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  1. Maybe a weak valve spring. You could test it on the car by trying to push the valve open with a bar then noting the pressure difference between the two valves on the bad cylinder. Make sure that the piston is down and both valves are closed. You might have to take the pushrods out to do this. Pfitz's timing light idea is good too.
  2. You might be able to pump some oil into the gauge fitting hole. If you can get enough in there it will wet down the gears to help them draw enough suction to pick up oil. It's often a good idea to pack the gears with light grease when assembling a dry oil pump.
  3. Modern double filament bulbs are oriented in the socket and can only be installed one way.Some of the six volt double filament bulbs can be installed either way. Maybe the brighter of the two filaments is wrongly attached to the running light rather than the turn signal. The sockets could also be hooked up wrong. Checking for bad grounds and dirty connections is a really good idea. Also check that the generator is putting out properly.
  4. I regularly store old battery cores on the concrete floor in my shop. They stay charged for months with no problem. I was told the storage myth comes from a hundred years ago when batteries had wooden cases. It was widely believed the concrete some how drained the battery through the wood.
  5. What kind of car is this? Does the miss continue up through all engine speeds?
  6. It bothers me when the ad shows a picture of another similar (better) car that is not for sale. This is to give you an idea of " what it would like when fixed up".
  7. Are you are looking for an electronic voltage regulator to work with your original dc generator ?
  8. Yes switch it. But don't reverse it. Get a new one as any dirt already in the filter would be deposited in your carburetor.
  9. Some states especially down south will issue a restricted drivers license , daytime use only to old people. This allows them to be independent for a couple more years without them being a hazard on the road.
  10. My father bought a new '58 Opel Olympia Caravan wagon identical to that one. Same colors as that one. The roof rack and white roof area were standard on the US model. Opel had that style from '58 to '60.
  11. I had a V864 Fleetwood two door for years. There was never a problem with it. It always performed well and very predictable. The only glitch was when the crossover pipe went bad the change of cylinders was very noticeable. The 6 cylinder mode was a little ragged but it spent very little time in 6 cylinder mode.
  12. I don't know much about Hyundais. I was hoping if someone here saw the year and model they might know something. A transmission shop could figure this out. A lot of these cars are still in use and a lot of shops have experience with them.
  13. Do you have Twilight sentinel and/or autronic eye? You need the factory shop manual for this car. It will be a big help for problems like this.
  14. misterc9

    1990 Riviera

    Oh you have the teves electrically driven booster. Not that popular. If you google 90 Riviera teves antilock brake booster there are some tutorials on how they work and troubleshooting. There are boosters and parts for sale. It could be no power or the booster motor itself. I don't know a lot about these. Hydroboost brakes ran off the power steering pump and had hydraulic hoses running to and from the booster.