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  1. I have been hoping to find a nice set of original Ford/Mercury rubber floor mats for my 61 Mercury Comet, but alas all that seems available are either Falcon emblem rubber mats or aftermarket carpet mats. Recently, I did come across and retrieve an original mat from a junked 63 Comet largely intact. Some of the edges frayed, a few tears, and a worn helmeted-Mercury emblem on the driver side - but the Passenger side was excellent as was the middle (hump) emblem. Does anyone know of a company who can take this old mat and use it to make a new mold, using the passenger lo
  2. PM, Ill message you. Im in Romulus too! Had a 37 Zephyr a few years back, don't know how we never crossed paths! Jim
  3. I have a v12 long block available here in SE Michigan. Dont have history on it, but if I recall correctly the heads are the alter castings for 41 and up. As long as youre eventually coming to MI for the car, if you want to pickup the engine as well, I'm sure we can work something out. I dont think this is your Dad's engine though - I bought it and had it transported from a fellow in Wyoming a few years back along with several other engiens and parts. Jim
  4. I thought I had some close up interior photos of the Thorson/Capizzi 37 Coupe that were posted online a few years back. If I can locate the photos on my old PC, I'll try and post (or send directly). Jim
  5. Michigan also does not keep records for very long, but you can try this: State of Michigan: Automotive Title Histories I tried this once years ago attempting to locate records of a previous family-owned 1963 Mercury Comet to no avail. On the plus side, in the latest LZOC newsletter it was announced that there are efforts to detail current ownership records of the active membership. It's a shame this wasnt done in years past to better trace ownership history over the decades. Fortunately in my case before I surrendered the previous title to get my own current title, I made multiple copies of
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