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  1. I have a franklin rear end. Not sure of the year. I am looking for wheel hubs and driveshaft yoke. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have a right hand drive Oakland front axle. I am not sure of the year. I would like to find a tie rod and steering rod for it. Any help is appreciated
  3. I am not sure of the year. Anyway I can determine that?
  4. Looking for a yoke for a teens white overdrive transmission, the shaft is 1" x 1" square
  5. Looking for a steering rod and tie rod for a teens Oakland right hand drive front axle. Wheel width of the axle is 57 1/2" center to center of spring pad is 28 1/2" steering rod ball diameter is 1 1/8"
  6. Looking for a pair of hubs and yoke for a teens franklin rear axle.the yoke plate is 5 " in diameter and mounting bolts are 2 1/4" on center. The axle shafts have a 3/8" keyway and start at a 1" taper and go up to a 1 1/4" taper
  7. Looking for a chain drive transaxle. Make and model does not matter.
  8. Looking for a mid to late teens frame. Big wheelbase. 120" or bigger. Any info is appreciated.
  9. Looking for a mid to late teens frame that might be out at Hershey. I cannot make it but have someone who could haul it back for me. 130" plus wheel base or bigger. Just looking for a bare frame, no axles etc. make or model is not a concern. Would be willing to pay a finders fee. Thanks for any information
  10. It is actually the whole truck. 1929.
  11. It rolls over, valves are free. Hasn't ran in who knows how long. Going to drop the pan and pull valves to begin with.
  12. Just acquired this seagrave t head. Thought some of you might like pictures of it
  13. Looking for a front and rear axle preferably with wheels. 20 inch wheels or bigger. This is for a project I am building so I am not concerned about make or model. Something from the 1920's era would be ideal.
  14. Yes they are vestra lights
  15. Here are the pictures.
  16. Hello, i have used this site as an aide to helping me find parts for this speedster. It has been a great help in sourcing certain parts. I am getting some components back from various machine shops and rebuilders now, so I thought I would post some pictures of what I have going on. This web site has been very helpful to me.
  17. marc1122


    A fellow by the name of Tobias Ballard is reproducing the jugs for the lafrance t head in the U.K. They are around $5500 I believe.
  18. Looking for big t head engines. American lafrance, seagrave, Wisconsin,etc. any information appreciated.
  19. Hello, i am building a lafance speedster. It has the original bench seat and I am looking for a pair of tiller/bucket seats. thanks for any input
  20. A peerless could possibly work. Are they anywhere remotely close to Indiana?
  21. Yes that's what I am looking for. It's in Oregon and I am in Indiana. Shipping would be as much as the frame itself I am afraid.
  22. Looking for a rolling chassis from the late twenties to very early thirties with a wheelbase of 136 inches or greater.
  23. Nash is the wrong rotation. Thanks for the lead anyway
  24. Looking for a twin six distributor with counterclockwise rotation. Make and model does not matter. Any help is appreciated.
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