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  1. When we were in Chattanooga for a reliability tour a few years ago, Corky Coker had one about that era that they used to shuttle us up to his house during an afternoon stop. You may try and contact Coker tire for some information.
  2. I am running a modern Mallory dual point on my coupe. runs great and it has an auto advance curve and you don't have to use the spark lever. Do you have a picture of your dual point unit? A lot of hot rod guys running an A or B motor want these. they also like Model B distributors because of the auto spark advance.
  3. Yes the Fourth man in the picture was John Rickets. There was a couple versions of that pic. One was taken in Houghton Lake Michigan on a reliability tour in front of Ron's Hudson. I always remember that tour because I met Harold Sharron. I helped him drop the oil pan on the Rickets's 13 Buick looking for a rod knock. I learned a lot that evening. Parking lot repairs at its finest. The second version was taken in front of Bruce's Bar in Severance Colorado with Dad's '14 Buick on one of the First BBTR regional tours held. Bruce's bar is famous for Rocky Mountain Oysters and was always a favorit
  4. My Dad liked the DF too. He stirred up the pot along with Howard and Ron. I miss all those guys. Its a little comforting to still see Howard and Ron's and even Dad's name come up occasionally. John Binger
  5. Definitely a '30 Chevrolet Dash. The bumpers could also be 29-31 Chevy. I know they had a couple of different styles of bumpers then. the ones on my '30 are flat with no grooves but I have seen grooved ones from that era also. Maybe someone has better information about exactly the story on the bumpers.
  6. That looks very similar to the fenders on my 1914 Buick. It has the same bead around it and the same shape on the rear. mine is a touring and is a little different.
  7. I have a 1967 230s my grandfather bought brand new. In 67 it was cheaper to buy that car have it shipped and drive it back from where it made port than a new Chevy Impala. He documented every gallon of gas. oil change and repair on the car. The car runs and drives like a dream still to this day with 115K miles on it. In fact he drove it to the Hershey meet more than once while he was on the national board. Back in 1983 it wasn't even 20 years old.
  8. Sounds like a fuel supply problem. I would start by fixing the vacuum tank or using an electric fuel pump. Cleaning and adjusting the points should help and maybe a new set of plugs. Great looking car by the way. Have fun.
  9. Great Start to a brass era speedster. Would love to have one like that to start on!
  10. I grew up in the hobby and I have a hard time considering anything after about 1970 as being anything other than a used car. There are special and collectable cars that are newer than that but I have no interest in them. I also realize that people consider classic or antique cars as cars they remember when growing up. Someone that is 45 years loves second generation cameros as they were the 'Cool' cars in high school. I have been around AACA my whole life and it is strange to see a 1990 Honda winning the same award as a 1914 Buick. I guess that's the beauty of this organization and a way to k
  11. I am a member of the HAMB and there is always great interest in 'barn find' cars. There are a lot of members over there that appreciate stock original cars and understand the historical significance of original cars. There are many threads about survivor cars and many threads about restoring antique race cars and historically significant hot rods and customs. They also stick to the pre 1965 theme over there. Some builders are very concerned on using original parts, materials and hardware just like AACA restorers. I guess I like it because it is all pre 1965 and there are no modern cars on the
  12. Can the rocker arm assembly be repaired? I have found that with a car that old a repair is the only option.
  13. I have been working on a model A coupe for 8 years. I did however take a 2 1/2 year break and rebuilt a '68 Chevy truck with my step son. I am in the middle of painting now. Hope to have it driving by the end of August. Upholstery will come next winter. Its hard working full time and having a family to get a lot of work accomplished. I am Lucky and have a wife who fully supports me and my hobby. She even comes out to the shop to help once in a while. She loves the upholstery and is looking forward to that part of this project.
  14. I have been driving my '61 every day for the last few weeks. I also drive a '70 chevy the rest of the time.
  15. I agree with the above. Probably Chevrolet.
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