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  1. Initial pics are jsut beginning to filter in... http://www.detnews.com/2004/autosinsider/0404/08/b01-116631.htm more to come! Jim N.
  2. Starting to do some more searching on the subject, found an article at blueovalnews.com that released a few days before about the upcoming coupe. Entry level Lincoln, below-LS at $30k? Hmmm....a Zephyr for the masses! But wait, isn't that what they did with the Mercury version? Apparently the show starts April 7th. Pics of the 80%-final concept should be available on or about then. BlueOvalNews 27Mar2004 Zephyr article! Jim N.
  3. Hello to all my fellow LZOC members and Lincoln Zephyr fans! In addition to owning and restoring a 37 Coupe, I also work in the automotive industry for a Tier1 supplier. In a popular trade magazine appeared the following article about the upcoming New York Auto Show Preview: LINCOLN New York will signal the future look of Lincoln cars. The brand will unveil a concept that insiders say is about 80 percent of the V-6 sedan Lincoln will sell in the 2006 model year. Both the concept car and the production car will be called Zephyr, a name previously used on Lincoln and Mercury models. The car will be created off Ford's new mid-size car platform, which is essentially the re-engineered Mazda6 platform. The concept's wheelbase is a little longer than that of the Mazda6. -Automotive News, April 5, 2004 Pg.22 No picture was shown. Well folks, after nearly 70 years after it's initial introduction and 20 years since it's last appearance as a Mercury, the Zephyr is making a comeback! Albeit as a V-6 and a rather smallish platform I'm glad the name is making a comeback. I can see the TV ads now... A classic 37 coupe travels down a country roadway and a new 2006 pulls up alongside and the driver's exchange appreciative glances! Something tells me it's going to at least have a V-shaped grille! Oh god, what if they screw this up like they have their last few concepts for Lincoln? Maybe we should be prepared to demand a name change out of respect and descency! Hmmm, now I wonder exactly how big the engine bay is going to be....A V-6 they say? Come on Ford, That was the Mercury version, if you're bringing it back to Lincoln you could at least borrow a V-8 from another program! Anyone have spy pics they want to share? Jim N.
  4. Hello all! I'm early into a restoration on my 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe and could use virtually just about anything. I'm already watching eBay and the local swap meets, but I thought I'd post this ad out here thinking there might be someone who just doesn't want to take the time to post all his/her misc. parts on eBay - one at a time - and then deal with shipping afterward. Especially for those larger body parts or if you're looking to just get rid of a parts car. I can and will travel. Also have multiple contacts in various states willing to travel and ship for me so you have little to do on your part except tell me what you have. Send me your list - odds are I need it! Also looking for restoration tools specifically geared toward Zephyr restoration. I hear some special tools are required for various engine & body work, etc. If your restoration is done, why not pass it on? I could certainly put it to good use! Also looking for a good rotisserie. And if you have any photos of your restoration process steps (digital or 35mm) I'm willing to pay for copies as well - can always use a good reference! Any helpful hints are of course greatly appreciated as well (i.e. watch out for the bracket on the thing-a-ma-bob! or: you'll need to remove X before re-installing Y!, etc.) Just let me know what you have! Thanks in advance! Jim
  5. Hello all! Looking for any help to I.D. the car in the attached photo of my Grand-uncle (?) (Grandmother's brother). I've spent countless hours reviewing the 1600 page "Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942" to no avail. I'm beginning to think it is of European origin - unless I just overlooked it. When studying the photo, I tried to note certain cues particular to a vehicle such as the radiator cap/ornament, fenders, wheels, etc. Any input (guesses) are appreciated. If you know what it is, I'd be interested to know more (history, prices, availability, etc) Many thanks in advance! Jim
  6. Just a quick note... I also got mine on eBay sometime last year. I know I only $22 for it. "milkman757" is getting taken for sure. They are not "old stock" as Dale has said. They are quite new, but still worth the $20. Certainly not $70+ in my opinion. Jim
  7. To Ace, Cecil and all other Zephyrists reading this: I too once heard that although the build data was lost in the fire, the invoicing records of some sort (referenced according to the body number) still existed for 36's and 37's. I would be more than happy to research your vehicle numbers for you when I go to do my own. I can only assume these are the archives maintained at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. I will be there for next weeks meet, but given the traffic flow anticipated it might be better for me to return another day after the 100 year Ford celebrations have concluded - especially since I am located only 15min away from Dearborn, it's not much of a trip for me! I have no problem helping other Zephyrists so long as the favor is returned to another club member who might someday help me. We should all remember our ultimate goal is to preserve each and every Zephyr that can still be located and resurrected. Each restoration to an extent should be a community effort. I am sadened that with nearly every delivery of "The Way of the Zephyr" I read of the passing of a longtime, and much-loved club member. At only 30 years of age, I consider myself to be among the "next-generation" of Zephyrists - young with much to learn about these cars. And to an extent entrusted to carry on these fine cars legacy onto the next generation. I cringe everytime I see a Zephyr which has been "rodded-out" even to a mild extent such as the one currently offered for sale by Legendary Motor Car. It still puzzles me why some people place geater value on a car once it has been butchered. The value should lie in the time, effort and resources it took to obtain or reproduce the components it took to get the car back to it's original glory. That is true history. The rodding should be saved for the fiberglass copies! Sorry to get a bit off topic there. But basically I hope we can all work together as a group to get these beautiful cars restored. And if my part is to assist my new friends with researching their body plate and VIN numbers, then broing on those VIN and body numbers! As for the requested photos of my Zephyr, try this URL - the photo's are of the car just prior to my purchase 2 years ago at the previous owners residence in Washington state. Car is virtually in same condition now, just had new tires put on to assist with moving it around: Jim's Zephyr pics If the hyperlink doesn't work for whatever reason, just notify me via email I can try to get them uploaded (but at 56k dial-up, it's a pain!). Good luck to all of you, I'll try to do some preliminary checking on exact office location of those records and try to schedule some time for a visit to the archives! Speaking of records - I just happened to acquire off of Ebay a few months back an original sales invoice for a 37 Sedan from Kayser Motors in Wisconsin dated 6/14/37 for a Lincoln-Zephyr Four Door Sedan - Maroon "Motor # H-35.120". If by some miracle the current owner is reading this, please contact me - I have your original sales slip! Jim Napiorkowski
  8. Hello... nice color guide site. I've seen and almost bought many of the color guides at auctions or flea markets. From memory I think there are at least 3 different ones... Ditzler, Sherwin Williams, etc. I wonder just how much they all vary. What I'm really wondering is, is there a simple way to figure out the original color for a 37 Coupe? From what I've heard, all the original build records for 36 and 37 were destroyed in a fire sometime in the 1970's. I posted a picture of my coupe in an earlier thread, but basically I have some blue in the engine bay that might be either "Mercury Polychromatic" or "Zephyr Blue" but the car is almost virtually covered in every place with what appears to be a brushed on primer that was once perhaps red - but is now faded to a pickish color. Add to that 3 decades of surface rust showing through the primer and color - it's very hard to tell what is original. The car could also have obviously been repainted in the 40's, 50's etc a different color than original. So is there a hidden paint code somewhere? And I dont suppose anyone has an idea how popular each color was in the 30's.... and which color seems to be the most popular color now for restorers? I know everyone raves about the Maroon - and it is gorgeous, but I'm more concerned about historical accuracy and to try an I.D. my original color. Thanks! Jim Napiorkowski
  9. The subject is a 37 Zephyr coupe and I am nearing the stage in which it is nearly time to send the body shell and frame together out for stripping. I have a number of alternatives that have both Pros and Cons and jsut wanted some input on how other Zephyr restorers have fared in the past. The body in general remains solid with rust through only on the floor pans and tip of the tail. rest of body appears solid. The alternatives are: 1) Entire body/frame chemical dip and e-coat 2) Traditional sand-blasting 3) Media blasting (plastic media, walnut, shells, etc.) What are everyone's thoughts on these processes? Thanks! Jim Napiorkowski
  10. Cecil, Congratulations on your purchase! As I was just explaining in another post I made regarding the Dearborn meet, I bought mine in rough shape 2 years ago from Washington state and transported it back cross-country to Michigan 2 years ago. Since then I've put alot of effort into building the garage for the restoration... a fully insulated 2-1/2 car garage with stairway access to full-height 2nd level storage area.... wired for 100A service, 2-stage air compressor with provisions for welding equipment! Now that facility preparation stage is nearly completed, I'm nearing the final stages of teardown... previous owners did most of it for me, all that's left is engine/drivetrain and suspension. I'd love to keep in touch, compare notes, photos, etc. It was also my hope to get in touch with current owners and those who have restored Zephyrs previously to get knowledge of tricks and tips, etc. I too would love to see some photos of your Zephyr. I'm always interested too in Body/Chassis numbers - something I wish the Member Directory published or perhaps even a separate registry which detailed a history of each car - but given the thousands of Zephyrs made and the hundreds that still exist, that would be quite an effort. Perhaps a digital database at the LZOC website complete with owner history and photo's past & present? Well maybe that's for another thread and maybe no one else is interested in that sort of thing - but I find the history of each of these cars fascinating. Mine in particular I was told was particularly well preserved in the somewhat arid region of Moses Lake, WA and in large part to the layer of ash from the Mt. St. Helens erruption that covered the car for some years. Stories like this shouldn't be lost to history! Anyway, once again - congrats on the purchase - I look forward to perhaps meeting you at the Dearborn meet if you plan to attend. Good luck! Jim Napiorkowski
  11. Hello Dale, Although I live in the Detorit area and own a 37 Coupe, sadly mine won't be at the show since it's currently undergoing a teardown to prep for media blasting! I'm hoping that there will also be many other Zephyrs around considering that I've never actually seen a fully restored 37 Coupe in person! I bought mine from a field in Washington state 2 years ago based only on photos I had seen of completed cars. So, naturally the Dearborn event will be very exciting for me to finally meet fellow owners/club members and to see my finish goal up close and in person for the 1st time! I would like to extend an invitation to any club members who will be in the Dearborn area to visit my home to see my work in progress and hopefully garner some advice and pointers from those who have already completed their restoration. I live only about 15-20min from Dearborn, Anyone interested please email me direct and I'll provide directions. I'm also listed in the club directory, but please let me know you're coming. I've alredy taken Wed-Fri off from work and was planning to be in Dearborn all weekend! I'm going to attempt to attach a photo of my car. The picture is of the car as it sat 2 years ago when I picked it up in Washington. She doesnt look like much now, but it won't be long before she's back on the road! I hope! Not much has been done on it since, I've been busy building the garage where the restoration is to take place! Looking forward to seeing you all in Dearborn in a few weeks! Jim Napiorkowski
  12. Last summer, I was fortunate to acquire a 37 Zepyr Coupe in need of restoration. It has what I assume to be the original V12 that turns not frozen), all body panels, fenders and doors in tact with mild rusting on finish and only one fender dent. Interior appears to have been gutted at one point.<P>I fully intend to restore the car to "as original" condition. I don't think i want it to be a concours trailer queen, I know I want to be able to drive it every week or two.<P>The questions I have relate to how best to go about this restoration. I have the means to have the vehicle "dipped" and e-coated for body work, but would this process in any way dvalue the car since obviously e-coating was not an original process in 37?<P>I'm also looking to contact someone who has also restored a 37 coupe for some general tips and feedback on this endeavour. Also wonering if any special "tooling" was required for removal/assembly of some parts. Especially interested in the use of a rotisserie for floor pan work.<P>Any feedback is greatly appreciated whether it be in this forum or via private e-mail.<P>Many thanks,<BR>Jim