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  1. ,update cars back home now used it on three weekends , its a hell of lot better and drives great , thanks all for the info
  2. Buicks being quite quiet !!, had the car off the ramp and round the works yard and what a result , a hell of a difference engine and box very quiet, my work mate didn't even know I drove past him, a few minor adjustments and then on to the next job, heater valve is leaking at the bulkhead, might just bin it and put a underdash heater in . having a dispute with a mate who reckons the starter is wired up wrong because I am getting a voltage drop to the coil when starting,( I think the battery's on the way out) bottom left red is from ignition switch brown is to earth, main red to battery, bottom right red from alternator. car is 12volt with alternator , pertronix ignitor and coil, no ballast resistor in circuit big thanks to all the Buiticians for the help and input
  3. well managed to take up a lot of the wear in the clutch and gear linkages ( god knows how it ran and changed gear so easy the last coupla years ) the gears are selecting great now, clutch action is good , getting it offa the ramp next week and have a run about, anybody got a starter wiring diagram , can't seem to find one online, thanks all
  4. yes that,s the noise but even louder, and I,m sure a bearing has collapsed, just got it started today , having to make up for all the wear in the clutch and gear linkages , BTW has anybody got the wiring diagram for the starter motor I just need to check the two small connections are correct, thanks all and all the best for the new year
  5. Hi I used the pressure plate from the donor car with a new drive plate, the push rod is about 1 " short of taking the free play, clutch assembly /bearing all looks OK and is identical to what came out
  6. Hi all, fuel leak turned out to be where the stack pipe goes through the sender unit mount, re-soldered with a low melt solder stick tested the unit while it was out seems to be working albeit notchy so it looks like my gauge is faulty, tried earthing it but no movement, clutch has another problem seems I have run out of adjustment on the pushrod ( could make a new one ), I now think their has been a mix and match of parts over the years what with different mounts and fittings etc, the plot thickens, if anybody has a spare fuel gauge to try that would be handy, anyway Merry christmas and Happy new year to all have a guddin ya all. Paul
  7. Thanks for the info. Rear mount came today . Slight mod to the bracketry and I,m away. Well until I noticed the fuel tank leaking DOH!!
  8. Oops I did not mark the flywheel but I suppose I could mark it at TDC. I have fitted a pertronix ignition which has been great so far and I could mark the crank.pulley for a strobe. Thanks
  9. hi all, managed to get all bolts back in place, clutch assembly back on,hoping to get the gearbox back on tomorrow, have the snap ring offa my box and 2 spare cir-clips just in case , cheers Paul
  10. Got ya Ben . Donor one dropped straight off. Right royal PITA this one. Hope the clutch goes in ok. Thanks for the info
  11. Ok , had a job removing the flywheel on my car , the donor setup had the flywheel bolted on, six bolts and out of the bellhousing it drops , on mine it was six pressed in bolts with six nuts and lock washers, I removed the nuts but there was zero clearance to drop the flywheel, had to position each bolt at about the 10 o'clock position and tap it out, got four out and two pressed back before the fly wheel could come out. my flywheel is much heavier and differs from the donor, any way got the flywheel back in place gotta try and get the bolts back in tomorrow night then hopefully put the new clutch and better gearbox in, managed to find some suitable mounts , paul
  12. Hi All, quick update, Got the gearbox out today, just loosened off back axle and torque tube and pulled the axle back offa the rear bumper. found a few things rear mount had turned to mush, main gear linkage loose, reverse linkage worn, clutch release was wound on to tight?! , ( not by me) first motion shaft bearing worn, selector forks loose. clutch was like polished marble and rock hard ,signs of slippage, I managed to match a clutch OK, compared my box to replacement box ( out of a 47 convertible ) found a couple differences, rear mount differs, no provision for a front mount. do You need a front mount at all?, reckon I could make my own mounts if necessary thanks Paul
  13. Many thanks for the info. Hope to get the box out soon.πŸ‘ Paul
  14. thanks for the great info, 1st gear currently sounds like an old tractor reversing down a back lane, and 2nd and 3rd are Ok, Where can I read about these Trans, what type of trans are these called or designated,would a circlip of similar size be just as good thanks Paul
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