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  1. A good friend of mine has a magnificent ‘32 57S for sale with an interesting history. Bought by his father over 40 years ago, it was maticulously restored to concours condition over 30 years, now a total restoration with a few hundred miles on it, maybe. It has been stored and not driven for a couple years, hence the yellowed tires and dusty body. I would be very surprised if there was a better one on earth. Last pic shows a reflection in the paint. What do you think it’s worth?
  2. This excellent thread goes into my reference files. An unrelated question if I could, I couldn’t find any info on options regarding the ‘48 Continental. Were there any? And the dash color matches the leather on the seats? thanks again, peter
  3. Looks fantastic...hoping those are just shop wheels so you can move it around. Otherwise they need attention!
  4. Thanks very much. BTW, I’ve always admired your work...
  5. Wow...I’m going to have to study this. Thanks, Grimy, I really thought this was going to be a lot simpler. Thank you for spelling it all out for me/us.
  6. Ok I’ll bite....so how does one engage the electric OD? I take it can be engaged in either 2nd or 3rd gear?
  7. Thanks Grimy, yea the Buick is so torquey it’s almost like an automatic in that 3rd gear can cover a really wide rpm range. Hope it has overdrive, dunno yet..
  8. Thanks Matt. I'll definitely go for a spin first. I read the performance isn't great but I sure do like the way the V12 looks!
  9. I am contemplating a '48 Continental but don't know anything about the flathead V12 it comes with. I've read weak areas are cooling and complicated ignition but nothing really beyond that. Could I trouble some one for the skinny on these motors and what to look out for? The one I'm looking at has been totally rebuilt so I am confident it will be ok but thought I'd run it by some one with experience in these motors. Thank you! Peter '41 Buick Roadmaster Sport Coupe
  10. Great find...and nice color coordinated photo.
  11. Could one of you please fill me in on Lloyd’s/Glen’s business? I gather they built quality overdrives for vintage Buick's. Which year cars? thanks much, peter
  12. Great job Neil. Question: will your method of painting work on a latch that is already installed or do you have to take it off? I worry about the paint not leveling properly with the part upright and not lying flat. thanks for the info- wish I had a fairy godmachinist. Peter
  13. Interesting opinion, there Morgan. Trying to start something with us ‘41 owners? Easy now, just joshing....
  14. Nice setup. This appears to be great deal. Going out now to rob a few 7/11s....
  15. Great car. Is there a pic and description of the dual carb setup? thanks, peter
  16. Could I trouble you to post a pic of what you found? I’d like it for my archive. Thanks, Peter
  17. Nice show. Was that a Simca 1000 (mil)? I drove one of those all around Europe and survived. Took the plates off at the airport in Paris and flew home...
  18. Very sorry to hear. Do a compression test, pull the valve and side covers (push rods) and it will become evident what went wrong.
  19. Holy smokes that’s gorgeous, and color scheme similar to some early ‘40s Buick’s.
  20. Sorry to hear this...your car looks great
  21. Been watching “Bugsy” today and this car would fit right in. Great looking ride..
  22. Good Lord, Sebastian, is there any nut or screw on your car you haven’t touched and restored? You’ll know more about this car than anybody once your done. Bravo and keep plowing ahead.
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