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  1. Thanks for your reply, I can live with it, I was worried that either something was missing and I was going to cause damage.
  2. The hood on my 55 Special as always seem very flexible, especially compared to the hood on my friends 57 Chevy, to me it seem that it needs bracing, is this normal? If it is normal, has anyone added bracing to solve this? Thanks in advance Rick.
  3. I'm the proud owner of a 55 Buick Special, I imported about 3 years ago, she ran fine but the body had seen better days, with a lot of help from my brother in law, she now looks better. I'm now using her as a driving restoration, of late I've had fuel problems as she doesn't seem to like sitting in traffic, perhaps the pump is getting tired. I love driving her and get many compliments wherever I take her, obviously a rare sight in the UK.
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