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    1927 packard

    Yes, that is the car I was speaking of
  2. marc1122

    1927 packard

    It is eBay item number 152977627935
  3. marc1122

    1927 packard

    I am speaking of another 27 packard on eBay. It is a 2 door with a rumble seat. Straight 8 engine. Part of the way through restoration.
  4. marc1122

    1927 packard

    There is a 1927 two door packard on eBay currently. just curious as to what the packard experts out there think of the car?
  5. Chassis is sold pending funds arriving.
  6. Sorry, didn't get them on the original post
  7. 19?? Apperson jack rabbit chassis. I purchased this off a member here a few months ago. In the mean time I have changed directions and will not be utilizing it. Would like to see it moved on to someone who could use it. Would like to get back my investment. $850. Open to offers or trades for something I could use. I,e. Brass era speedster parts.
  8. Al, i have a marmon 34 chassis that I am using on one of the speedster builds. marc
  9. Do you still have the 23" wire wheels? Also I am looking for a drag link for a model 34. thanks, marc
  10. Al, the 24 lafrance is cast aluminum floorboards and cowl. It is chain drive and complete with all the linkages. The 29 lafrance is a steel cowl with aluminum floorboards. It is left hand drive, center shift, chain drive. The seagrave are both right hand drive, outboard shifters, shaft drive. They both have really neat looking rounded cast aluminum cowls with aluminum floorboards. marc
  11. Al, just got back in the fields yesterday. 3 inches of rain this past weekend.but it was a beautiful thanksgiving day weather wise here. First day I am home in the daylight again I will check the seagrave and 24 lafrance clutches. marc
  12. Al, just got in this evening and checked the clutch on the 29 lafrance. It Looks the same as yours with same tag. I will check the 24 next day or two. marc
  13. Al, i have 2 ALF drivetrains. A 1924 and a 1929. Both t heads and chain drive. What could I help with?
  14. Al, Terry, Joe, It is very sad to me to see the lack of quality, craftsmanship and pride in all aspects of things today. We own/operate several new pieces of equipment in our business. Mostly tractors and loaders. $200,000 new tractor with leaking window seals and a pinched fuel line at 25 hours run time. Then a bad flare on the steel main hydraulic feed line at 40 hours. Dealer mechanic said he sees these issues time and time again on new tractors. 3 days ago about 9:30 at night all the fields lights went out. Ended up being a melted down relay. Mechanic said this is common also. All this has made my appreciation for the equipment from the brass era and the men who built and designed them that much greater. The demand for welders, carpenters, pipe fitters and so on in my area is great. The journeymen are retiring out and the youth of this country don't want to work let alone get dirty. I have a good friend in our town that is in quality control at an automotive parts vending plant. He tells me all the time of parts that are not up to spec being shipped hoping the assembly plant will go ahead and use them. This country has become a disposable society in many ways I feel. Well. I will get off my soap box now but I bet most of you know exactly where I am coming from. Marc
  15. Al, both corn and soybeans. We had a good start to spring planting then it turned cold and very wet. A lot of replant had to be done so part of the crop harvest was pushed back somewhat. We hope to be wrapped up by late next week. Can't come soon enough. I am more than ready to clean up equipment and put it to bed for the winter and turn my attention to the shop. marc
  16. Looking for 12 of these wheel clamps (hope I am using the correct terminology). They are on a set of 24" inch wood wheels from a 1924 graham bros. firetruck. Thanks for any help.
  17. Chase, the seagrave engine is free and I have it on a stand in my shop. I will start disassembly after harvest and will post pictures along the process. I am also going to be reassembling the lafrance engine after harvest. marc
  18. Al, i use a plating shop about an hour and a half from me. It is owned by two brothers in their late 50's. Their father started the shop in 60's. Small mom and pop shop. Top notch work. I feel fortunate they are so close to me. marc
  19. Al, the Pistons in the alf engine cleaned up and are good to use. Just needed a set of new rings. When we got the engine apart the jugs and Pistons were stamped +.010. Machine shop said didn't look like much run time after the rebuild. Cross hatching still in cylinder walls. They are just polishing the cast aluminum pan, water domes and intake. I am going to have the steel timing cover, lifter hold downs and fan nickel plated. I feel like chrome is too modern for these engines. wish our field work was done. About three more weeks and we will be done. Fighting wet, cold weather now. marc
  20. Al, not had much time in the shop lately as we are a little over halfway through our harvest here in Indiana. Although, the crankcase for the lafrance is done at the machine shop, new Babbitt bearings, ground the cams and crank, line bored. Reconditioned rods. Going to pick it up first rainy day or as soon as harvest is done. I took the pan, intake and water domes to my plating and polishing shop a few weeks ago. Should be done soon. The seagrave engine is free and waiting on me for disassembly and inspection. I bought the apperson jackrabbit chassis that was on this site for sale. That will be the seagrave or lafrance engines home. I have not decided yet. I have to go retrieve it as soon as harvest is done or I get a couple rain days. Yes, it will take some reinforcement but I think it's a great platform.
  21. Looks like a good base to start with. What are you thinking to use as the power plant?
  22. Al, yes, I would like 27" wheels on the seagrave speedster. I found a set that need respoked but I am concerned they would not be heavy enough for the big engine. I need to get the seagrave engine to a set of scales and see where I am at weight wise first. The carb has a 2 1/2" throat. It's not a direct fit but very close. I have machined an aluminum adapter plate for it. For the seagrave engine I have 3 zenith carbs. Each will feed a pair of cylinders. I am building the manifolds now. Maybe making a lot of headaches for myself carbureting the engine this way, but it will look great. marc
  23. Here is the big stromberg for the lafrance, the lafrance jugs and Pistons and the graham 24" wheels
  24. Hi Al, i purchased the apperson jack rabbit chassis that was advertised on here recently. I am going to use it for the seagrave speedster. I have the valves free on the engine and have begun disassembly of exterior components. I picked up a set of wood spoke wheels from a 1924 graham firetruck that are in super condition I am going to use for the wheels. The transmission and rear drive are still up in the air. As far as the second speedster, the lafrance crankcase will be done at the machine shop in a couple weeks, I have the jugs , Pistons and valves back and ready to go. The lafrance engine has the provision for a third plug per cylinder. I found a twin six distributor so I am going to run 18 plugs as will the seagrave as it has a 12 wire mag. I am trying to decide which way to go with the lafrance as far as chassis. I have the lafrance firetruck chassis but my concern is being able to make it look not so truck like. It will be an interesting winter in the shop to say the least.
  25. Looking for a chain drive rear axle. Any information would be appreciated.
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