the HAMB or ebay. Wont piece out collection (yet), unless car buyer doesnt want the parts. So please dont email me for parts yet. I dont know what I want for the car and parts yet - I'll know it when I hear it. if I dont, then maybe it'll find it's way on ebay eventually. Interested parties PM or email me direct. I can provide pictures and answer questions. Very busy right now trying to total up a complete inventory of parts over the next week or two. Jim
  5. Where are these parts located? Any pictures available to show condition of parts that are still left?
  6. Also to clarify for others reading this thread now and in the far future, I'd recommend 3 passes in this sequence. 1st pass to 'snug' the nuts 2nd pass to torque to spec 3rd pass again torque to spec after first 50-100 miles or so. Definitely would not recommend torquing #1 to spec then installign #2 and so on. Install all first, snug all, then torque all. Doesnt hurt to retorque after test drive or a month of driving - much as you would retorquing lug nuts on a wheel, but I know most dont follow that recommendation either. Jim
  7. My (still) unrestored 37 Coupe: 1937 Zephyr Coupe 1 Photos by JimNap | Photobucket Not saying it's for sale. Not saying it isnt. Not sure what it is except still stored, waiting for restoration. Have a ton of parts, lots of spares. Needs floors (obviously) - easily had from Bradley in NC btw - and a fuel tank. If you find one, make sure it's unmolested and still has it's doors and trunklid which are unique to coupes. best of luck in your search. Jim
  8. Definitely interested Chris, sent you an email aready! Let's work somehting out! Jim
  9. My New Years resolution is to get in touch more with the other Michigan guys. If you're in SE Michigan, check out the FMRCOA. Nice bunch of folks, though they tend to bicker a lot lately over the leadership & poltiics of how the group is run, but still a big bunch of old timers with valuable info. As for lack of response, even though I've owned my Zephyr going on 13 years and have collected countless parts over the years, I feel as though I'm still learning and have little to contribute to the group at large, but will chime in when i can or if I think I have a question that the group can benefit from (i.e. my recent thread on radiators and differences thereof.... again, a lack of response there too, just 1 person to date) Jim
  10. I just bought sight-unseen a radiator for my 37 coupe from a guy in WA state that supposedly came from a nice driver condition car. Pictures werent available, the seller was older and I'm guessing not too tech savvy. The radiator is due in anyday now and still not sure what to expect when I open the box. Does anyone have any good reference pictures of what the H-8005 for 36-37 is supposed to look like? For that matter, what were the main differences between the H-series, 06H (38-41) and 26H (42-48)? Just a little worried that I might also end up with a stock 37 Ford unit. I suppose once I've verified it is from a 37, I'll need it gone through thoroughly. Not sure the local radiator shop has seen one of this vintage in a few decades. Can anyone recommend a good radiator restoration shop capable of handling a full restoration to show level condition? Jim
  11. I have an extra 37 grille, some sedan doors, and 2 or 3 hoods. May even have a 38 or 39 hood as well. Jim
  12. Bradley Floorpans for Fords I called the number from the site earlier this year trying to arrange a purchase for my 37 coupe. His wife answered and said he was out of town to Carlisle at the time and would be back a week later. I meant to call him back but life happens, got busy, and still havent gotten around to trying again yet. But as of around this past May, the number from the site was working. If you Google him, he's had a lot of positive feedback on a variety of other forums as well. Jim
  13. Where are you located at Tim, and what are your asking prices?
  14. The 720 series is the traditional 3-window 'swoopy' coupe series. At least that was the case for 1937. I would think it's safe to assuem that Lincoln would continue to carry the same series number over to 38. The body tag I beleive will also contain this series number. For example on my 37 I think it reads HB720-xxxxx where xxxxx is the consecutive unibody construction made. 700 series though I'm not sure, but it's likely a coupe-sedan that you can see an example of HERE of all the various styles. In essence, it is a coupe (2 doors) while retaining the sedan features like the back end truck lid design etc. as well as the (then) all important back seat. While produced in smaller numbers than the 3window/2-door coupe (aka "business" coupe), the 720 series has typically gathered a higher dollar at auction and typically continues to be in higher demand. Both cars are beautiful and highly prized. Best of luck. Jim
  15. Speaking of general differences, did the 37 Columbia's carry the same HB4045? Was the only difference between 37 and 38+ mehcanicla vs. hydraulic brakes, or were there other differences? and if so, wouldnt it have another part number? And yes, i'd be very interested in a 37 Columbia if anyone reading this has one to offer
  16. This thread simply won't die it seems. If anyone is still interested in this car, it is once again for sale and currently listed by the current owner on ebay to whom I sold it to last year. Albeit for a slightly higher price....!!! I'm not endorsing the sale (or the asking price! lol), but since several have still asked about it I thought I'd update everyone on it's current status. Lincoln : MKZ/Zephyr none in Lincoln | eBay Motors
  17. The car sold last year via Ebay to another Zephyr enthusiast in central Michigan. I still have my other 37 unrestored coupe stored away in my garage that I consider selling every now and then, but never bring myself to do so. Jim
  18. I have a v12 long block available here in SE Michigan. Dont have history on it, but if I recall correctly the heads are the alter castings for 41 and up. As long as youre eventually coming to MI for the car, if you want to pickup the engine as well, I'm sure we can work something out. I dont think this is your Dad's engine though - I bought it and had it transported from a fellow in Wyoming a few years back along with several other engiens and parts. Jim
  19. BTW, if you think you want to go with the Bradley pans, let me know - I can always pick up a 2nd set when I get mine and perhaps ship them simultaneously with the hood if you were interested in that. Would save you a 2nd separate shipping charge from the states as i'm sure the size and weight of the pan sheetmetal would be nothing compared to the hood. I may not travel to NC to collect my pans until late October though (just in case youre in a hurry!) Also re: lenses your best bet may be ebay unfortuantely. A few years ago the rear tail light lenses were being reproduced in plastic - ideal for a mild retro-rod restoration. But still a little pricey at about $300-400/pair I think it was. Some gentleman in the UK (iirc) was also reproducing the tail lamp lens retainer clips. I cant remember who it was - I wish I took advantage of the offer at the time. These items were both mentioned in past issues of TWOTZ. I will see if I can locate these articles and contacts over the weekend. Jim
  20. Found this old thread on 38's: http://forums.aaca.org/f128/1938-lz-fog-lights-312998.html Are Unity #5's also the correct style for 37? I thought I remember reading in TWOTZ once that they were 'special' Unity's in that they were the same overall style/model #, but differed in that they were supposed to have had a "Lincoln" scripted badge affixed to the top. Are there any other 'correct' lights for 37 like Trippe, etc?
  21. A very good friend of mine is a cylinder head gasket engineer at Federal Mogul (who own FelPro). I've sent him a link to the thread and hopefully I can get his feedback on both the weepage issue and maybe a little background on the gasket changes they've introduced on the V12 set over recent years. Most company's will keep a record of engineering changes - but typically not for long on how/why those changes were implemented. The details tend to get lost over time! He's currently travelling out of country on business, so a reply might be a few days or a week or two in coming.
  22. Accurate reproduction floor pans for 37 are already available from Bradley Floorpans for Fords I plan to get a set from him eventually for my 37 coupe as well. As for a hood, I havent seen the detailed photo's Boz mentioned, but if you need a hood, I have a spare nice straight one available. mild surface rust, but otherwise straight and still has horn mounts if I recall correctly. Will ship international, but of course it wont be cheap. Also have some spare 37 fenders, wheels, a grille, etc. PM me if interested in anything. Jim
  23. Nice project Starfire! If you're looking for spares or replacement parts, I've come across two large plastic totes full of parts and they are quite heavy. All sorts of stuff including I think a heater blower motor, some interior trim bits, 3 grilles all reuqiring a little work and rechroming for show.... just a huge assortment. I'm in SE MI, if interested in the parts PM me. Looking for cash offers or trade for 37 parts. Jim
  24. I've got some tail light pods for a 36/37 that are still mounted to loose rear fenders I have. The pods will need a little work, but are 70-80% there and offer a good starting point. Include the pod mounts. PM if interested. Jim
  25. If you're still looking for 39 parts - spares or what not - I obtained 2 large tote bins full of 39 parts including 3 grilles that need work. Any 39 guys out that that see this, PM me. Lookign to move this out of my garage and get my space back. Taking cash (always!) or will trade up for any 37 parts you might have. These bins are HEAVY! Would not expect to ship them unless it's divided into multiple smaller boxes, so you might want to plan on being close to SE MI. Jim
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