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  1. Thanks Diz. I have calls in to Merv, but have not gotten in touch yet. Ron
  2. Hi! My name is Ron Bogg in Missouri. I took my Zepher coupe to it's first car show. The trunk lid was up, and about halfway through the show the trunk collapsed, destroying the driver side rachet trunk hinge. I tried to straighten and reweld it , but I can't get it to line up and work properly. I need to find the rachet trunk hinge for a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr coupe. Can anyone help me. Thankyou, Ron
  3. HI. I BOUGHT A 1939 LINCOLN zephyr a few mounths ago, Trying to work out some the little problems with the car. I need some help finding the rubber for the rear windows. Does anyone know if it is avable.? our will some other car rubber work. If there if a company out there i would like to have a phone no, our address. Thanks Relicron
  4. thank you for your reply.. i havent figured out how to do photos yet . this internete is amazing. looking forward geting the lincoln zephyr magazines. thanks again. ron
  5. hello: just purchased a 1939 lincoln zephry 3 window coupe. its the car i have always wanted. took 3 years to locate one. It seems to be all orginal, I just joined the lzoc. I have a couple of questions. first how many 39 coupes were made, and does anyone know how many survied? anu general information would be apprecated. thank ron
  6. wanted 1939 shop manuals lincoln zephyr