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  1. Your firing order is 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 The hold down clip in the back towards the firewall lays between #4 and #8. The next one to the right, or toward the drivers side is #1. Distributor rotation in counter clockwise. Hope this helps.
  2. I was wondering if it was for your MB. I one I restored that needed that Willard showed with you at Spring Charlotte these last two years, so I recognized your name. Your MB is very well done! That battery I bought came from George Baxter at Army Jeep Parts, so there would be a great place if you need to go that route. Good luck!
  3. Recently bought a couple of their batteries and both took about 4 to 5 weeks for delivery. Quality was superb so I figured it was worth the wait. I can't say I ever had issues reaching them on the phone. About two years ago I needed one of their Willard batteries for a MB Jeep and was in a rush. Jeep parts vendor stocked their batteries, but I paid $40.00 more for it. You may want to check a parts vendor of your vehicle type if you're pushed to get one.
  4. Selling for customer.... 1968 Mustang Coupe. Original owner vehicle with 134,000 miles and garage kept. Very nice car! 6 cylinder / 3 speed stick. Older repaint in original Turquoise color with Black interior. New brakes with cylinders, new tires, battery and tune up. Current PA. State Inspection and ready to go. Asking $11,500. Contact Rick..... Monday thru Fridays 8AM til 4 PM EST. at 717-944-0656 Hershey, PA area.
  5. Matt, Yes the complete head lamp units are included and are in the trunk as are the front parking lamps. However, the buckets have been stripped and are in bare metal needing refinishing. There is also a new complete wiring harness in the trunk for it as well, still in the box. I have posted this for a friend, so he would have all the additional information needed better then I. Just ask for Gary. The estate is that of the late Oliver Carlson who many should remember from driving the service truck and assisting help in many past Glidden Tours for Universal Tire. Thanks for the nice review Matt..... Rick
  6. For Sale: 1940 Packard Model 1807 5 Passenger Touring Sedan Vehicle being sold to settle estate Vehicle runs and looks very good. Minor detailing required. Some new parts included. Asking $28,000.00 Negotiable Located in Middletown, PA. For all inquiries and additional information, phone (717) 460-7058
  7. Listing vehicle to help a friend only 1940 Packard Model 1807 5 Passenger Touring Sedan Vehicle runs and is in nice condition. Needs minor detail work. Some new parts included. Vehicle is for sale to settle estate. Located in Middletown, PA. Asking $28,000.00 (negotiable) For all inquiries and additional information, Call (717) 460-7058
  8. For Sale.. 42 inch 'Buick Service' double sided porcelain sign. Very nice condition with a few marks at the original mounting hole locations. Located just 7 miles from the Hershey show fields. Can also arrange for shipping. For information or viewing, contact Rick Hoover at hooverrestorations@Comcast.net or 717-944-0656 weekdays. $2,400.00
  9. For Sale: 1947 Cushman Model 50 Step Thru Scooter Restored and a AACA 1st. Junior Winner in 2010 Contact Rick Hoover Middletown, PA. at 717-944-0656 during 7am to 4pm weekdays E-mail for additional information and photos at hooverrestorations@comcast.net Comes with bike cover, helmet, fire extinguisher, extra white wall tires and manuals. Currently has new black wall tires installed, but white walls as shown in picture come with the sale. Located just 7 miles from the Hershey show fields. This one is a nice as you will ever find. $6,000.00
  10. For Sale: 1947 Cushman Model 50 Step Thru. Restored. AACA 1st. Junior Winner in 2010 Located 7 miles from Hershey, PA. Contact Rick Hoover Middletown, PA. 717-944-0656 during 7am to 4 pm weekdays E-mail for additional photos or information at hooverrestorations@comcast.net Comes with bike cover, helmet, fire extinguisher, extra tires and manuals. Currently has new black wall tires installed, but the white wall tires go with the sale. Located just 7 miles from the Hershey show fields. This is as nice of a one as you'll find. $6,000.00
  11. Tom, I'll gladly pass that on to my friend and let you know. Thanks for your interest.
  12. Ken, If you are still interested, a friend of mine here in PA. will sell you all 27 years of his. Vol 1 to Vol 27 #12. Email me at hooverrestorations@comcast.net and I'll give you his contact information.
  13. John, Try calling Craters and Freighters https://www.cratersandfreighters.com/ We've used them before. They have a location in Queens and will handle everything for you.
  14. They were original equipment tires for the 1965 and 1966 Ford Thunderbirds. Tire size was 8:15 X 15 with a 3/4 to 1 inch white wall and a 3/8 inch red stripe.
  15. Curti, I would recommend you call John Kelsey at Kelsey Tire in MO. 800-325-0091. He is the one that owns and controls the Goodyear Collector Series tires being reproduced. And yes, Goodyear themselves would have the documentations you are asking for. 1908 was the year the diamond tread "All Weather" tire was introduced by Goodyear. I will add that the diamond treads on your Auburn are most correct. Your 16" tires came out in 1935 so disregard those rumblings. Call Mr. Kelsey. He'll give you quite the educational conversation.
  16. Hey Sam As fun as that would be having John there in the Red Field with us, I thought you should know something. The last time a Barnett, a Binger and a Hoover gathered in the same flea market space at Hershey, the police were called in. Not saying what we did, but we all agreed Howard started it. I'm sure John would be well behaved, but.......
  17. Hello John I just had to come on here to say how happy I was to see your post on getting the Overland back on the road. This made my day! Not long ago, while going through some old papers, I came across a copy of "One Of The Family" which your dad wrote and gave me years back. Do you know which paper I'm talking about? The one where the Overland is telling it's own life story? Well, I just pulled it back out and read the one line I was looking for. It says " I think John and Tom are going to become a very important part of my life some time in the future." Yes, I would say so, but we all knew that would be. Like Terry said... Dan would be proud. But I know he always was of you guys. So, congrats on getting her back on the road again. I can't wait to get another ride some day! And plan on a Hershey trip. We'll always have a room for you.
  18. Should be Black with 'Ford Red" valve covers.
  19. I have complete hand drawn frame specs that I made some 25 years ago for a CM. Contact me at hooverrestorations@comcast.net or call 717-944-0656 EST daytime.
  20. Sorry Paul, got side tracked with something else. That last one I punched out myself from sheet goods. NAPA listed a cork gasket, but had to have it shipped. Try your NAPA, Max Merrit or even try Peter Finch who Commodore listed here. I'd bet he has the better gaskets in stock. You can also get your cork sheet goods from NAPA or McMaster-Carr if needed.
  21. More the I can handle then Paul as I'm not that smart on these. Main reason for replying, was we had a '51 Ultramatic in here last fall. It was rebuilt not long ago somewhere else and was leaking for our customer. For us, it was just that newer type pan gasket like I mentioned. Can't recall these shaft o-rings off hand, other then the governor gasket and reverse / low range adjustment above the pan. Seems funny you both have this leak issue in this area when only getting a service? Good luck.... Rick
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