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  1. Goodness gracious that’s a cool car. The rear tonneau (?), uh, sculpturing is magnificent. Well done
  2. Good grief, how can you lose a hood? (please flag as non-constructive)
  3. I had a 1950 Packard Super 8 Deluxe coupe (2375) once and since the original 327 engine block was cracked I found, rebuilt and installed Packard’s biggest engine for 1950, 356 str 8 with 9 main bearings. Much smoother and torquey than our Buicks but did run out of steam above 50 or so. Wish I held on to that one.
  4. ..and Is converting to LED lights simply swapping out bulbs or do you have to switch out sockets too?
  5. So the Packard is quicker off the line, up to about 50mph, then gets smoked by the Buick?
  6. I would like to know this too. This was my temporary solution:
  7. I wish. Dave B, a fellow follower of this forum, stopped by for goofs. We’re only about 10 miles apart.
  8. Does anybody know how to access past issues of the Buick Bugle?? There is an index on-line and I am particularly interested in finding the issue highlighting the '41 RM Coupe (76S) from January 1997. There are about 15 issues dating back to '68 that highlight 1941 models of different types. I could list them if anybody is interested.
  9. Thanks Neil! Yea, a brick is cheap insurance. I’ve had a car get away from me with devastating consequences...
  10. Bob’s maxes out their profit at every opportunity- minimum purchase amounts, higher than actual shipping costs, bundling parts so you buy stuff you don’t need (carb rebuild kits for example). In my view the minuscule profit they make from these bad business decisions is not worth the negative impact on customer relations. They have a reputation for having good parts but also being arrogant and not caring at all about ultimately pleasing the customer. There comment (goodbye, shop elsewhere) proves my point. Cars, inc, Dave Tacheny and others are better alternatives.
  11. Maybe go back and do another compression check on all cylinders. Doesn’t take long and it may point to something.
  12. Yea it’s tight in there. I’ve always wondered about the sharp right angle of the “out” gas line that snakes up the side of the engine.
  13. Shoot I’ll take ‘em. Please tell, call or PM me what I should do. I live in Bethesda Maryland. thanks, Peter 301 213 4406
  14. ..Couple more ideas, fan bearing or belt too tight.
  15. Damn it does sound like the pump. I would try using a stethoscope to isolate the sound to confirm. Maybe squirt some WD40 on the belt to see if the noise changes. You know better than me what to do... Peter
  16. Thanks Matt. I’m a little puzzled that I need to advance the idle so much to keep the rpms up when using the tool. I guess the larger carbs sucked a lot more air.
  17. Went on a short spin with the new 528s and they performed well. No stumbling when cold and it ran just as smoothly as the larger carbs when warmed up. Plugs look good, just have to dial in the chokes as I have them wide open at the moment. It being so hot these days, they are really not needed. Looks like I’ll have 1 of the larger carbs up for sale if anyone is interested (490s/533s) I’m keeping 1 so it can go back to stock if desired. Case closed until the next project...
  18. Yea, me too. And I sometimes have a hard time finding stuff that has already been discussed Thanks Neil peter
  19. While we’re on the subject, I know both you (Matt) and Neil have converted to LED lights. Could you direct me to your write ups? Sounds like something I should consider. thanks, Peter
  20. This may not apply at all but it was possible on my ‘58 continental with a lot of muscle and care not to bend the frame irons. Brake fluid has to be forced back out of the 2 top cylinders. Disconnecting them, of course, makes it a lot easier.
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