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  1. I bougth to my 49 roadmaster from this firm i sweden: The can produce exhaustsystem to all american cars from 1941 and forward. The system is made in Finland
  2. Hi Here are wiring diagram to a 49 and they have the same starter (42-50 are the same)
  3. A 49 sedanet don't have a spare tire vell. Spare tire is lying down on the trunk floor( not enogh space to stand up)
  4. Try looking in sweden too, I sold a 48 248 with manual gearbox in february. Straight eights are for sale now and then i Sweden to.
  5. I'm in a desperate need of the spring retainer, spring and seal cap to my 49. I have a new seal. I hope that someone here have the parts i need, can't put the engine and dynaflow back in the car before I got thes small parts.
  6. And the Roadmaster dynaflow total oil capacity are 10 quarts, the super dynaflow are 8,5 quarts.
  7. This is how you do it, hydraulic valvelifters don't have a valvelash Copied from the manual: a . Initial Adjustment of Hydraulic Valv~ Lifters The initial adjustment of any hydraulic valve lifter must be made only when the lifter is on the camshaft base circle (off the cam) . 1. Crank engine over slowl y until distributor rotor indicates that affected cylinder is in fir- ing position, which places both lifters of this cylinder on the camshaft base circle (off the cam) , so that either lifter may be adjusted. 2. Turn adjusting ball stud as required until all play of push rod between lifter and ball stud is just removed, and there is no lash clearance in the valve train. 3. Turn adjusting ball stud down exactly 2 turns. Check to make sure that oil groove on ball stud is at least half way down in rocker arm so that it connects with the drilled oil pas- sage in rocker arm, then tighten the lock nu t . 4. If oil groove on ball stud is not at least half wa y down in rocker arm, turn ball stud down one additional turn (total 3 turns) and tighten lock nut. If oil groove is still too high, it will be necessary to install another push rod or lifter. 5. When it is necessary to adjust all valve lifters in an engine, time may be saved by aligning the "D.D.C. 1-8" mark on flywheel . with index mark in ti ming hole in flywheel housing, firs t with No. 1 cylinder and later with No. 8 cylinder in firing position as in di- cated by position of distributor rotor. Adjust lifters according to the following table : -No.1 Cyl. Firing- - No. 8 Cyl. Firing- Valve No. Va lve Val ve No. Valve 1 #1 Exh. 3 #2 Inlet 2 # 1 Inlet 5 #3 Exh. 4 # 2 Exh. 6 #3 Inlet 7 #4 Inlet 9 #5 Exh. 8 #4 E xh. 10 #5 Inlet 11 # 6 Inlet 13 #7 Exh. 12 #6 Exh. 15 #8 Inlet 14 #7 Inlet 16 # 8 E xh.
  8. Not correct, you have hydralic lifters. Go in here and download the shop manual then you know how to adjust your valves..
  9. I still need a nice "Left Door latch to a 49 Roadmaster sedanet"?
  10. Finally I have found a god 320 with dynaflow so now I can build her back. The 248 and manual gearbox are going out and a 320 with dynaflow are going in. New engine New gearbox My car Old engine
  11. I need all the pushrods and hydraulic lifters to my 320. Since I don't have a single one I don't know the measurements to order new ones from Smith brothers.
  12. Left Door latch to a 49 Roadmaster sedanet?
  13. Hi I need the left front door lock mechanism. (same on 48-49 Buick, 48-49 Cadillac and 49 Olds 98). I also need tail light pigtail with bracket. (same on 49 Roadmaster and Special).