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  1. Hi the spears on the 47 super are shorter, but as I'm one missing I could modify one to fit
  2. Hi all , Buick's behaving Beautifully , found a modern type heater valve I could fit in place of the old leaking one , speedo's no worse than before , looking to tidy up the bumpers over winter, and do a load of little jobs I've been putting off?! still looking for that elusive bit of side trim to finish the car off, will trade beer tokens even for a usable one, regards Paul
  3. Hi all, been using the Buick again , seems to have settled down again and running better with the new carb kit fitted, I'll be looking to fit a new or modified heater valve or maybe a later under dash heater, I think speedo is playing up, sticks around 30 then seems to spring up to 50 - 60, happy days Paul
  4. Hi All, water was just dribbling from the overflow, I can borrow a pressure tester so when the rotor arm comes I'll check for leaks/or pressure build up, have they a tendency to siphon if overfilled and do these straight 8's run hot? as I'm considering fitting a electric fan up front , just to add it was the warmest bank holiday on record here , I made up some removable spigots to align the head gasket so I think I was ok there, the plot thickens!? thanks Paul
  5. sounds like fuel pump giving up to me , is there fuel to the carb, crack the pipe off a little, starting fluid might just be giving the pump enough revs to run engine for a while Paul
  6. Buick has been generally OK last few months , so the weathers getting better I thought I'd take it to work, only about 12 miles, all is well a little fluffy about 50 -55, anyway left work and within a mile water leaking under the car, topped it up and had to pop in a couple of places on the way home still leaking , i got home and checked it out . looks like the heater valve is leaking into the cab and finding its way out the floor area, I thought its getting warmer so I will blank the heater off till I get round to fixing it, Out in the car yesterday and its still losing water outta the radiator overflow now, so I made a U bend so the heater pipe stubs on the engine are connected in case I was getting airlocks , another test ride and the damn thing went and chucked it completely luckily I was not far away from home, me and a friend managed to turn the car around and I freewheeled down a hilly area ? straight back into my drive.on further investigation I found this ?! totally shattered rotor arm, So today while the car is off the road I retorqued the head checked the plugs ( all a nice light choccy brown ) fitted the carb rebuild kit , found one gasket had perished and been pulled into the choke body, accelerator pump seal was perished and dry, managed to find a rotor arm in Spain so that should be here next week, I am a bit worried about losing water again as the head and gasket where rebuilt not long ago wondering if the water pump impeller has detached, or simply a dodgy rad cap. happy days Paul
  7. Hi all still looking for that elusive trim piece if anybody has one spare , has not got to be new thanks
  8. Hi the splashguard sits on the front lower part of the rear fenders ,its a curved stainless panel with the small curved spear siting over the top edge, thanks for your reply Paul
  9. Hi , I am still looking for the small curved spear that sits on and above the rear splash guard on a 47 super hope you can help, thanks Paul
  10. hi, I'm after the little curved spear that sits on the rear fender splashguard, 47 Buick super
  11. still looking for the elusive trim piece, might have to carve one out of long horn over the long winter months
  12. did about 40 miles in the 47 just because my headlining is finally in
  13. Hi all I've been putting the new headlining in, but need some info, I need some close up pictures of over the door area and how it finishes off , headlining is blacker than a black thing in a black shed on a black night and looking good just needs a bit friendly persuasion to smooth it out and fasten around the door aperture. fitted the correct new boot seal from Old Buick parts who where great. will post pics when done. thanks Paul
  14. Hi all , well I re torqued the head , and I did get a little more on the bolts , used the car for a friends wedding day and it went fine ( both the car and the wedding ), I'm finding the gearbox getting quite noisy in 1st and reverse , are these known for bad bearings or gear trouble. if I shift into 2nd and third the box is relatively quiet, just waiting ( still ) on my headlining and carb kit ,boot seal, thanks all Paul
  15. I am offering a reward of ? £ stirling , for this piece ,has not got to be mint just good enough to fill the bloody gap that's doin my head in