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  1. Towing a car that way looks dangerous for the operator.
  2. Maybe this is just a really bad translation from some other language.
  3. When new regular Chevy bodies were painted in lacquer. Body color wheels were painted in enamel. That might explain the difference in shine.
  4. Because it's not broken. My 03 Impala does this. It's normal.
  5. Imperial Hand Glaze is non abrasive and hides minor scratches. It has to be reapplied after a couple car washes though.
  6. It cranks OK good. Don't run out and buy a coil just yet , next place to check is the points in the distributor.
  7. That Buick Super has an unusual shaped battery tray. Tractor Supply probably has a battery for it. You should buy the right battery if you are serious about this car. Marine and deep cycle batteries aren't right for this car.
  8. I don't think the car has been in the same exact spot all these years. Probably the same street with a small move every few years.
  9. You need a fully charged battery installed to get any real full speed cranking or other electrical testing. A 53 Buick Special straight eight would have been 6 volt negative ground when new. The starter and generator would probably have tags saying 6 volt. Maybe it was converted to 12 volt. The old Buick starter was activated by flooring the gas with the key on. You need a factory shop manual. It will answer a lot of questions.
  10. Cutting the tires on a US Mail truck is probably a Federal Offense.
  11. That Olds is in pretty good shape rustwise for upstate New York.
  12. What kind of car is this?
  13. HEI was an option for most GMs in 1974. Some had points and some had HEI.
  14. A few years ago a friend sold a car to an out of towner and wound up with an envelope full of really good looking counterfeit money. The bank wasn't fooled the next day when he tried to deposit it. The law eventually caught up to scam buyer. But what an ordeal. To protect yourself meet the buyer at your bank let the bank examine the cash. Then immediately deposit it to your account. Nothing is fool proof but this adds another layer of protection for the seller.