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  1. I have been hoping to find a nice set of original Ford/Mercury rubber floor mats for my 61 Mercury Comet, but alas all that seems available are either Falcon emblem rubber mats or aftermarket carpet mats. Recently, I did come across and retrieve an original mat from a junked 63 Comet largely intact. Some of the edges frayed, a few tears, and a worn helmeted-Mercury emblem on the driver side - but the Passenger side was excellent as was the middle (hump) emblem. Does anyone know of a company who can take this old mat and use it to make a new mold, using the passenger lo
  2. PM, Ill message you. Im in Romulus too! Had a 37 Zephyr a few years back, don't know how we never crossed paths! Jim
  3. My New Years resolution is to get in touch more with the other Michigan guys. If you're in SE Michigan, check out the FMRCOA. Nice bunch of folks, though they tend to bicker a lot lately over the leadership & poltiics of how the group is run, but still a big bunch of old timers with valuable info. As for lack of response, even though I've owned my Zephyr going on 13 years and have collected countless parts over the years, I feel as though I'm still learning and have little to contribute to the group at large, but will chime in when i can or if I think I have a question that the group can
  4. I have a v12 long block available here in SE Michigan. Dont have history on it, but if I recall correctly the heads are the alter castings for 41 and up. As long as youre eventually coming to MI for the car, if you want to pickup the engine as well, I'm sure we can work something out. I dont think this is your Dad's engine though - I bought it and had it transported from a fellow in Wyoming a few years back along with several other engiens and parts. Jim
  5. If you're still looking for 39 parts - spares or what not - I obtained 2 large tote bins full of 39 parts including 3 grilles that need work. Any 39 guys out that that see this, PM me. Lookign to move this out of my garage and get my space back. Taking cash (always!) or will trade up for any 37 parts you might have. These bins are HEAVY! Would not expect to ship them unless it's divided into multiple smaller boxes, so you might want to plan on being close to SE MI. Jim
  6. I thought I had some close up interior photos of the Thorson/Capizzi 37 Coupe that were posted online a few years back. If I can locate the photos on my old PC, I'll try and post (or send directly). Jim
  7. Michigan also does not keep records for very long, but you can try this: State of Michigan: Automotive Title Histories I tried this once years ago attempting to locate records of a previous family-owned 1963 Mercury Comet to no avail. On the plus side, in the latest LZOC newsletter it was announced that there are efforts to detail current ownership records of the active membership. It's a shame this wasnt done in years past to better trace ownership history over the decades. Fortunately in my case before I surrendered the previous title to get my own current title, I made multiple copies of
  8. Funny thing too...I have a 1985-1/2 Porsche 944 I was considering doing a "quicke" resto on with performance mods and actually thought it might look good in canary yellow. Seeing this sedan has pretty much changed my mind...and turned my stomach... The weird thing - look what sort of reaction it's getting...22 bids thus far? Wow. I guess this means canary yellow is the new "in" color on classic 30's cars!
  9. Yeah Cecil - that would be brave. But speaking of brave - or perhaps "bold"? - take a look at this: Yellow 1936 LZ Sedan I think I might actually prefer to have the Coupe Sedan... Jim
  10. Did anyone else know about this auction ? I opened up my latest issue of Hemmings and there was the ad on Page 130/131... all (or at least a good size) of his collection is up for auction next month including the 37 Coupe Roy Thorson restored a number of years ago. I'm suprised nothing was mentioned in the latest TWOTZ - these things usually do take time to set-up and market and so I think Jerry's planned this for some time. I'd be interested in reading others comments and speculation on this. Especially any guesses as to what the various cars (esp. the 37 Coupe) might go for?
  11. Flatcat, Looks like awesome progress so far! I've had mine for 5 years now and have done little to progress. I'm still trying to complete my home renovations first before tackling the Lincoln. I was curious about the rotisserie though. I noticed the rotisserie itself wasn't on wheels - do you leave it outdoors? Which model rotisserie is that and I was curious what you paid for it and if you think it's worth the hassle and investment. Personally I'd love to get one for my restoration as well, although I think I might opt for wheels to roll it in and out of the garage as required. Just looki
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Don't let the missing parts scare you off. They *are* all available: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=4630896947&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT Someone save this car! </div></div> Was anyone else surprised by the final selling price given the "missing" (and wrong!) parts which "*are* all available"? Ha! yeah right Cecil! Find me a pair of NOS tailight lenses! just making fun!! Still given the condition it was in - it l
  13. David, The 41 looks incredible, nice job! Speaking of jobs, if you can do that in a matter of months, you must be retired! I've had my 37 Coupe for nearly 5 years and haven't managed to even complete disassembly in those 5 years! My original goal was to get it done in 10 years, and I'm already halfway there with nothing accomplished. I guess I need to win the lottery so I can take a year off work! Once again, congratulations on a job well done! Jim N.
  14. I know it's in a new location this year, but I would imagine turn-out will probably be equivalent to past years. I've never been and would like to plan to attend this years event. Can anyone who's been to previous years swap meets give me an idea on the typical number of dealers, variety, etc I can expect to see? I just want to make sure the long drive, scheduled vacation time from work, etc. is all worth the effort for those 2 days. BTW... This is one of those instances Phildaddy was referring to when he noted the need for more participation in posting to the forum! Thanks all! Jim N.
  15. Sounds like a question for the authenticity manual. Which the update is due "any day now" right?* (<-*note: read with saracasm). It's only 5 years (+?) overdue. Jim N.
  16. I know you were interested in used, but since anyone interested in tires will probably look in this thread, I thought I'd point this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Lincoln-V...597283049QQrdZ1 Good luck, Jim N.
  17. Hello everyone - it's been awhile since I've posted here! I've been thinking about finally making a trip out to Carlisle this season and had expected to go to the Ford Nationals just to avoid all the GM and Mopar junk out there I had no interest in. I was just browsing the official site and realized there was no registration information for vendors, just for those showing a car. The Spring and Fall Carlisle events describe it as one of the nations largest car swap meets but there is no mention of a swap and car corral for the Ford Nationals in June. So is the Ford Nationals just one big car sh
  18. As I understand it, yes the archives are open to the public - sort of a public library - only you can't check things out! I am pretty sure they let you photocopy articles of interest, with most of the archives stored on microfiche or CD-ROM. I've never been, I'll let you know more after my trip Monday (I live local to Dearborn, MI in nearby Romulus). The problem is they are not staffed to do the research for you unless you inquire and are willing to pay a "research fee". If anyone on this list has been to the archives before, I'd be interested in hearing how the process there works before I vi
  19. Well my fellow Zephyrists, I've finally arranged for a day off work next week and I'm determined to swing by The Henry Ford archives on Monday. So, I thought I'd resurrect this old posting and ask again if anyone would like me to check into their VIN's and I'll do the best I can to see what I can find. My time will be limited, I expect I'll have only 4 hours to spend there Monday morning before a dental appointment, so I won't be able to research 50 cars, but I hope to do what I can. I already have Cecil's numbers; Ace - I looked back through the old thread but didn't see yours. Let me know i
  20. Guys: I wouldn't exactly give up on this great classic just yet. I've seen worse brought back from the grave to near pristine condition. My own 37 coupe is nearly identical in condition, still awaiting a full teardown after I bought it 3 years ago (spent time building the garage and house remodeling first). As the attached photo will show, she's a little rough, but quite solid except for the usual places...floorpans, tail, underside of doors, etc. But I fully intend to bring her back to original condition. I just hope the high bidder and the eventual winner plans to do the same and not chase
  21. To put it a little more delicately than Rolf (no offense 'ole chap!), yes the LZOC club is a great resource of information and a recommended place to start any investigation. I myself have been a member for a few years after I bought my 37 Coupe and still have many many many questions. But unless you own the entire back-catalog of the "Way of the Zephyr" clubzine, there are people who will miss a bit of information here and there - that's what forums such as these are for! Now onto the topic of discussion... paint chips! First, I won't be helpful with regard to the '39 colors. The site peech
  22. While I agree it's not quite groud-breaking in any respect, I think the proposed Zephyr (at least in this incarnation) is a great leap forward for Lincoln. A huge improvement over the god-awful ugly styling of the Mark X concept, and certainly shows a lot more orginality for Lincoln than their Mark LT pick-up - which is essentially a modified F-150. http://www.autoextremist.com/detroit2004/companies/Lincoln/index.html Even though there is some platform sharing here, I believe the execution has been done fairly well with belying too much of it's (forthcoming) Ford Futura heritage. Much like th
  23. I'm a but surprised.. almost a 120 views so far on this thread and the only feedback so far is from Ace! Doesn't anyone want to share their thoughts? I figured the return of the Zephyr would generate a lot more excitement than what I've seen so far! Especially since Ford didn't screw it up as bad as I thought they might have! Where's your 2 cents? Jim N.
  24. OK everyone, finally some close-up pics...go to: www.wieck.com It's a media service site. Click the public button on the left and search on "Zephyr". Pics for use in the media, etc. are posted! I don't know about you guys/gals...but I actually like it! No V-Shaped grille, but I think it has a shot as along as the V-6 actually has a bit of power behind it! Sadly in this FWD/AWD configuration, we're unlikely to see anything biiger than a V-6 I think. On the flip side my 2002 Volvo S60 w/AWD has quite a bit of pep with it's low-pressure turbo I-5. The normally aspirated I-5 is nothing to shak
  25. OK here's a press release (?) from Ford (copied from a thread at blueovalnews.com: 2006 LINCOLN ZEPHYR BRINGS ACCESSIBLE LUXURY TO LINCOLN * The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr represents "the most youthful of Lincolns"- an all-new sedan that will attract new and younger customers to the Lincoln showroom. * The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr shows how the Lincoln hallmarks of refined luxury, exceptional comfort and elegant style translate into a new class. This will be the first sedan to fully incorporate Lincoln's expressive and lavish new interior design themes. NEW YORK, Apr. 8 - The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr teaser un
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