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  1. I KNOW this one-off revival attempt was unilaterally panned when unveiled. What intrigues me however, is that seemingly it is Missing In Action. An ACD forum post stated a Special interest Autos issue on Duesenbergs from "a few years ago" (from 2008) claimed it was 'seen languishing in a Chicago parking lot'. It's a shame to me when ANY dedicated automotive production effort that results in a functional finished vehicle, is lost to history / the crusher. Anyone have any info as to this car's fate? Has is survived?
  2. No background info but once again I have great admiration for a vintage Nash dealer. smart-brand car has done this sort of thing, and there's the 'car vending' company currently- who knew the concept went this far back.
  3. When was this fantasy written? "Electric vehicles will become mainstream by 2020" Electric/hybrid electric cars have been on the US market for 20 years now. Last year's U.S. market share? 2.0%. In 24 months that number may be 3%.
  4. I think the numbers were modified/changed tho, no? Transom number in the vintage shot say "97-14" and I remember seeing "182-30" when I was looking for info on Strang. Hyphens... or am I misreading it? I list a Cunningham Pontiac @ 1212-02 Jamaica Ave. The source was from 1977, and there the 'city' was listed as Richmond Hill. I live in Jersey but NYC stuff confuses me sometimes (I never go into the city). EDIT" talked to a native NYer buddy- it's common to also/instead use neighborhood names vs. Borough names. 'Richmond Hill is a neighborhood in Queens.
  5. I'd agree that it's 'Mercury Motors' Pontiac- it's not on my lists of Pontiac or Buick dealers, but it is back there (1939). What's up with the street numbering in this area; 18-230 an 97-14? New pic says '987'.
  6. Another beauty- no reason I can see NOT to build a dealership like this today: 1132 Connecticut Ave, Washington DC. Nothing remotely of this vintage on that stretch today ~
  7. This one in CA is long gone (street is high rises now) but couldn't resist posting it- would still be a true beauty today :
  8. Peters Pontiac Village, 860 Commonwealth Ave, Boston MA. Some of the current buildings details are just discernible in the neon glow of the old pic.
  9. ^ That's the 'Strang Buick Company Inc'. They opened in 1925 (building was built in 1924) & were still going at least thru 1973 (not sure if always at the same address).
  10. Union Park Pontiac, 1700 Pennsylvania Ave & Dupont, Wilmington DE. Started in '55, spire came down in '06-07. Big time Pontiac performance dealer.
  11. Price Pontiac-Cadillac, 911 S Cumberland St, Morristown TN
  12. I believe that's merely a shadow from the top edge of the windows.
  13. ^ Google around- there is an online 'registry' of Studebaker buildings listing locations/status.
  14. Just a quick grab off of google maps street view- is this it Bob? I've passed it about a year ago- was still in business then.
  15. I'm right down the road near New Brunswick; I'll shoot a few pics if you want/supply an address.
  16. Maybach the man worked for Daimler, but Maybach the automobile was a competitor. I'd have been fine had Daimler touted the history of Maybach the man's work for their company. But they had nothing to do, as a company, with the vehicles Maybach built from '21-40. Haven't checked back since I saw the website some years ago, but there was a complete vehicle timeline with a very proprietary air to it.
  17. ^ Mercedes did the same thing when they first brought out the Maybach- they purchased the rights to the name, then published the entire original Maybach history on the website when they had nothing to do with it (Maybach was a competitor back in the day IIRC) and there was no connection to the original other than the nameplate. They're pretty good at stealing valor.