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  1. misterc9

    Help - '90 Eldorado Teves ABS troubles

    Were you able to get any codes out of it with a scanner? Some of the old systems only remember the antilock codes until the car is turned off. You might need to drive the car to generate codes and scan it before turning it off. I'm not sure if you can get live data while you drive but maybe with an OBD 1scanner.
  2. misterc9

    Cloth verses Plastic Wiring Covers

    A lot of cars switched to plastic insulation when the went to the twelve volt system. 1956 for a lot of cars, earlier for GM.
  3. misterc9

    Base Coat / Clear Coat

    I had my 65 Mercury half painted. The autobody supply was able to furnish clear coat that closely matched 1965 gloss. It's a dark color and the gloss is an excellent match to the original paint on the car.
  4. misterc9

    Help - '90 Eldorado Teves ABS troubles

    When the ABS light is on it means the system is shut down. It is shut down because the system has detected a fault and put the light on. The light is to alert the operator that the system has gone to non antilock brakes.
  5. misterc9

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    I have found some dealership service counters are an extension of the new car sales dept. What better way to sell a new car is there than telling the customer his car needs thousands of dollars in repairs? Suddenly that new car seems much more necessary.
  6. misterc9

    Right color for Buick super 1949 model

    Under the hood on the firewall is a body plate. This plate has numbers to identify the color , interior trim and a lot of information about your car. It will say General Motors or Buick and a bunch of numbers. Take a good picture of it so the numbers are all visible. Someone on here will be able to decode it and tell you how your car was originally built. Color, interior trim etc.
  7. misterc9

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    If that buick has dimmable panel lights its possible the dimmer rheostat may be bad or has dirty contacts. It might be in the headlight switch or somewhere else. Check the contacts in the bulb sockets with a voltmeter for 12 volts. If you have less than that the lights will be dim.
  8. The blue 57 Script height is correct for a 6cylinder car. The dusk pearl 57 has the script at the V8 height but with out the V emblem, probably has a V8 hood.
  9. misterc9

    What year Chevrolet SS Hubcaps 65 or 66?

    The SS emblem goes on an SS. The bowtie emblem is for a Caprice.
  10. misterc9

    A dynaflow interchange question

    What years and models are you talking about?
  11. Look around on ebay. You can probably find some R12 refrigerant. Some of those old Uniroyal tires with whitewall lettering were self sealing "puncture proof" tires. My friend had a 92 Roadmaster. The tires were called Royalseal meaning they were self sealing. The inside of the tire was coated with a tar like substance in the tread area. This would seal a small punctures. Forget those tires for highway use.
  12. misterc9

    broken distributor cap

    It may work if none of the repaired cracks touch the contacts or come close to them. Thirties cars don't have as high a spark voltage as a modern car.
  13. misterc9

    No crank

    It should start in neutral. Do the reverse lights work? Be careful if it does start it might be in gear. Improper linkage adjustment or bad neutral switch or adjustment could be the problem too. Did you try to start it with jumper cables from a running car attached? Sometimes the higher voltage will overcome a weak component or connection.
  14. 68 Chevy full size , top of front fender
  15. misterc9

    It looks like the Ohio winters won this battle

    The kind of rust you are talking about is common here in upstate New York. There are welding shops around here that do a nice job repairing rusty frames. It might not be as expensive as you think. I don't know how well self tapping screws will work for that.