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  1. What a trip down memory lane I also rode the ones at frontier Village and the ones at Santas village which was in Scotts Valley California nestled in the redwoods John
  2. Great explanation If you look at the gauge at both ends of scaled numbers it goes to 30 and appears that the little lines indicate a 5 psi change each John
  3. Thanks al I would love to find lock rings for ether of my wheels but especially for the 19 inch wheel I will probably try and pass the 20inch wheels along to someone that needs them John
  4. Thanks Alan At this time I am just looking for 2 lock rings one for a 19 inch wheel and one for the 20 inch wheel thanks John picture of the 19” wheel I need a lock ring for and a picture of the 19” wheel on my car
  5. I like the role bar to protect the cars but not the occupants
  6. Here are a couple pictures of the stamping on them Interesting that they say made for Motor wheel Corp. so I guess that the actual manufacture was Clev Weld and the date of manufacture date of 8-29
  7. Hi guys I have been searching for 7 lug 19” Hudson wheels and parts for a little while . (I need a 19” lock ring ) I was at a frends house and we stopped by his Neghbors house and I found these 2 wheels that they were using as yard art and talked them into selling them to me but after I get them home I realized they are probably Not Hudson they are 7 lug 20 inch wheels and one is missing the lock ring Unfortunately so now I’m looking for 2 lock rings one 19” and one 20”
  8. That not a very good picture but they would like something like the ones on my Hudson
  9. It also has these accessory shades that clip on the doors
  10. Here is the original key fob form where it was sold new and still operated by the same family
  11. The 9$ coupon it from Salisbury NC where the car was sold new
  12. Just wondering how you knew it was from 1926? It took me a few minutes to find a mention of a date
  13. I will when I get a chance to dig it back out I will I like the Inspection report with the tire serial numbers dated 3/30/43 59982 miles and the nine dollar gift card for a battery or other merchandise from 1927 Odometer now shows 80327 miles
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