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  1. Looking to sell this stuff to someone who needs it, or if you are wanting to keep some spare parts around in case someone gets careless at the local car show and backs into yours! Never hurts to have spares! Only I dont own a Cosmo! Best offer (sorry, I wont be giving these away) - will consider trades for Zephyr or T-Bucket related parts, etc or antiques? Let me know you have.
  2. I have a 37 sedan I've listed locally on Craigslist. The V12 and 3spd tranny were already pulled when I bought it, but it's there with original patina. The V12/tranny combo however was not original to the sedan (numbers dont match). In fact I have a lot of extra spare parts for a 37, a little 38 stuff too. Contemplating even selling my coupe that requires a total restoration. Work has me travelling too often with a still possible future relocation in the works to think of restoring 1 car much less 2. Let me know if you need anything. Have a good contact for cross country transport also. J
  3. I received a nice detailed quote from this operation just over a year ago - probably before their troubles. It was very detailed and professional and the prices were about the same as what you've quoted above, but I was (and still am) nowhere near this point in my restoration to spend that much $ and basically stick it on the shelf for another 2-3 years. However if it were found that the operation was more stable and the group buy was maybe a bit better than 10%, I could be persuaded to "invest" that level of funds and gaze at them on the shelf for the next few years! However pre-paid and wa
  4. I thought I had some close up interior photos of the Thorson/Capizzi 37 Coupe that were posted online a few years back. If I can locate the photos on my old PC, I'll try and post (or send directly). Jim
  5. thanks for providing the link - something I sort of forgot and wasnt sure was proper to link to URL's outside of this site. As for beating the $800, yes I think it's possible too - just how far is anyone's guess. I would have preferred to see it go to an LZOC member however which is why I tried here first. Main problem being is time - which I dont have a lot of right now with business trips and my possible relocation after the holidays. Jim
  6. HannibalHahn, capnbiber, keiser31 & other LZOC & AACA forum members who emailed me directly! Thanks for the large interest, I am sure I replied to everyone as soon as I got your messages. I originally intended to list the car this past Wed on ebay if no deal was struck. it's now Sat and I havent heard back from anyone, so that car is now posted for sale on ebay, no reserve with a starting bid price of $800 as was offered here in this thread. I still feel the car is probably worth a little more than that even with the missing body panels and changed frame - after all, $595 current ask
  7. UPDATE: I emailed all interested parties and havent heard anything in several days. Car needs to be gone before Thanksgiving - so car is now listed at ebay. ends Tuesday Nov 15th at approx. 11pm EST. NO RESERVE - HIGH BID WINS! Thanks for all the interest and good luck bidding! Jim
  8. http://forums.aaca.org/f198/1937-zephyr-coupe-modded-needs-new-314800.html Click on ad posted in the Lincoln V12/Zephyr forum
  9. See my post here at AACA / Lincoln forum: http://forums.aaca.org/f198/1937-zephyr-coupe-modded-needs-new-314800.html
  10. Here is the LINK to the Photobucket folder. Files are still being uploaded - I have no idea why it's so slow. There's apparently 165MB of files and after 15min only 20% have been completely uploaded. I think one is a video file. All pics were taken shortly after acquiring the car in August. I've since cleaned out the interior of the seats, custom frames and junk. Now there's just a few fall leaves. The grille and one of the front fenders is in slightly rougher shape than the body is currently in. Will try to get more pics this weekend of all misc. parts to be included. Interested in cash
  11. As mentioned above, photos are on their way - being uploaded to Photobucket at this very moment. Will post a link as soon as I have it all sorted after the upload.
  12. A few months ago I acquired a pair of 37's, a coupe & a sedan. The sedan is largely intact, solid and even seems to have had a nice restoration started on it at one time, but will need a going over again and repainted shortly. Now for the coupe... I already own a coupe that I bought 10 years ago that I finally plan to start restoring shortly. The intention was to buy a spare parts lot from this gentleman's family, but it turned into the parts lot and both cars. At the time I was only planning to restore 1 car - now I have 3. It's way too much as I still regularly work over 50hrs/ week and
  13. I still have these parts available and need to make storage space. Both inner and outer front fenders, a section of cowl, plenty of brightwork and some portion - perhaps all - of the radiatr surround/support. Although in suburban Detroit, I routinely travel to Chicago, as far south as Dayton, OH, east to Cleveland and north to Port Huron/Flint & Lansing areas. I could arrange a drop off or a meet-up. I also travel down to Atlanta regualrly although I usually fly i can at some time arrange to drive if you need these parts. Dont let the fear of freight costs steer you away - I'd liek to se
  14. I was always under the impression that under no certain terms should the unibody ever be removed from the frame. I have a 37 Coupe that I also need to replace the floor pans on from Bradley. Had always thought removing the body would be best for access, but I see you actually replaced the pans first then removed the body in order to maintain rigidty. I however would like to (if possible) brace the body where necessary, have the body dipped, then do the metal work. How difficult are the factory body-to-chassis welds to remove? Jim
  15. I've been told this fellow in North Caorlina makes excellent floor pans for our Zephyr's: 36-41 Lincoln Floorpans I dont know the guy and have not yet bought a set for myself, but it's something I plan to do soon based on the reputaiton of what others here have said about his product. Good luck with your 38, Jim
  16. I'll be a customer as soon as you can produce some for '37! Best of luck! Jim
  17. Just to clarify - car is a 1939 coupe, not 1938 as shown in thread title (a typo - admins?) Jim
  18. A relative about 4hours from me wants to get rid of a 1939 Olds Coupe on their property they never did anything with. A previous owner for some reason had welded on in spots the rear fenders, and the floor pans need attention, otherwise it is original and weathered. Still has the original flathead 6 that still turns. Curious to see if there is interest, opinions on value, or potential buyers here on the forum. Will try to get a pic or two posted soon. Car is FAIR condition - not basket case. Jim
  19. I also would be interested up to a certain price point, depending upon quality, etc. Jim
  20. Michigan also does not keep records for very long, but you can try this: State of Michigan: Automotive Title Histories I tried this once years ago attempting to locate records of a previous family-owned 1963 Mercury Comet to no avail. On the plus side, in the latest LZOC newsletter it was announced that there are efforts to detail current ownership records of the active membership. It's a shame this wasnt done in years past to better trace ownership history over the decades. Fortunately in my case before I surrendered the previous title to get my own current title, I made multiple copies of
  21. Acquired last fall as a part of a large lot purchase, I have both fenders, the cowl, what appears to be the radiator support, grille and other miscellaneous brightwork. Send msg if interested. I do have access to pallets and shipping facilities to ship cross country if needed. May fit other years besides 1949 - I'm not too familiar with the Cosmo's. Jim
  22. I've read a few articles on this too, most have good things to say about a large electrolysis tank. You just need a large tank - like those found on a farm, or hauled in the back of a pick-up bed for yard spraying - you can also make one from plywood and line it with plastic sheeting. Encircle the top edge with copper tubing and suspend sacrificial metal strips, rebar,etc from the copper tubing. Place your engine in the tank and fill with water (preferably mineral free - garden hose filters are available.. Griots, etc) and baking soda. Connect a battery charger - one end to the block and the
  23. Three Ford flathead engines for sale in metro Detroit (Taylor - zip: 48180) All are 24-stud, center-flow heads. One is a 59A series (turns free - and a little oily), the other 2 are 81A and 81T and are visibly "dry" from long term storage. The 81A and 81T do not turn with a pipe wrench. Asking $500 for the 59A $200 ea for the 81A and 81T. All are nearly complete from intake to pan. 1 still has carb mounted (the 81A I think), and 1 is missing a water pump (81T if I recall correctly), but other than that - they're all there. Please email me as I do not visit the forum often, but will try to c
  24. I also hadn't noticed the chain drive at first either! That is cool! As for the split opening windshiled, i didnt think that was so unusual at first but looking at pics of other HD GMC's I see that it wasnt so common afterall. As for engine... no engine pic available for the green one, but I did get a pic of the red engine (part of it anyway) and 2 more detailed photos of the chain drive. Initial posting limit was 10 pics... enjoy! Jim P.S. I might be looking to place these two rigs with a deserving new home! Still in the process of saving from the crusher.
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