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  1. Don Tomaso

    1948 Buick rear shocks ( lever typle )

    I bought mine fromApple hydraulics.
  2. I need all the pushrods and hydraulic lifters to my 320. Since I don't have a single one I don't know the measurements to order new ones from Smith brothers.
  3. Don Tomaso

    Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    My 49 Roadmaster Sedanet.
  4. Don Tomaso

    1947-1978 Buick parts

    Left Door latch to a 49 Roadmaster sedanet?
  5. Hi I need the left front door lock mechanism. (same on 48-49 Buick, 48-49 Cadillac and 49 Olds 98). I also need tail light pigtail with bracket. (same on 49 Roadmaster and Special).
  6. Don Tomaso

    1949 Roadmaster sedanet

    There is Dynaflow skript on the steringwheel and trunk lid to, so i also guess on a dealer rebuild.
  7. Don Tomaso

    1949 Roadmaster sedanet

    That would be nice
  8. Don Tomaso

    1949 Roadmaster sedanet

    Hi, not a europe car, imported from US this summer.
  9. Don Tomaso

    1949 Roadmaster sedanet

    Thank you, then my car must have been built with dynaflow and then converted to manual. (maybe by the dealer).
  10. Don Tomaso

    1949 Roadmaster sedanet

    Thank's, You are right, I live in the south of Sweden about 40 Km southwest of the city Växjö.
  11. Don Tomaso

    1949 Roadmaster sedanet

    Hi On the body tag I have the letters K and M. Anyone that know what they mean. All the other I know what it means. My car has a manual transmission with all the right parts so i wonder if it's maybe a special order or maybe modified by the dealer? Every book says that all Roadmasters has the dynaflow transmission but not mine. Regards Thomas