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  1. New cars sold in New York State since 1994 are required to have California emission systems. The first ones came with a special NY emission sticker under the hood. 1996 and newer have a standard California emission sticker under the hood.
  2. I had a 51 chevy with Powerglide. You can unbolt the bottom of the dipstick tube from the transmission case and remove it. The screen is inside there and can be removed and cleaned and put back. You may need a new gasket. In 1970 the trans in mine started slipping. I checked the screen and it was completely plugged with crap. I took the screen out and cleaned it,put it back then drained it and put new fluid in. It worked great after that.
  3. Years ago OSHA would come around to inspect engine rebuilding plants. They would fine the plants for each crankshaft they found standing on the floor. They considered the standing crankshafts safety hazards because they could tip over and hurt someone. Those racks were a way to comply with regulations.
  4. Ford called their Police car engine Intercepter.
  5. That certainly sounds like the NYS DMV. I have had different clerks in the same DMV do that.
  6. Mr Psevins the original poster has a 55 Buick Super.
  7. I looked this up in a 66 Hollander. It says the 56 trans with it's Ujoint fits 55 Special and Century only. But I have found that different year Hollander interchanges vary and are often expanded or limited from issue to issue.
  8. Only 55 Roadmaster and Super use the same transmission. Hollander #478. No other year or model is a direct fit. They also say 53 Roadmaster and Super Dynaflow #369 can be installed by adapting rear support. They don't show further interchange for a complete transmission. They don't say how much work it is to adapt the rear support. Maybe this will help.
  9. Are the bolt holes dead end into the block? Or do they go through to where the oil is? If they go through the oil is traveling down the threads and you could coat the bolt threads with Permetex or Indian head or something like that.
  10. Can you take the title and register it in California? Then drive it across. This doesn't take into consideration any Corona virus restrictions at the border.
  11. I don't think 92s came with Dexcool. You don't want to put Dexcool into a car not originally equipped with it. There should be Dexcool stickers under the hood if the car originally came with it. I think the first year for it was 1995.
  12. I would probably hook up a known good mechanical gauge directly to the engine. Then see if it really is fluctuating.
  13. The Hollander Manual says fuel tank 49 Buick series 50 and 70 only , no further interchange. No other years fit and Buick Special is different.
  14. If you could find a 59 Ford with 332 V8 standard, you would be all set. Finding all the parts one by one would be costly and time consuming. A standard trans conversion like this a lot of work.
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