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  1. Years ago some people would run a cooler thermostat in summer to cut down on knocking and pinging. Another problem in summer was that a high temp thermostat would sometimes give lower oil pressure in an old worn out car. It could be so bad that the oil light would flicker at idle in drive. Switching to a cooler thermostat would sometimes alleviate the problem.
  2. A friend of mine had a 70 or 71 Continental Mark that had a Kelsey Hayes antilock system. The system was all there under the hood but had been deactivated before he got the car. I knew two guys that ordered MaxTrac on their new company cars, 71 Electras. The salesman must not have explained the option correctly. Neither one understood what it was supposed to do. They both thought it was a positraction rear end you could turn on or off in snow not an antilock brake system on the rear wheels. The name was kind of misleading.
  3. They make pullers for this type of thing. A pittman arm puller or the smaller tie rod end puller would get this off. Your local Harbor Freight or ebay probably has a set of them at a reasonable price. I don't mean a pickle fork.
  4. Probably an after market or maybe dealer installed accessory box to store your cigarettes and registration .
  5. Put some fresh plugs in change the oil and drive it. The rings may not have seated yet. Were the heads rebuilt at a machine shop? If not maybe worn valve guides or stem seals are letting oil into the cylinders.
  6. The trans showed normal level when you put it away last time but now shows overfull and won't move in either direction. Maybe the pump has stopped working or is some how airbound. Was the converter disengaged from the front pump when the engine was rebuilt?
  7. One of the parts of this assembly is wrong/incompatible with the others. This a lot of horsing around just to install a new filter. Good thing you blew through it before installing it. Which part is wrong?
  8. I don't know the correct charging system voltage on a six volt beetle. But if your charging system voltage is below spec when running with the lights on this could also cause dim lights.
  9. misterc9


    The Hollander Manual says no. The 1960 Pontiac Hydramatic Hollander #963 does not fit any other cars. The 1956-1957 Pontiac two coupling Hydramatic #560 fits only 56-57 Pontiac. The 1956 Pontiac single coupling Hydramatic #559 will also fit the 57 .The# 559 will only fit the 57 as a complete unit. You must use the bellhousing, converter and flywheel. There are some Oldsmobile units that fit but they need adaptation of drive shaft shaft yokes converters or bellhousings Hope this helps.
  10. Were you able to get any codes out of it with a scanner? Some of the old systems only remember the antilock codes until the car is turned off. You might need to drive the car to generate codes and scan it before turning it off. I'm not sure if you can get live data while you drive but maybe with an OBD 1scanner.
  11. A lot of cars switched to plastic insulation when the went to the twelve volt system. 1956 for a lot of cars, earlier for GM.
  12. I had my 65 Mercury half painted. The autobody supply was able to furnish clear coat that closely matched 1965 gloss. It's a dark color and the gloss is an excellent match to the original paint on the car.
  13. When the ABS light is on it means the system is shut down. It is shut down because the system has detected a fault and put the light on. The light is to alert the operator that the system has gone to non antilock brakes.
  14. I have found some dealership service counters are an extension of the new car sales dept. What better way to sell a new car is there than telling the customer his car needs thousands of dollars in repairs? Suddenly that new car seems much more necessary.
  15. Under the hood on the firewall is a body plate. This plate has numbers to identify the color , interior trim and a lot of information about your car. It will say General Motors or Buick and a bunch of numbers. Take a good picture of it so the numbers are all visible. Someone on here will be able to decode it and tell you how your car was originally built. Color, interior trim etc.