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  1. as you live in Blighty wouldn't it be better to give your carpet a really good clean if thats one of the issues apart from the fit ? by the way my carpet is original and is a poor fit also so you would be taking a gamble ordering a new one and taking a chance of a better fit .
  2. very professional and detailed looking work . im jealous
  3. Magic Marouke was the pedigree name for my yellow lab "Sam" . i left him in the UK when i emigrated to the states back in 2007 . had him 13 years and was an awesome companion . hated leaving him but i couldn't take him with me . he still lived with my ex when i left so he was very well cared for . he passed away back in 2010 and i still miss him terribly every day .
  4. car show in Weatherford Oklahoma . met another guy with a 72 Electra . afterwards went to an old gas station on route 66 for some pics .
  5. i'm needing this part for my 72 Electra . its the vacuum regulator valve assembly . its located at the front top of the transmission and has something to do with working the air leveling ride option . if anyone parting out a car and has one please let me know . thanks Simon
  6. very nice . did you get to chat to the guy ?
  7. howdy from Oklahoma . i had big classic cars and american pick ups when i lived in the UK . it was certainly a challenge driving on the narrow roads and finding and fitting in to a parking space . paying a fortune for petrol was my favorite part though .
  8. we use them at work to store irrigation supplies . yea they can get really warm in the summer . think these have vents in the corners though . there's all sorts of things you can do with containers theses days . there's a Netflix show about people making homes out of them
  9. living in SW Oklahoma we also get hit hard in storm season . I monitor the weather each day before I decide to take my Buick work or use the beater truck . would like to get a storage container sometime . its probably the best protection you can have v
  10. after my truck had a wire under the hood chewed up by a mouse I looked around for ways to keep them away from the vehicles . someone suggested mothballs . I bought two bags and placed them all around the engine bay . two days later I noticed mice had take some of the mothballs from my engine bay and transferred them to my wifes car parked next to my truck and made a cozy nest out of them . so much for moth balls I guess .
  11. Blair Oklahoma you'll have to google the one on the truck to find out .
  12. I believe that people said the autometer gauges were really nice quality so went with theses . I went through Summit as they were quite a bit cheaper and are good service and after sales . the tech guys at autometer were really helpful also when I had a problem setting my tach up . I have a few pics i'll post but it was all pretty straight forward . I'm no mechanic so if I can do it anyone here shouldn't have a problem .