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  1. Pulled this out of a barn on a farm my friend bought. Thought I would see if anybody needed any parts or the whole thing before it becomes part of a 2021 Honda
  2. I am searching for an oil pump for my Wisconsin 4 cylinder t head engine. It is a type A . A hard piece to find I am sure. Any info is appreciated
  3. I am looking for a Bosch 12 wire magneto. running condition or complete and rebuildable
  4. Thanks for the information!
  5. I am in the process of rebuilding a 1940 straight 8 packard engine. Is there a service manual out there that is a good service/rebuilding guide? The engine is a 282.
  6. Make and model does not matter. Brass era period.
  7. Looking for a right hand drive chassis. Make and model does not matter. Ideally a rolling chassis
  8. In search of a chain drive chassis. Make or model does not matter
  9. Thank you for the information. i should also add I need one left and one right
  10. I am looking for a pair of caps for theses buffalo hubs. I believe they are number sixes.
  11. What are the seat dimensions? thanks
  12. Looking for a horn button for my 1930 733 packard
  13. Looking for a horn button for my 1930 733 packard
  14. I am looking for a complete pump
  15. Yes, that is the style I am looking for
  16. Looking for a water pump. The style that is driven off a shaft coming out of the back of the timing cover, and has a shaft coming out the other end that drives the generator
  17. Looking for a water pump, shaft in shaft out style. Make and model does not matter. Something decent in size and good or serviceable condition. thanks
  18. marc1122

    Barn Find!

    I apologize if I branded you mistakenly. But I have run across so many scams in my search for cars and parts it makes a fellow somewhat jaded when a posting like yours appears. I am sure you understand where I am coming from. Best of luck with your pursuit.
  19. marc1122

    Barn Find!

    Oh yes! Unearthed in an old east coast estate that has been forgotten about for decades! But can’t give any pictures or information. is there not a way to keep these deadbeats off this site???
  20. Could anyone give me the bearing clearances and torque specs for the rods and mains on a 1940 282 engine? Thanks
  21. I spoke with mike at km lifestyle. very friendly and informative fellow. he can rebuild my pick up tube and he also makes new ones. $250 to rebuild yours or $350 for a new one. They can work on all types of gauges and ignition systems. i sent my fuel gauge, pick up tube, clock and coil to him. he seems very knowledgeable. marc
  22. I have a 1930 733 packard. I am looking for the fuel pick up tube that goes in the fuel tank. i have one but the bottom is rotted. I would like one in good condition so I can have the factory fuel gauge function. Thanks for any help
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