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  1. Circa '82, I had to pass on a black '59 Biarritz with a white top and white buckets. It was very solid & I believe it ran. $1000 (or $1200). Didn't have anywhere near the coin then (I was 16).
  2. I agree... but practically no OEMs actually do these. Random example : MB E-class : 1 red, 1 blue, 2 whites, 2 blacks, 5 grays. Tesla Model S : white, black, gray, blue, red.
  3. In the early '90s I was daily driving a '64 389 Catalina. When I got it then, it was a 69K mile car. I put 25K miles on it in 2 years, and never had to add oil in between. Changed the oil/filter I believe around the 3000-mile mark.
  4. Sealed the building. 2 years now- zero mice.
  5. Bumping for any new eyes ... Circa 2005 isn't that long ago. I still find it surprising the fate of this concept is unknown.
  6. Data plate has a 'D' in the style number for a CdV : '6237DX'.
  7. Nothing carrying over from '59 electrically or carb-wise. Have looked at switches online for a half hour or so- seems the only way to be sure is to hold one in hand and see if it works in the dash panel.
  8. Buick went to key start in '61. A '61-62 Buick switch/bezel may be the closest... tho I still may have an issue fitting in behind the B-59 dash.
  9. I have to upgrade my B-59's ignition. Thru '60, Buick had the gas pedal-activated starter, so the ignition key only has 3-positions (LOCK-ON-OFF) and the switch is a 3-prong piece. The switch is proprietary to B-59; the way it mounts to the dash panel & the fact that it fits in a narrow nacelle behind the dash. As I have changed the engine & no longer have that feature, I need at least a 4-position key... but I still want to put it in the same location on the factory dash. I have a used '60 Pontiac cylinder/switch on hand. Cylinders are the same on a long range of GMs but the switches are different. P-60 switch is a pudgy devil, with a lit ring around the keyhole (and the accompanying light housing), and a 7-pin switch. Even if I cut the tab that locates the light housing to a dash panel (after which it MAY fit the nacelle), the chrome bezel doesn't cover the hole in the B-59 panel. I've always loved the '60s Pontiac lit rings around the key. I've seen early Riv switches that show a light housing on the backside- did they light simply shine thru the keyhole? There are a hundred period switched out there, I have no idea where to start or what I need. Has anyone changed over from a gas pedal-starter Buick to a turn key start ignition? Any suggestion where to start for a substitution?
  10. I'm getting the general idea here, but going to ask this specifically, based on my hazy memory. Is there any way that what's outlined below weighs ONLY 316 lbs? I am 85% sure I didn't disassemble it, all I probably did was pop the tires off to weigh it.
  11. Specifically: 1959, but any in that era that didn't feature major changes. Was interested in the torque tube itself and the internals/driveshaft. Not including the rear axle. Looking thru my notes this morning, I see I recorded a weight for the rear axle/ Panhard bar out of my car; 316 lbs. 1. I swear I never separated the TorqueTube from the axle. Sold it and the buyer put it on a small 'lawn tractor' trailer whole- axle, TT and control arms. This would've been over 20 years ago. That's my recollection. However; 2. I have no scale on site that clears 300 lbs, so maybe I DID separate things?? A. I should've written down "axle/Panhard/TT" but only wrote the first 2 components. B. I'm recording weights as I change components, want to make sure I didn't forget to include the TorqueTube weight too.
  12. Anyone happen to know the weight of a complete Buick TorqueTube assembly, everything between the trans & the rear axle?
  13. ^ Read above. Not a truck cab.
  14. I agree that the dash looks like '32 Chevy, but I'm seeing a number of detail differences in the cab to call it a Chevy from '32 (or later). By the time the rear window gains the radiused corners and is inset, so do the doors. This cab has a radius-cornered rear window and 'squared off' doors. The door handle is uncommonly placed below the 2 beltline character lines, and the hinge is above them. This differs from period Chevy cabs. Look at the reveal coming off the upper character line, then going up the A-pillar. That's got to be unique.
  15. 2020 pics (from FB). Owner claims it's a '27 Paige, but from what I find, Paige discontinued their truck line when they brought out Jewett in '24. But this isn't a Graham-Paige either. The hood has more louver square footage south of a Doble. Unable to place the cab. Owner-built 'truck'?
  16. My brother had airless tires on his skid steer 15 years ago.
  17. Around 1985, my buddy & I stumbled upon an abandoned junkyard in eastern PA somewhere. I say 'abandoned' because there was no fence, no gate, no border, no buildings, no signage, no evidence of scrapping or moving them around & it was all overgrown. Looked like occasionally they'd tow a car in there and just leave it in the patch of trees. We wandered thru it, and there was a double-sided porcelain dealership sign there; DeSoto-Plymouth, about 4 feet in diameter and 8 or 10 inches thick, circular, and some of the neon lettering was still on it. I suppose if one of us had access to a truck, it would've followed us home. At some point in the '90s the whole area was cleaned out & I have to believe it was all crushed/scrapped. Man, I wanted that sign.
  18. Of course, one can ask whatever one wants. I'm sure prices overall have gone up, but asking prices have far outstripped selling prices.
  19. I've never seen one with an asking price over $500, nevermind a grand. It's just not an in-demand piece. I paid $0 for it- owned it since the mid '80s.
  20. I sold a Star Cars double-sided porcelain dealership sign this year for a little over $400. It was in very nice original tho not perfect.
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