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  1. i was fortunate enough to stumble across a pair of '41 turned dash panels that had been restored by Doug Seybold but never installed at a good price. One of mine looks great but appears to be a decal and the other looks like a bad amateur attempt at turning. This wasn't high on my priority list but I've learned it's better to strike when the opportunity presents itself so I pulled the trigger. The clock side looks very straight forward to install but I'm not certain about the instrument side. Couldn't find relevant info on the forum, anything tricky about removing/installing the driver-side panel? Thanks. Peter
  2. Reminds me of Christmas presents past. Golf clubs, sweaters, CDs are all fine and dandy but nothing gets the blood going like a needed part for the ole collector car! My family still needles me over my most coveted present of all time, a rare chrome trim piece for my ‘58 Continental convertible. car is coming along great Sebastian
  3. So cool, kinda surprised you choose Strombergs over Carters but I’m sure you checked it out. Too good for the Race of Gentlemen but would kinda fit in.
  4. I’m not disputing this or trying to be difficult but why not? How is prewar hot metal different from post war?
  5. valk


    Best in Show! (A great movie), second only to my show dog, Woody
  6. valk


    Adorable pooch. I’m a fan myself..
  7. valk


    Went for a longish ride today which was just what the doctor ordered under these dire circumstances. Everything worked, no weird noises, stumbles or mis-shifts. Very satisfying indeed. We are a lucky few to own these cool cars, roadworthy or not, something to be grateful for. Happy New Year to my distant Buick buddies. peter
  8. Thanks Sebastian, right back at you. peter
  9. As always, great work, especially getting that decal off in one piece!
  10. Great pics- love the ‘39 with bell and cow catcher
  11. That may be true for the average bloke but you’re dealing with me! I did the inlays on the front turning signal light housings and center grill emblem and it drove me nuts trying to get a clean edge everywhere. I’ll try your technique as mine obviously sucks. I still need to do the hood latch trim and hood ornament. Lots of tiny inlays on these ‘41s!
  12. Very observant, Neil! I’d go along with that. I need to figure out how to paint the inlays black like yours. I don’t trust my shaky hand.
  13. valk


    “Previous” owner, ay? Just pulling your leg, very nice work Greg
  14. That makes sense and I bet your initial prices aren’t off the scale as some of these are. I suspect the extreme offenders are just not familiar with Buick’s or ‘41s in particular and are just throwing it out there to see what they can get.
  15. Well I don’t like the prices and I don’t buy the stuff...that’s obvious and not my point. Hope none of these items was yours.
  16. I peruse Ebay every once in a while for '41 parts and am astounded by what folks are asking for parts these days: - $495 for a totally crap steering wheel needing a total resto; - $400 for 1 rear fender skirt spear - $600 for the small cloisonne emblem on the front grill - $275 for a totally pitted hood ornament (better ones offered for under $50) What world do these people live in??
  17. Pulling for you Greg, wishing you a speedy recovery ‘ole bean.
  18. yea, you’re probably right. Hope you’re doing well, peter
  19. No, nothing else. Glad you found time in your busy day to send them out.
  20. What happened to the ones Greg sent you? Dave Tacheny probably has them.
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