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  1. Does anyone know where i can get a rebuilt brake booster for a 73 grand am with a 400 engine 6.6 L. It's a Delco Moraine unit. The listings I have say it has to not be a wagon and not a 455 V8. It also fits a few other GM intermediates 73 to 75. It doesn't fit all of any one model and is limited to certain engines and body styles. I have the original GM part # 2620599. ( i think) None of the rebuilders I have talked to have a core to rebuild. GrandAm is included in LeMans listings.
  2. Do you have good manifold vacuum to the modulator? You might want to just drive around some. Something might get warm and free up.
  3. The old Fordomatic normally starts in second then shifts to third. You are getting no upshifts at all ?
  4. I was told Louisiana Laws were based on French law. The rest of the states were based on English law.
  5. You know what year and model your car is. A Hollander interchange manual can tell you what other Year and model engines will fit. It also has a lot of information on the numbers.
  6. Those batteries have valuable elements in them that can't responsibly or safely be put in the dump. But for now a lot of them have negative recycle value.
  7. Try PB Blaster and a plastic brush. Let it sit on there a while maybe overnight. Then start brushing. It will only remove the rust and corrosion.
  8. You might be able to find an old City Directory from that era. They were published annually. A lot of businesses used them. They listed every business and residence in the city. A library might have one.
  9. Years ago I bought an 81 Cadillac with a sugared gas tank. I got it cheap because everyone was afraid of it. Fuel injection hadn't been out long and was still a little mysterious. I had the tank cleaned out,fuel lines filter and new injectors etc. Fuel system wise everything was fine. It ran terrible. Four lifters were stuck in the collapsed position. They were glued down solid with hardened sugar. Maybe the sugar got there from the gas or they also sugared the oil. It ran fine after a new set of lifters.
  10. Some cars in that era had a grease fitting on the pedal pivot . You could access it from under the car.
  11. Frozen wheel cylinder on left? Did they align the front end after the frame straightening job?
  12. Did you try tapping the starter while someone holds the key in the start position?
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