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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. At first I thought maybe the picture provided to me was reversed, but not so as evidenced by Mickey Mouse! Any sense of current or potential/restored value? Jim
  2. Can anyone help identify the two heavy-duty late 30's trucks seen in the pictures attached? I have not seen the trucks up close or in person and can't read the tag along the hood. Seems unique - then again maybe not. An I.D. of each (seems same mfg.), and any background would be appreciated. Jim Green truck: Red truck:
  3. I'm going to try to post pics I took today. It was overcast/rainy here in Michigan plus pics were taken on my cell phone so they're not the greatest. Let me know if you need other views to decide: As for asking price - give me private message with an offer or email direct at jimnap at voyager. net I'll also consider trade for any 37 items you may have. Jim
  4. Hi Frenchy, I think I have what you're looking for. It is a little rusty, but has the connecting point intact and even the shifter knob. I'll try to get a digital photo for you. I don't know much about it as I'm a '37 guy. I got it as part of a lot of parts a guy had at a swap meet awhile back. I recognized it as similar to one I'd seen in a 38 I almost bought recently. Jim
  5. Seems as though there has been a rash of forum updates lately across multiple sites. I wonder what's going on in terms of software. Is there some big push because of spam, economical, or functional reasons? ~Jim
  6. I'm not sure if they're capable of 6-volt or not, but lately I've seen 2 different "King" branded stand analyzers. One, very very old at a local swap meet, Needed restoration and the guy wanted $175. One I only seen in a photo ad for a local antique mall...virtually new, but also more modern, perhaps from the 50's. Asking price there was $150! I thought a club member collected these things - I've been trying to find a name in more recent issues of TWOTZ - but no luck. Anyone with more info and if they're worth it? They would seem to take up some space (2'ft. deep, 3'ft wide, about 4'ft tall) but if they perform well with 6volt applications...who knows. Maybe we all need on in our garage! Jim
  7. While browsing through a local Ford swap meet today, I came across a guy who had several old Lincoln and Ford brake lining kits. 3 were the old yellow-style Lincoln boxes quite worn, nbut linings still intact. 2 were HAK-2222-A, the last was a HAK-2007-A. I'm not sure what the 2222 kit is for, but how different is the HAK-2007-A from the H-2007 listed for our Zephyrs? Both primaries and secondaries were there, individually they had somewhat unusual numbers like E5281C(?) and such. Any pro's want to tackle this one? Jim
  8. Funny thing too...I have a 1985-1/2 Porsche 944 I was considering doing a "quicke" resto on with performance mods and actually thought it might look good in canary yellow. Seeing this sedan has pretty much changed my mind...and turned my stomach... The weird thing - look what sort of reaction it's getting...22 bids thus far? Wow. I guess this means canary yellow is the new "in" color on classic 30's cars!
  9. Yeah Cecil - that would be brave. But speaking of brave - or perhaps "bold"? - take a look at this: Yellow 1936 LZ Sedan I think I might actually prefer to have the Coupe Sedan... Jim
  10. Did anyone else know about this auction ? I opened up my latest issue of Hemmings and there was the ad on Page 130/131... all (or at least a good size) of his collection is up for auction next month including the 37 Coupe Roy Thorson restored a number of years ago. I'm suprised nothing was mentioned in the latest TWOTZ - these things usually do take time to set-up and market and so I think Jerry's planned this for some time. I'd be interested in reading others comments and speculation on this. Especially any guesses as to what the various cars (esp. the 37 Coupe) might go for?
  11. Flatcat, Looks like awesome progress so far! I've had mine for 5 years now and have done little to progress. I'm still trying to complete my home renovations first before tackling the Lincoln. I was curious about the rotisserie though. I noticed the rotisserie itself wasn't on wheels - do you leave it outdoors? Which model rotisserie is that and I was curious what you paid for it and if you think it's worth the hassle and investment. Personally I'd love to get one for my restoration as well, although I think I might opt for wheels to roll it in and out of the garage as required. Just looking for general feedback on rotisseries. Anyone else besides Flatcat have any rotisserie experiences to share? Jim
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Don't let the missing parts scare you off. They *are* all available: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=4630896947&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT Someone save this car! </div></div> Was anyone else surprised by the final selling price given the "missing" (and wrong!) parts which "*are* all available"? Ha! yeah right Cecil! Find me a pair of NOS tailight lenses! just making fun!! Still given the condition it was in - it looked as if someone took a die grinder to the entire body just to grind the rust off and make it look "pretty" for the auction. And let's not forget the missing original drivetrain and chassis/suspension components. Undoubtedly, at $20k, I think this '37 is, unfortunately, headed for an ignoble fate as Cecil put it best. A resto to concours - even original condition - would simply cost too much to buy all the missing parts. I think we just seen the next 1/2 million dollar resto-rod change hands here folks.
  13. David, The 41 looks incredible, nice job! Speaking of jobs, if you can do that in a matter of months, you must be retired! I've had my 37 Coupe for nearly 5 years and haven't managed to even complete disassembly in those 5 years! My original goal was to get it done in 10 years, and I'm already halfway there with nothing accomplished. I guess I need to win the lottery so I can take a year off work! Once again, congratulations on a job well done! Jim N.
  14. I know it's in a new location this year, but I would imagine turn-out will probably be equivalent to past years. I've never been and would like to plan to attend this years event. Can anyone who's been to previous years swap meets give me an idea on the typical number of dealers, variety, etc I can expect to see? I just want to make sure the long drive, scheduled vacation time from work, etc. is all worth the effort for those 2 days. BTW... This is one of those instances Phildaddy was referring to when he noted the need for more participation in posting to the forum! Thanks all! Jim N.
  15. Sounds like a question for the authenticity manual. Which the update is due "any day now" right?* (<-*note: read with saracasm). It's only 5 years (+?) overdue. Jim N.
  16. I know you were interested in used, but since anyone interested in tires will probably look in this thread, I thought I'd point this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Lincoln-V...597283049QQrdZ1 Good luck, Jim N.
  17. Hello everyone - it's been awhile since I've posted here! I've been thinking about finally making a trip out to Carlisle this season and had expected to go to the Ford Nationals just to avoid all the GM and Mopar junk out there I had no interest in. I was just browsing the official site and realized there was no registration information for vendors, just for those showing a car. The Spring and Fall Carlisle events describe it as one of the nations largest car swap meets but there is no mention of a swap and car corral for the Ford Nationals in June. So is the Ford Nationals just one big car show? or is there a decent swap and car corral area to enjoy? For you Carlisle veterans, hopefully you'll be able to shed some light on this dilemma. Obviously the LZOC Spring and Fall swaps are the best to go to in finding our old Lincoln parts. But of all the Carlisle events, which would you say is the best for scavenging old Lincoln parts? I'd hate to drive all that way in June to find nothing but Mustang's, T-Birds and Torino's. Although nice, that wasn't my reason for going. I need parts! Thanks for your input. Jim N.
  18. As I understand it, yes the archives are open to the public - sort of a public library - only you can't check things out! I am pretty sure they let you photocopy articles of interest, with most of the archives stored on microfiche or CD-ROM. I've never been, I'll let you know more after my trip Monday (I live local to Dearborn, MI in nearby Romulus). The problem is they are not staffed to do the research for you unless you inquire and are willing to pay a "research fee". If anyone on this list has been to the archives before, I'd be interested in hearing how the process there works before I visit there Monday. Jim N.
  19. Well my fellow Zephyrists, I've finally arranged for a day off work next week and I'm determined to swing by The Henry Ford archives on Monday. So, I thought I'd resurrect this old posting and ask again if anyone would like me to check into their VIN's and I'll do the best I can to see what I can find. My time will be limited, I expect I'll have only 4 hours to spend there Monday morning before a dental appointment, so I won't be able to research 50 cars, but I hope to do what I can. I already have Cecil's numbers; Ace - I looked back through the old thread but didn't see yours. Let me know if you want me to look yours up too. That goes for everyone else too. Please get your requests in soon - I'll do what I can first come first serve! Looking forward to hearing from all of you, Jim N.
  20. Guys: I wouldn't exactly give up on this great classic just yet. I've seen worse brought back from the grave to near pristine condition. My own 37 coupe is nearly identical in condition, still awaiting a full teardown after I bought it 3 years ago (spent time building the garage and house remodeling first). As the attached photo will show, she's a little rough, but quite solid except for the usual places...floorpans, tail, underside of doors, etc. But I fully intend to bring her back to original condition. I just hope the high bidder and the eventual winner plans to do the same and not chase a "me-too" $400k wannabe dream. I may be wrong, but my feeling is that eventually, people will begin to realize how ridiculously overpriced these customs are and the originals are what will hold their value. Anyone with decent skills can fab up a halfway decent rod - only a select few are willing to chase down those elusive HB parts for their 37's, etc! 3 years ago, I bought mine after it was advertised on the LZOC site for just under $4k. I wouldn't think of taking less than 10 for it now. Maybe I'm out of line on "current" or Gold Book value, but as CBoz pointed out, since when have those prices reflected current market? I think a number of things have helped the Zephyr's popularity in recent months/years (as I mentioned in my 2006 Zephyr posting) to jsutify these new prices, but it would still take an awful lot for me to consider parting with my 37 coupe! And btw, yes she looks like shes about to fall apart in the pic, but that's because she is (apart that is). The previous owners had already unbolted major body parts (fenders, hoods) and interior pieces (seat frames), proping them up for display in the sale photo attached. Car was pictured in Moses Lake, WA where it was purchased. Car now comfortably resides in a temperature controlled, insulated garage outside Detroit, MI where she was born and will undergo her rebirth (god willing!) Jim N.
  21. To put it a little more delicately than Rolf (no offense 'ole chap!), yes the LZOC club is a great resource of information and a recommended place to start any investigation. I myself have been a member for a few years after I bought my 37 Coupe and still have many many many questions. But unless you own the entire back-catalog of the "Way of the Zephyr" clubzine, there are people who will miss a bit of information here and there - that's what forums such as these are for! Now onto the topic of discussion... paint chips! First, I won't be helpful with regard to the '39 colors. The site peecher pointed out was quite excellent and very helpful. But there is a problem with paint chips - or at the very least the aftermarket suppliers of the paint. So far, I have 2 paint chip sheets - 3 if you count the site peecher pointed out which had one scanned from Ditzler. The other 2 are from Acme (dated Nov 1946, copyright 1947) and Sherwin-Williams (dated August 1939) - those are just the issue dates, they are both for the 1937 model just to be clear. The 2 physical copies I have from Acme and Sherwin-Williams are identical (except the missing Zephyr Garnet chip on the Acme sheet which says refer to 1938 bulletin No. 3) Some of the color names also vary. Sherwin-Williams calls one color Mercury (Opalescent) while Acme calls it Merucry Gray (Luminescence). Only slightly diferent, but if you're looking at a reference page with no color guide, you may never realize the two are the same. One more glaring difference between all 3 sheets, is that on the Ditzler sheet from the autocolorlibrary site, Zephyr Garnet is not even mentioned as it was on the other 2. Another difference is that Ditzler shows a color called Chocolate Brown Poly. (#M-4065-F) that is not on the Acme or Sherwin-Williams sheets. My point? I wouldn't rely on one source for information if my life depended on it. You're going to have to do some homework, and perhaps ultimately (gasp!) just guess. I myself still haven't figured out the original color in my 37. I've been told by a few people that The Henry Ford Museum here in nearby Dearborn, MI maintains some records (although some of the 36 and 37 model records were destroyed in a 1970's fire). Build information is still available for some cars and probably should be for you 39. If memory serves, I believe someone once told me that when judging a car or determing value on a car this age where original color may or may not be able ot be proven, if the car generally is painted a color deemed "available to that model & year" then you are set. As for Chocolate Brown Poly. - maybe it was a late 37 early 38 (?) add-on that only Ditzler knew of. Unlikley though. The lack of Zephyr Garnet on Ditzler's sheet? Well the Acme sheet says "See 1938 Bulletin No. 3" so I think it was a late 37 availability that Ditzler didn't key in on. You might have the same puzzling characteristics on your 39 chips, but then again that's what makes this hobby so interesting don't you think? Pending the long awaited and much-delayed release of the revised Zephyr "bible" (restoration guide) by the LZOC club, information will have to come from club magazines, aftermarket info sheets, and good old fashioned word-of-mouth like this bulletin board! Best of luck on your '39! Jim N.
  22. While I agree it's not quite groud-breaking in any respect, I think the proposed Zephyr (at least in this incarnation) is a great leap forward for Lincoln. A huge improvement over the god-awful ugly styling of the Mark X concept, and certainly shows a lot more orginality for Lincoln than their Mark LT pick-up - which is essentially a modified F-150. http://www.autoextremist.com/detroit2004/companies/Lincoln/index.html Even though there is some platform sharing here, I believe the execution has been done fairly well with belying too much of it's (forthcoming) Ford Futura heritage. Much like the recent auction results of the heavily modifed 39 Zephyr, the Scrape-rod and the release of the Precision 100 series model, the new Zephyr can only bring more notice to our beloved pre-war Zephyr's and post-war Continentals. I'm excited for a number of reasons. Primarily because the debut of the Zephyr shows that Lincoln is likely to survive. I don't think Zephyr alone will save Lincoln, but it is definitely a start. Secondly, I believe as I already mentioned that the new model is likely to give our lovely V-12's a little more exposure that they so greatly deserve. I only wish they had reserved the name Zephyr for their forthcoming replacement flagship sedan, and that they had a more arranged for production version with a more powerful and respectable engine. And granted, Mexican production has improved greatly in recent years, but I wish they had arranged production at Wixom Assembly or one of the other under-utilized plants in Canada. I guess it could be worse, they could be building at it's platform-mates facility in Flat Rock. Thank god they didn't build it there - I feel sorry for the Mustang moving there. Well the Zephyr is back, and I for one am glad. Jim N.
  23. I'm a but surprised.. almost a 120 views so far on this thread and the only feedback so far is from Ace! Doesn't anyone want to share their thoughts? I figured the return of the Zephyr would generate a lot more excitement than what I've seen so far! Especially since Ford didn't screw it up as bad as I thought they might have! Where's your 2 cents? Jim N.
  24. OK everyone, finally some close-up pics...go to: www.wieck.com It's a media service site. Click the public button on the left and search on "Zephyr". Pics for use in the media, etc. are posted! I don't know about you guys/gals...but I actually like it! No V-Shaped grille, but I think it has a shot as along as the V-6 actually has a bit of power behind it! Sadly in this FWD/AWD configuration, we're unlikely to see anything biiger than a V-6 I think. On the flip side my 2002 Volvo S60 w/AWD has quite a bit of pep with it's low-pressure turbo I-5. The normally aspirated I-5 is nothing to shake a stick at either - but that's Volvo. Remember, these pics are of the CONCEPT - about 80-85% of the production car is seen here. Time will tell when it comes to looks and performance. But I think so far Lincoln finally has a winner! Jim N.
  25. OK here's a press release (?) from Ford (copied from a thread at blueovalnews.com: 2006 LINCOLN ZEPHYR BRINGS ACCESSIBLE LUXURY TO LINCOLN * The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr represents "the most youthful of Lincolns"- an all-new sedan that will attract new and younger customers to the Lincoln showroom. * The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr shows how the Lincoln hallmarks of refined luxury, exceptional comfort and elegant style translate into a new class. This will be the first sedan to fully incorporate Lincoln's expressive and lavish new interior design themes. NEW YORK, Apr. 8 - The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr teaser unveiled at the 2004 New York International Auto Show illustrates how Lincoln can bring its hallmarks of elegant design and comfort to a new generation of customers. The midsize, five-passenger Lincoln Zephyr is a premium sedan with features that assure comfort and refinement worthy of a Lincoln. Just as significantly, it also introduces the design elegance and refinement that have made Lincoln Navigator and Aviator such desirable nameplates. This teaser vehicle unveiled in New York sets the stage - and sends a strong signal - for the production version of Lincoln's next sedan. The concept builds on themes explored in the Lincoln Mark LT and Lincoln Aviator concepts that were unveiled at the 2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Production Version is on the Way The Lincoln Zephyr fits perfectly with the brand's strategy of providing additional entry points to draw new customers into the Lincoln showroom. "The Lincoln Zephyr is a clear example of how we are able to bring exciting new products to the Lincoln stable by leveraging efficiencies throughout the Ford Motor Company organization. These great new products and the new customers they will attract are at the core of the Lincoln renaissance." said Darryl Hazel, Lincoln Mercury president. Production of the Lincoln Zephyr will begin in 2005 and will go on sale later that year as a 2006 model. It will complement the existing Lincoln lineup and provide a new entry in one of the "sweet spots" of the luxury market - the growing midsize premium segment. "The Lincoln Zephyr has all the design and comfort leadership that consumers expect from a Lincoln, but in a new segment that is more accessible to young professionals. This is definitely the most youthful of all Lincolns. It's all about great, elegant design, exceptional comfort and a youthful attitude," said Mark Birnhart, product marketing manager. Shape of Things to Come The Lincoln Zephyr's confident stance is wide and planted, suggesting a bold and aggressive attitude. It is instantly recognizable as a member of the Lincoln family - note the distinctive chrome waterfall grille and marquee placement of the Lincoln star emblems front and rear. Design statements such as the bold horizontal lines of the taillamps and grille reinforce its athleticism. Instead, the Lincoln Zephyr establishes its sport sedan persona with geometric elements such as a steeply raked windshield, strong horizontal themes and wide, large-diameter, spoked alloy wheels. "Wheels play an important role in generating a positive first impression, and these wheels reinforce the Lincoln Zephyr's confident personality," said design chief David Woodhouse, who led the teaser concept design under Executive Director Henrik Fisker at Lincoln's California Design Center. "The Lincoln Zephyr sits low, with a strong, wide stance. Everything emphasizes the purposeful, confident character of this vehicle." The wheels are 19 inches in diameter and feature a symmetrical 12-spoke layout that complements the Lincoln star located on the flush center caps. The spoke pattern puts the Lincoln logo in the "crosshairs," like a telescopic sight, drawing the eye toward the wheel center. The car's color - a warm golden silver called Cashmere - was chosen to work in harmony with the dramatic cabin design. Luminous and Luxurious "It's a very light and bright combination," Woodhouse said. "Everything from the body color to the interior is very light. This gives it a luminous, luxurious feeling, which accentuates the real wood, genuine leather and metallic accents." The side profile is complemented by chrome trim at the belt line, door handles and mirror caps, and the soft glow of satin aluminum wheels. The light body color also provides a strong contrast to the bold, dark window graphics. The rear window sweeps well up into the roof, but due to its steep angle, appears wide and low from the rear, reinforcing the strong horizontal lines of the taillamps, which extend well into the trunk lid. The rear bumper surface is nearly flush, contributing to the clean, uncluttered lines. Completing the effect is a lower tray framed by a thin line of bright metal trim milled from solid aluminum. Twin chrome tailpipes set wide apart extend through the lower fascia. The horizontal theme continues at the front of the car, where a classic Lincoln grille, executed in chrome, is flanked by wide, jeweled headlamps with projector-style barrels whose lower edges dip down into the horizontal turn signals. Side markers are integrated into the headlamp barrels as well, for a tailored appearance. The front bumper fascia is likewise nearly flush, surmounting a lower fascia that repeats the rear theme with a wide, horizontal air intake and wide-set, twin round running lamps with chrome trim rings. Lavish Interior Design and Package "There's a strong European influence in the design theme, but we didn't lose the essential North American qualities," said Phil Simmons, chief designer. "You see that in the way it carries itself - there's a uniquely North American confidence, a certain swagger, almost." Design themes explored in a series of recent Lincoln concepts come into sharp focus in the interior of the new Lincoln Zephyr. Expect to see most of these elements again when the production car is unveiled. "Lincoln is renowned for being a design leader, and nowhere is this more apparent than in our interiors," said Marek Reichman, director, Interior Design Strategy. "The design philosophies explored in our concept vehicles, as well as many of the materials such as real wood, are already making their way into Lincoln production vehicles, such as the Navigator and Aviator. With the new Lincoln Zephyr, they will find their fullest expression in an automobile." The key interior features of the Lincoln Zephyr are a commanding driving environment and the sophisticated interplay between surface textures, such as satin aluminum, chrome, leather and wood. The center console flows upward into a symmetrical, full-width instrument panel. The center stack features a prominent information center that serves as the controller for the exclusive THX?-certified ultra premium audio system as well as a navigational screen. All buttons and knobs are chromed, as are the one-touch louvered air vents, interior door handles and the control stalks on either side of the steering wheel. One show-stopping feature that was seen on the Lincoln Mark LT - a corrugated aluminum waterfall that flows downward into the center stack from the top of the instrument panel - is personalized to the Lincoln Zephyr with wider, more tactile raised surfaces. "It's a bit like a roll-top desk brought to the 21st century," Woodhouse said. "Metal ribbing gives the center stack a lot of surface interest and lends a feeling of strength and confidence." In keeping with the light exterior colors, the Lincoln Zephyr interior features light surfaces including sophisticated Harewood, an exotic wood installed with its fine grain pattern running horizontally. Wood is used symmetrically with a wide horizontal band on each side of the instrument panel, as well as facing the center console. Wood frames the chrome center of the substantial shift knob and is used in the hand grip area between the spokes of the steering wheel. The gauges were inspired by stylish wristwatches, with rounded rectangular housings, light faces and chrome hubs and pointers. The tachometer is given equal prominence with the speedometer in the symmetric array. The effect is enhanced by white LED lighting at night. The steering wheel is distinctively Lincoln, with four parallel horizontal spokes. Redundant audio controls and speed controls reside in satin metal inserts that serve as the inner face of the spokes. The steering wheel is trimmed in leather, with a prominent Lincoln star at its center. The seats are faced in new, softer premium leather, with shapes inspired by the classic Eames lounge chairs. "There's a clean, tailored theme to the seats," Woodhouse said. The two-tone theme, with seats that are lighter in color than the center console and other panels, reinforces the organic symmetry of the design. Yet the overall impression is one of light and airy elegance and refinement. The rear-seat passengers are just as cosseted as those up front - a testament to the efficient packaging in this midsize Lincoln. The rear seat features a generous fold-down arm rest with contrasting surfaces. As in the front, door panels use accents of satin aluminum, as well as technical metallic speaker cover fabric. Driving Enjoyment The Lincoln Zephyr is designed to provide confident and effortless driving enjoyment. It builds on Ford Motor Company's CD3 midsize-architecture, customized for Lincoln ride comfort and driving dynamics. The Lincoln Zephyr features a specially tuned and more powerful version of the Duratec 30 3.0-liter V-6 engine with intake variable cam timing (VCT), mated to a premium six-speed front-wheel-drive transmission and, following the launch, available all-wheel drive. The new six-speed transmission amplifies engine torque to provide better acceleration than comparable vehicles with four- or five-speed transmissions. Electronic throttle control and the electronically controlled transmission calibration assure smooth and seamless shifts, for quiet performance worthy of the Lincoln brand. This is the first new front-wheel-drive Lincoln since the Continental, which featured front drive from 1988-2002, and is the lightest Lincoln - a key enabler in creating a responsive driving experience. The twin exhausts behind the single central muffler help to reduce back pressure, for added performance. The Lincoln Zephyr team was able to develop, tune and refine a complete vehicle package in about 30 months - a very short time for a new vehicle program, made possible by the ability to tap into assets throughout the Ford Motor Company. Much of the initial work, including analysis of potential interior noise sources, benefited from the use of sophisticated computer-aided-engineering tools. Dampers, spring rates and bushings in the fully independent suspension have been specially selected and tuned for Lincoln driving characteristics, with an emphasis on comfort without sacrificing nimble response. The power steering system also has been uniquely tuned to complement the suspension and tires, which have unique internal construction for comfort and quiet performance. The large, four-wheel disc brakes provide confident stopping performance. Built-In Safety For occupant safety, the Lincoln Zephyr features a robust steel "safety cage" construction, with engineered crush zones to absorb impact energy. Ford Motor Company's industry-leading Personal Safety System provides a combination of active and passive safety features, such as front and side air bags, side air curtains, occupant classification sensing, three-point safety belts with front-seat pretensioners and retractors, tire pressure sensing, anti-lock braking and traction control. A production version of the Lincoln Zephyr will be offered for sale in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other markets in late 2005 as a 2006 model. Pricing and final specifications will be announced closer to launch. Lincoln Zephyr Name Recalls Era of Elegance The original 1936 Lincoln Zephyr was based on an innovative concept by Dutch-born designer John Tjaarda of the Briggs Body Corp. He drew inspiration from the aerodynamic "streamliner" trains that were catching the nation's imagination - including the record-setting diesel-powered Burlington Zephyr that helped to end the age of steam. Lincoln Zephyrs also were noted for spirited performance - with an impressive (for the time) 110 horsepower from their flathead V-12 engines. This combination of elegance and attitude made the 1942 Lincoln Zephyr convertible a perfect prop - along with a succession of martini glasses - for the famed "Thin Man" movie series, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy as debonair crime fighters Nick and Nora Charles. Despite its elegant appearance, the new Lincoln Zephyr was by far the least costly Lincoln of the time, benefiting from mass-production efficiencies. Delivering on the Promise Lincoln Mercury's revitalization is built on strong products - 11 new vehicles including five new Lincolns in six new segments within the next four years. The Lincoln Zephyr follows the Aviator and Mark LT as the third new Lincoln introduced so far in 2004. The new Lincoln Zephyr expands the brand into the fast-growing premium-midsize market, where Lincoln expects to find a new generation of customers. "This will be the first taste of luxury for many buyers and their first exposure to the Lincoln brand," said Product Marketing Manager Mark Birnhart. "We see tremendous potential for Lincoln in new categories, including the medium premium segment, where we will be competing with the Lexus ES330, Acura TL, Infiniti G35 and Cadillac CTS. Consumers are telling us that they want new choices, and we're responding in a highly targeted way," he added. Source: Ford Media Link to the discussion thread: (there may be more, feel free to browse through the board!) http://warnerrobert.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=10;t=003133 Jim N.